Finally Fucked A Guy YEARS Later…

27 October 2014 | 2 Comments

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There’s a guy who’s been hitting me up for YEARS. I’m not exactly sure how long it’s been, but I have a note on his profile from 2 years ago saying he’s been trying to hookup with me for a while and it never works out. So I think it was years at that point, and now it’s years after that…

But backing up… There was this big beefy black guy I fucked a week ago. I didn’t write it up ’cause I couldn’t cum. I sorta came close, but it just wasn’t working. I don’t know what it is about beefy guys – I have a really horrible track record with them.

Yesterday (Sunday) I just felt like programming so I worked most of the day. I’ve been working on two sites – S3X.Social & S3X.Fitness. S3X Social is a site that’s sort of a productivity site for me that I’ll share with others to use. (If you share pics on Twitter or Tumblr you’ll find it useful – when I get it finished that is…). And S3X Fitness will be tied in with the hookup sites I’m working on (data entered in Fitness will update your profiles on the hookup sites, checkins at gyms can show up on the hookup sites, etc.) Basically, those two sites are pretty simple concepts that I’m using to get up to speed before delving deep into the hookup sites. I’m learning a lot – it’s finally to the the point where it’s fun and rather absorbing.

Anyway, in the middle of working on the “Login with Twitter” feature I went to post a pic on Tumblr (a task that should be handled by S3X Social), and pulled out my dick and jacked a bit. I was surprised to find that I got a rock hard erection pretty quickly. (I had taken a Cialis Thursday or Friday – I figured it would have worn off by then). I then realized I hadn’t cum in a couple days, so I figured I’d spend a little time looking for a hole to fuck. I needed to do it right then because I wanted to go to the gym in a few hours (it was a full week since I’d been last – busy with programming…), and I’m always dead tired after the gym – so it was now or never.

For the middle of the day on a weekend, the pickings were surprisingly slim. There were a few guys who wanted to hookup but most of them wanted to fuck me and then maybe flip. That totally wasn’t my mood – I just wanted to fuck a hole. About the most I was up to otherwise was if they wanted to jack off into my ass. But I had zero desire to actually get fucked.

Then the guy I mentioned above hit me up. We were finally online and looking at the same time. Honestly, I couldn’t tell too much from his pics. There were no body shots. But his height/weight was proportionate and he seemed decent otherwise. (The lack of clarity in his pics was probably one of the main reasons why I hadn’t hooked up with him for so many years).

All I really knew about his was that he was submissive. I didn’t really know what he wanted from me. But given that he was the only good bottom who was close and looking right then, I didn’t bother negotiating how things would go. He was a sub, and I’d just do what was best for me. Hopefully it was somewhat close to what he wanted.

He shows up and, IMHO, didn’t look anything like his pics. I wouldn’t say he looked worse. In some ways he may have even looked better. Maybe the pics were old. Maybe it was because he’d shaved his head since then. I’m not sure, but he looked different. Either way, he was there, decent enough looking, and I needed to fuck a hole…

After we stripped down he gave me a blowjob. But he was working the head of my dick a lot which was actually a bit overly sensitive. I had put my big ring in my PA a few days ago and it got a bit irritated and has been overly sensitive since then. Anyway, the pain from the blowjob was on the verge of making me go soft, so I stopped him and had him get on the bed on all fours, so I could rim him.

I didn’t rim him for all that long. He seemed to like it, but I just wanted to fuck and dump a load. So I lubed him up with spit and shoved in. In that position his hole was a bit high for me, so I got him to lay down on his belly. I fucked him with his legs spread, then I straddled one leg, and finally I had him put his legs together.

The fuck seemed to push his limits a bit pain-wise. I couldn’t tell if he was enjoying it or enduring it. So at first I held back a little hoping he’d get used to it. But after a bit I just fucked as hard as I felt like fucking. Right when I was starting to feel my orgasm build he twisted his torso to look back at me. I couldn’t quite tell the intention of his looking at me. I suspected he was on the verge of complaining that it was too hard of a fuck. I just shook my head ‘no’ once, and he got the message and put his head back down. Less than a minute later he was rewarded with a nice, big, multi-day load.

Then I rolled him over so we were on our sides, spooning, with my dick still up his ass as I caught my breath.

