A Daddy & A Boy

7 May 2021 | No Comments

Loads 2021-4 & 2021-5

A week ago I did a repeat with the poz daddy I fucked a month ago. I was a pretty standard quickie pump-n-dump. He already had a few loads in him and his hole felt really silky and wonderful. He’s a convenient hole to have nearby 😉 One of these days I’ll ask if the “positive” he states in his profile means he’s off meds. I’m always curious why guys would choose “positive” when they could choose “undetectable”.

Then yesterday I fucked one of the best asses I’ve fucked in a while. He was Asian, early 20s, short, with no excess body fat. Naked he had the body of a little boy. His waist was super tiny. I was the oldest guy who’s ever fucked him (probably older than his father). He said he had a load or two in him, but when I rimmed him I couldn’t taste any. It wasn’t until I was deep inside him that I could feel the wetness. We were both rushed for time so my cumming quickly was no problem. But the irony is that he’s someone I would have wanted a longer session with. I rimmed him after pulling out and still couldn’t taste any cum – even though I absolutely knew he had a decent size load from me up there. Then again, I did cum pretty deep. I’m hoping he wants a rematch!

He Likes It However I Feel Like Giving It…

21 November 2009 | No Comments

Load 2009-29

The other day I wasn’t really feeling like I was in the mood to hookup, but I was sorta horny and figured I could cum if I tried. I didn’t really want to have someone come over only to have it not go well, so when my Italian daddy fuck buddy e-mailed me I figured he’d be perfect. After all he made a huge shitty mess of my bathroom last time, so he owes me…

I e-mail back and as usual, he’s at my place a half hour later. He’s so eager and dependable – there’s something to be said for that… I take him to the bedroom, we take off our clothes (I leave my shirt on), and he starts sucking my dick. Thing was the blowjob just wasn’t doing it for me, so I had him get on all fours on the bed and I ate him out. Rimming his ass wasn’t really what I was in the mood for either, but it got me harder than the blowjob…

As soon as I was hard enough to fuck I lubed up my dick and shoved in. He was really just there so I could dump my load and I came a few minutes later. I felt just a little guilty it was such a quick fuck, so we laid there and I felt his furry muscular pecs while he jacked off. It took him no time to cum.

We talked a little bit – mostly while he was putting on his clothes. The poor guy has been unemployed for over a year. Frankly, this is the age of the Internet – there’s no excuse for not working in some manner – sell something on eBay, start a blog – do something… Still he’s a generation older than me and not as Internet savvy as I am…

He was out the door about 15 minutes after he got there… But he’s perfectly happy being a pump-and-dump hole for me, and I’m glad he likes it – ’cause that’s my mood sometimes.

Dependable, Eager, But Messy…

6 July 2009 | 5 Comments

Load 2008-11

About a week ago (the day of the Gay Pride Parade) my boyfriend had gone out to march in the parade. I was mostly over being sick, but didn’t want to push it so I stayed home. I thought maybe I’d take a nap, but figured I’d look and see if I could find someone to fuck. The hairy Italian daddy I’ve fucked a bunch of times before had e-mailed me a day or two before so I e-mailed him back and told him I was available. Like the other times he rushed right over. It’s like he lives to get fucked and take loads – like he’s an easy on-call cumhole. Why there can’t be more bottoms like that, I don’t know.

He comes over and asks if he can clean out a bit more, so I say sure and lay on the bed and start jacking my dick. He comes out and starts giving me a blowjob and then has me take off my clothes. He’s not a very good cocksucker – doesn’t keep his teeth away from my dick. So after a little bit I tell him to sit on my dick. He rides for a bit, but it’s just not doing it for me, so I have him pull off to switch positions I hear a bit of a noise, look down and there’s a wet shitty smear sorta dripping on my leg to the side of my pubes. UGH!!! Once again he’s failed to clean out properly. He apologizes and we both go into the bathroom to clean up. I had my glasses off but I notice there’s water all over the floor. I clean off, come out while he cleans out some more, get a new towel to put over the one that luckily I’d put on the bed and try to get myself back into the mood to fuck. Often a dirty hole just puts me off my game and it doesn’t happen at all.

When he comes back out of the bathroom I figure I’d have him lay on his belly. At least that way gravity will be working in my favor if he’s not clean. I do manage to get hard again and go back to fucking him. I think tops will understand what I mean when I say his hole felt uncomfortably wet – it was wet, but not lubricated. I tried putting a bunch of lube on his ass to improve the sensation and it helped a bit. What he was lacking is anal mucus – he’d washed it all out of his ass, and his ass was so wet it diluted the lube when it was applied.

I kept fucking him, but started wondering whether I’d be able to cum with him. At this point he was a piece of meat to me – a hole to fuck. As long as my dick stayed hard and he didn’t tell me to stop I was going to fuck him however I felt like fucking him. I wasn’t able to cum, but thanks to having taken a pill I was staying plenty hard.

So I fucked him and fucked him and fucked him. I could tell I was sorta wearing him out, but like a good bottom he just laid there and took it. I’m not sure if he enjoyed it or if it was uncomfortable for him – I honestly didn’t really care. The funny part was he kept telling me “You’re the best” which I found a little funny. I wasn’t sure whether that meant he was enjoying himself or whether he was just thinking that stroking my ego would make me cum and it would be over.