I don’t think I was verbal enough for the guy. At least two times during the hookup he asked if I was OK. Yes, I was a bit distant. My mind was wondering off to coding stuff. But I think he wanted to be told how he should please me. But giving commands wasn’t really what I wanted to do right then.

After I got soft and pulled out, he wanted to rim me. I hadn’t cleaned down there at all, and can’t remember the last time I really enjoyed being rimmed, so I politely refused the offer. Then he tried to give me another blowjob – but my dick was even more sensitive than before – so I stopped that after a bit. I didn’t really want much of anything. A neck/shoulder massage would have been nice, but the chemistry between us wasn’t quite right, so I didn’t bother mentioning it.

A little while later we ended things. I think he wanted more time and intimacy from me. But instead he just got what I felt like giving that day – my load. I needed a hole and he was my hole.

Gave A Load To A Poz Slut

8 May 2014 | 2 Comments

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Some guys just have a look about them that they’re a slutty poz bottom who lives to take loads. I fucked a guy like that today. He hit me up and he was just a few blocks away so I told him I’d head over. He answered the door in just a shirt and socks. He was skinny – really skinny. He just had that look about him – that he could lay in a bathhouse all day taking loads and be as happy as a pig in shit.

We went to the bedroom and I stripped down. He sucked on my cock until it was about at half mast, then I told him I wanted to rim him. He got up on the bed on all fours and presented his ass. His hole looked “experienced” and when I started sucking on it I could literally suck his hole into my mouth – it was that loose and fleshy. It was sorta cool actually – it was a fun hole to rim / suck on.

That got me hard pretty easily so I stood up and started fucking him with just spit. His hole felt good. I kept hitting bottom and going through the “2nd sphincter”. Like you’d expect from an experienced bottom he had zero pain when I went deep. He was just a good hole for my cock.

I told him to get on his belly and he had his legs spread and was pushing his ass up. I’m sure he was trying to give me a good position, but his ass was actually a bit too high. So I pushed his legs together and kept fucking him. That lowered his ass a bit, but I suspect he was pushing his ass up. Yes, too low can be a bad thing, but so can too high.

Eventually I felt my orgasm coming. It was a weird orgasm though – I felt my dick leaking and it felt like the cum was just sorta dribbling out. I was hoping for one big gush, but it never happened. Since it came out slowly, I have no clue how much I came up his ass.

When I was more or less done cumming (it went on for a while). I rolled both of us over and slowly pumped his hole until I got soft and came out. During that time I felt like I could piss up his ass – but I didn’t. Pissing up a cummy hole is only going to wash out the cum. But it made me wonder if part of what I thought was cum was actually piss. Who knows – it’s not like you get to see that stuff when you bareback, and I wasn’t going to felch him to find out.

After I caught my breath, I dressed and left. He’s a decent cumhole – I’ll probably hookup with him again.

Pump-N-Dump With Zero Chemistry

7 May 2014 | No Comments

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Yesterday I just wanted to get my rocks off, so I went online looking. There was one guy nearby who was looking. I chatted a bit with him, but I’d fucked him previously and the hookup was “just OK”. When another guy hit me up who I hadn’t fucked before, I decided to fuck him instead. His pics were OK, but not great. Still, he was Latino, shorter, and in decent shape – that usually works fine for me, so I headed over to his place. He had mentioned that he liked leather, so I put on my Wescos and my t-shirt from MAL.

On the way over I was wondering if I hadn’t fucked him before – his address was roughly the address of a guy I fucked a while back, but that guy had really long hair and my recollection was that he was white, not Latino. The walk over was longer than I remembered. By the time I got there I was thinking “he’s coming to my place next time – this walk is just way too long”. The building I thought he was in (the one the other guy was in), wasn’t his building – so not the same guy.

When he answers the door he’s “in leather” – sorta – but not the kind of leather I’d wear. He had a leather belt with bullets on it, plus a Borat-style “mankini”, and I harnass (if I remember correctly). The mankini made me think “what the hell have I gotten myself into?” To which I told myself “Whatever. He’s a hole and I need to cum.”

I started taking off my clothes, when I got naked I was a little surprised – he made no move to suck my dick. He just got on all fours on his futon couch and presented his ass. Actually the couch was a bit of an issue. I like to fuck laying down, so I didn’t know if this was going to go all that well.

While I was sorta in the mood for a blowjob to get me hard, I rimmed his hole instead. He had some sort of grease down there, but not so much that it was gross. It actually took a while for me to get over my initial reaction and get into it enough to get hard, but I did eventually get hard enough to fuck.

When I first pushed it he pulled off really fast (hate that). But after a few tries I got in and he stopped trying to get off my dick. We fucked briefly with him on all fours, but his hole felt pretty unremarkable in that position and I started going soft, so I told him I wanted him on his belly. That was a bit tricky – there wasn’t much room on the futon for that. At first he did it with one leg on and one leg off the futon, but when I got in him the position just felt all wrong. So I got him to put both legs on the futon and that position felt much better. My dick started getting really hard, and while he couldn’t take my dick initially by this time he had opened up and was able to take a pretty hard pounding.

About the time I could feel my orgasm building he started babbling in Spanish. It was sort of cute, but when he could tell I was cumming he switched to English and my opinion changed – I started thinking “would you please just shut up?” I mean there’s hot sex talk and then there’s over-the-top sex talk. In this case what he said sorta matched the whole mankini thing.

Needless to say, as soon as I came I just wanted out of there. While I was getting dressed he was saying things like “any time… you know where I am…” and making references to organizing a gangbang. I just smiled and tried to look agreeable.

I’m not saying I’ll never fuck the guy again, but it would probably take him telling me he’s got 10+ loads in his ass before I’d really want to make the trek over to fuck him.

Oh well, sometimes things just don’t work out as planned. I’m sure the guy is someone’s type – he just wasn’t mine. And if you don’t try, you’ll never succeed, but sometimes you fail when you try.

The worst part was that my phone buzzed with a text message while I was fucking the guy. As I walked home I looked at it and it was probably my all-time favorite fuck buddy wanting to hookup. I could have had a V8…

Two Bottom Gangbang

20 January 2014 | 1 Comment

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After sorta striking out at the sex parties I went to this past week I decided to try a gangbang. At least with gangbangs there’s no cover charge. If they’re bad you’re just out subway fare. Two guys were hosting a gangbang at the Hampton Inn in Hell’s Kitchen. That hotel seem pretty popular for gangbangs and cumdumps who just get a hotel room and see how many loads they can take. I’ve been there at least 3 other times in the last year or two.

With two bottoms I figured at least one of them would get me off. One of the bottoms said he was low 40s, the other one was early/mid 20s. Going into it I was mostly interested in the younger bottom, but a lot of it depends on the hole. I figured I’d try both holes and give my load to whichever felt better on my dick.

While I would have preferred to fuck a cummy hole, I got there just after the gangbang started. The two bottoms were there plus a black top. The lighting was all wrong – too bright and it threw off the vibe a little, but I just ignored that and stripped down. The 20 something guy had answered the door and the older guy was servicing the black top. But by the time I had gotten naked they had switched and the black guy was fucking the 20-something bottom.

The younger bottom wasn’t really what I was expecting. His profile on BBRT said “HIV Status: Not Sure” yet he had this big biohazard tattoo on his pec (which was mostly hidden in his profile pic). He had a great body – totally my type – Latino, somewhat short, thin with a little waist and a beautiful ass.

The older bottom was pretty much what I was expecting. He has one of those profiles where you don’t quite believe what you read. His pics were accurate, but seeing the pics you don’t quite believe he’s the age he says he is. The best way I can describe it is that he tries too hard to be something he isn’t. He gets close, but there’s something just a little off. His whole body is shaved (to the point that his ass was a bit stubbly). But honestly I didn’t really care about any of that. All I cared about was what his hole felt like only dick.

The sexual energy with the older bottom was a little strained. He went to suck my dick and when I wasn’t hard in 5 second he stopped. He then asked if I was poz. I said “no, I’m neg”, and he said “oh, too bad”. I rimmed him a bit, got a full boner and at that point he wanted to suck my dick some more. He wasn’t really offering his hole, but finally I just told him I wanted to fuck him, so he threw his legs in the air. Not my favorite position, but whatever.

His hole felt pretty good. He worked his nips a lot while I was fucking him. I fucked him for a while, but didn’t want to really try to cum with him until I had at least tried to fuck the younger bottom.