Finally his ass started producing mucus again and it started feeling better, and I changed positions a bit so one of my legs was between his and the other outside of his – so I was fucking from a bit of an angle. One way or the other I did finally cum in his ass.

He was worn out as well. He was going to jack off, but then we got to talking and finally he just got up and gathered his things and left. As he was gathering his things he noticed one of his new bottles of poppers was nearly empty and he realized he’s manage to spill the poppers in his car on the way over. That’s gotta make your car smell like shit – not sure how he’s going to explain the smell to his kids if they ask what it is. But he had brought the bag into my apartment and so now my bedroom reeked of poppers.

But the worst part was when I finally went into the bathroom and saw the mess there. He had managed to get shit EVERYWHERE. It was all over the toilet, but it was on the bath mat, and there were small brownish spots on the towels that were hanging on the wall, and all over the walls. It’s like shit-infused water had spattered all over the bathroom. It was disgusting.

It’s really too bad. He’s so eager, so dependable, but not being clean is a reoccurring theme with him. I’m pretty sure what he’s doing is trying to hard – using too  much water with too much force and getting water too far up into his colon. And I don’t think he’s careful enough to sit properly on the toilet – I think he squats and aims (and misses).

So unfortunately I had to bring up the issue with him in e-mail after he left. He’s such a nice guy and he’s going through such a rough time – he’s been unemployed for months and his ex-wife is insisting he pay child support when he has no money – he’s literally worried about becoming homeless. So it was really awkward to tell him he’s failed in yet another thing as simple as cleaning out his ass.

What I need is a bottom as eager, dependable, and available as him who’s squeaky clean every time they show up.

Getting Serviced While Watching Porn

10 February 2009 | 2 Comments

Load 2009-3

Monday night I had the place to myself so I figured I’d fuck someone. Thankfully, there were a few options. For starters, the older muscle daddy who I fuck pretty regularly e-mailed me asking if I was looking. Then there was this hot young guy on BarebackRT who had said earlier in the day he was interested (and was sorta pissed when I didn’t follow through). Then there was this this guy I’ve been wanting to fuck for a while who’s in my neighborhood, short, lean and tattooed (just my type). But the short tatttoed guy wanted to hookup right away at his place and I needed to walk the dogs, etc. Also, I was in a weird mood. I just wanted to kick back, watch some porn, and have someone suck me and get me hard and then fuck them. When it came down to it the older guy fit the bill perfectly even if he wasn’t as hot as the little tattooed guy…

PigMaster from BarebackRT had sent me the video from their weekend in Palm Springs the week before and I figured I’d watch it while I was with the older guy. He was a little late getting here due to traffic, so I popped it in and started watching it – the first scene (I think it might be the whole video) is a big orgy scene. It wasn’t long before I was about to cum, which was bad since I had someone on the way over, so I managed to stop from cumming and turn off the video.

When he arrived I got the video back running while he stripped down and then I just sat back on the couch and watched the video while he gave me head. He wasn’t being careful enough with his teeth so it was a little painful and far from the best blowjob I’ve gotten, but it (plus the video) was good enough to get me completely hard, so I told him to get on all fours and I fucked him while watching a guy get fucked on all fours in the video.

I don’t think my bottom really liked the video. He definitely didn’t get into it – he barely looked at it while I was fucking him. I think part of it was that the video was obviously a poz fuckfest where he’s neg and is the type that doesn’t want to think about that side of things, even though he loves getting loads in his ass…

Before long I was about to blow I felt it churning in my balls and asked him (rhetorically) whether he wanted my load. He said to spank his ass when I was cumming, which I did… I hadn’t cum in days and he got a huge load up there… He then started jacking his dick and I continued to fuck him until he blew his load. When I pulled out he wasn’t completely clean (but pretty close) so I didn’t try felching him or anything…

We talked a bit about things and then he left and I got back to some tedious work I was doing before he got there…

Lazy Hookup

6 November 2008 | 1 Comment

Monday night I was feeling horny, but wasn’t sure whethe I could cum or not. It had been a really hard few days (work is kicking my ass the last few weeks). I wanted to release some sexual tension and preferred to do it by fucking. But since I wasn’t sure how things would go I figured I’d fuck the sub daddy bottom I fuck from time to time. So I sent him and e-mail and he said he’d come right over. I had had seen him advertising on Craigslist and told him if he had gotten any loads in him he should leave them there unless it would mean he wouldn’t be clean. He said he’d gotten three so far during the day from three different married guys and that he’d leave them up there.

When he got here I just sat back on the couch and let him service me orally. He wasn’t all that careful with his teeth so I told him to be careful. All in all he was trying a little too hard – going too fast. But whatever… It got me hard, so I put him on his belly on a towel on the floor and fucked him.

He felt fine, but I was wiped and it was catching up to me. I gave him a decent fuck, but just couldn’t cum. So we took a break and he sucked my dick some more. It felt better when I was squatting on the floor ’cause it changed the angle he was sucking me from, but being on the floor wasn’t comfortable.

We changed it up, I sat on the couch, then fucked him a little more, but it just wasn’t happening. So after a while I said I wasn’t going to be able to cum, and we wrapped things up and he left…




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