Eventually the black top finished with the younger bottom and I had my turn. He also wanted to suck cock initially, but got the hint and we moved to fucking pretty quickly. He got on his belly and spread his legs. I put a little lube on my cock and pushed in. He was surprisingly tight and dry. I mean he had just been fucked, and I found out later that the black top had given him a load. But as I pushed in and fucked him I couldn’t feel the load. Either it had been pretty small or had been dumped really deep.

I should step back a bit and say the young bottom would probably best be described as light-skinned blatino. He generally looked Latino, but he had coarse, curly hair in certain places – like his ass. Usually hairy asses aren’t an issue for me, but with him it was. It was the combination of lots of coarse hair combined with a rather perky ass. It meant the course hairs were constantly scratching my dick. I’m not going to call it a bad thing – it was just different. Things didn’t feel quite right. I added a bunch of lube to the top of my dick as I was fucking him. That helped, but only marginally.

Knowing the older bottom was into poz talk, I figured the young bottom would be as well. I whispered into the bottom’s ear “Are you a good little poz cumdump?” I didn’t really get a reaction from him. So that sorta fell flat and I fucked him without saying much from then on. I gave him a half way decent fuck, but I could tell my orgasm wasn’t coming and my dick was starting to go down as I got hotter from the exercise of fucking. So I pulled out and we sat around a bit and talked.

The vibe had felt a little like a PNP atmosphere except that I was pretty sure everyone was sober. However, the black top started telling a story about one time when he was with a guys and they were PNPing and the host put on this really weird straight incest movie and everyone got freaked out. The movie actually sounded sorta fun an interesting, but the guy couldn’t remember the name of the movie.

I had forgotten my cockring but I have this rawhide string tied to my keychain that I use as a cockring when I need a cockring and don’t have one. The problem was I hadn’t put it on tight enough and when I took it off and tried to retie it it kept slipping because it had gotten soaked in lube when I had lubed my dick mid-fuck. The young bottom kept looking at me trying to tie the damn thing. I’m sure he wondered what the problem was. Finally I took it off, tied it to the size it should be, and then put my dick and balls through it.

After maybe 10 or 15 minutes of the 4 of us chatting (and them surfing hookup sites with their phones trying to get more guys to come over), my dick got hard again. The older bottom was absorbed in his phone. I sorta wanted to fuck him again, but it was the younger bottom who noticed my hardon and started sucking me and then offered his ass to fuck.

This time I just took the dry and scratchy nature of his ass as a given and didn’t think about it. After a while of fucking him I could tell I was cumming. It wasn’t a major orgasm. It was like the start of the orgasm at the party the day before – felt like I was steadily leaking cum into his ass. But unlike the night before the flood gates never opened. So he got my load, but not a big load.

I rolled us on our sides and kept slowly pumping in and out of his ass. He picked up his phone and was arranging more guys as I slowly fucked him. Being on his phone earlier would have bothered me, but somehow in the context of a gangbang him on his phone arranging his next fuck while I had my dick in his ass, seemed completely normal.

I then put my clothes on and headed out. All in all it was decent. Would have been better a few hours later when the young bottom had 6 or 7 loads in him – then his ass would have felt incredible.

Bred My Fav Latino Muscle Bottom

6 November 2013 | 1 Comment

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Had a nice quickie on Monday with the little muscular Latino I breed now and then. It had been 2-3 months since our last hookup. Always love fucking him. Not sure why we haven’t fucked sooner.

The hookup was pretty much like all the others – get naked, suck cock, rim him, fuck him, dump in his hole. He always feels good under me.

Then we got him off – he always cums SO quickly – but that’s fine with me – I hate having to wait forever to get someone to cum. And I sorta like how his hot little guy likes pump-n-dump quickies. I mean it probably took less than 10 minutes for both of us to bust our nut.

Slam, bam, thank you ma’am… 😉

Bred A Masculine, Piggy Little Latino

5 October 2013 | 2 Comments

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After yesterday’s let down where I didn’t feel my cumshot (and may not have cum), I was determined to have some decent sex today. I got online this morning. Didn’t really want to hookup up right then, but figured I’d see what might be available later. I had a bunch of guys interested (at least casually), but the one that caught my eye was this masculine little Latino. When I say little I think his profile said 5’4″ – but he might have been stretching it a little. I’ve got a weakness for little guys so we exchanged numbers and soon we were texting.

I had a call scheduled with my accountant but then that got delayed, so hours passed, but we kept texting and he was still interested when I got done with my call. We decided I’d go to him. He was in a bit of an awkward location – sorta close and sorta far away. At first I was going to take the bus, but I decided walking would be just as fast. After all the delays he seemed eager for me to get there.

Of course, after a long walk he’s in a 5th floor walk up. I was out of breath when I got up to his place. He said something like “Well, this is my place…” like he was expecting a reply of “Great place”, but I didn’t know what to say – it was rather barren and the walls were painted funky colors. Only as I was about to leave did he tell me that he had just moved in. At that point I was able to give an honest, encouraging, “Oh, yeah, this is a lot of space for one person…”

The other thing he told me when I walked through the door was that he had just gotten hit by a car. He pointed to his knee which was totally swollen. It looked pretty painful. But clearly he was still up for hooking up. In hindsight I gotta give the guy credit – he gets hit by a car, but still drags himself and his bike up 4 flights of stairs and waits around for a hookup before going to the hospital to get checked out. Gotta love a pig who puts sex before semi-urgent medical care.

I was sweating from the walk and he had no A/C and no fan. I start stripping down and was worried about overheating. He dropped to his knees and started sucking my cock – oddly putting the bulk of his weight on his swollen knee. If you read this blog very much you know blowjobs aren’t really my thing, so I had him get up on the be. I was intending to rim his (furry) ass, but he laid sideways, so I gave him a blowjob while I fingered his hole.

Playing with his ass was enough to get me hard, so I got up and let him suck on my now hard cock. I think he was expecting me to be smaller. He didn’t seem all that happy that I was as big as I was. After less than a minute of sucking me he told me to get on my back. I thought he was going to suck me some more, but he only did that for a few seconds to get my cock wet with spit and then he put some spit on his hole and proceeded to sit down on my raw cock.

I had violated one of my rules in hooking up with him – we hadn’t actually discussed whether he was OK with bareback – and then I had just walked a really long way for the hookup. If had wanted a condom it would have been a disaster. But luckily he was a good little pig and thought nothing of sitting on a strangers bare dick.

I remember back when I used to be a young vers twink – that sitting on a cock is a great way to get accustomed to getting fucked. That’s pretty much what he did… He sat on my cock just long enough to open up for me, then he said “I want you to fuck me for real” – he got off and got on all fours. For a little guy he had really long legs and his hole was well above my cock, so I told him to get on his belly. As I shoved in he kept saying “go slow”. I did go slow, but then I hit bottom pretty quickly in his ass and he tried to pull off from the pain of it.

I gradually increased my speed, but every time I hit bottom he’s flinch in pain and complain, so I started doing shorter strokes. It wasn’t all that easy for him, but he took it like a good bottom. He was probably also in pain from his car accident injuries. Anyway, he couldn’t take that much then he asked me to stop. I think he wanted me to pull out, but that wasn’t going to happen so I slowed down and didn’t go in so deep. But he really wanted me to stop. I still didn’t pull out but I stopped pumping his ass for a bit, but then I slowly started going in and out again. I could tell he really didn’t me going deep so just fucked the head of my dick in an out of his hole.

I should stop and say I had him legs together on his belly and being so much bigger than him I sort of enveloped him. I was really sweaty too – my belly and his back were drenched with sweat. The short break helped me catch my breath and then I gradually started fucking him again – but I didn’t go deep at all. But the sensations still worked the sensitive tip of  my dick so I could tell I was going to be able to cum. And cum I did – my orgasm came, then a few seconds later I felt spurt after spurt of cum going into his ass.

For some reason after I came he wanted me to pull out. We laid there for a few minutes talking. I noticed his elbow was all skinned from the accident as well (poor guy must have been in all sorts of pain). Then he got up and went into the bathroom and as best I could tell shit out my load 🙁

Then I went to the bathroom, tried to piss, but only a little came out. I tried to find a towel to dry myself off but the only one I could find was  damp one on the floor – so I used that. I put on my clothes, we chatted a little more very briefly and then I was on my way. He apologized a bit for rushing me out the door, but he said he wanted to go to the hospital to get checked out. In hindsight I should have told him to go to an urgent care place – they’re far better than the ER when you’re not dying.

Hopefully we’ll fuck again. Just wish he were a little closer.




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