Another Quickie, This Time With A CUTE Bottom

19 August 2015 | 3 Comments

Load 2015-23

Guess I’ve just been in the mood to fuck the past week or so. I did another quickie pump-n-dump in the neighborhood this morning. It would have been a long walk, but it was a quick straight shot on the bus, so I took the bus instead.

The pics I saw on BBRT were good, and he didn’t disappoint when I got there. Totally my type. Short, thin, and dark. I’m not quite sure about his ethnicity. It’s not listed in his profile. If I had to guess I’d say East Indian, but I’d also guess he’s mixed with something else as well. Or he could be some other mix that results in that skin color.

So as soon as I got there, I took off my shorts and he got on all fours. (Interesting he didn’t want to suck cock). I was totally happy eating out his hole. But I wonder how bottoms get clean that early in the morning on short notice. I mean at that time of the day I’m “full of shit” (literally). How do bottoms do early morning hookups? Actually, with a lot of morning hookups I wonder if the guy hasn’t been parTying all night, but I didn’t get that sense with him. He seemed completely lucid and cogent.

Anyway, his hole and his ass were pretty much perfect. He had a TINY waist (which I love), his ass was slightly hairy, and his hole was nice and clean. If you read this blog much you’ll know that’s a mix that gets me hard pretty quickly.

As soon as I was hard enough to fuck I stood up and lubed up my dick, but his lube bottle seemed pretty empty, so I added some spit to the mix as well. He had no problem taking me which I was a little surprised about since he was little and his hole didn’t seem like it was “well used” or anything like that.

After a few strokes I repositioned him on his belly. His hole felt good. Actually, I wondered if he already had some loads in there. But I didn’t taste any when I was rimming him. But he seemed really moist, which meant it felt pretty good. I was little worried that I wouldn’t be able to cum since I’d cum the day before, but soon enough I felt my orgasm building. He didn’t get as big of a load as the bottom yesterday, but I felt a couple decent spurts go in him.

I collapsed on him for a minute or so to catch my breath (but was careful not to crush him). Then I pulled out, put my shorts on and left. He seemed to want to talk, but understood that I was looking for a pump-n-dump.

I was in and out (so to speak) in a total of 8 minutes. 😉 Then I went to my gym which was an easy walk from his place. So a good start to the day – sex followed by a workout at the gym… Guess I can count the sex as cardio, right?

Gave A Load At A Hot Gangbang

7 July 2015 | 4 Comments

Load 2015-17 & 2015-18

Since the last fuck I wrote up I’ve fucked another 19 guys. Two at a sex party out in Queens. Then 15(!) at a sex party Pride weekend. It was a lot of fun getting my dick in so many holes. I’m still not sure what the magic ingredient was that night that kept me rock hard most of the time, but whatever it is, I wish it would happen more often. But I couldn’t manage to cum at either of those parties.

Then last Thursday I was at another sex party. This smooth jock was presenting his ass to be fucked. I squatted down and started rimming him and this sweet cum was just leaking out of his hole, so my rimming was actually felching. That got me totally hard so I stood up and shoved my dick in. His hole felt really good. It was totally wet and cummy – just how I like it. It wasn’t long before I felt my orgasm cumming. I don’t usually cum at sex parties, so I didn’t hold back. He got a really big 4-5 day load. The orgasm was really intense – a full body experience – one of the best orgasms I could remember in quite a while. But then I squatted down again to felch some more, but that time the taste was horrible. It tasted like nicotine. I spit out what I could, then went to the bathroom to rinse out my mouth.

Anyway, the fuck I really want to tell you about was the one last night. The guy who I called “the perfect bottom” a few months ago (@musclebttm77 on Twitter) was back in town and had rented a hotel room for a night so he could get gangbanged. I wanted to go but have been feeling weird the past few days. I just feel a bit drained and have an intermittent upset stomach. So at one point in the afternoon I texted him and said I didn’t think I could make it. But then I got a hardon and realized that it’d probably be a good gangbang and nothing really gets me harder these days than watching a bottom get fucked raw by a bunch of guys. So I went anyway, and I’m glad I did.

I got there and two guys were just finishing up/leaving. So it was just me and him. The guy watching the door said he had 4 loads in him. He was blindfolded so he didn’t know it was me. I got down and starting rimming him and he was nice and cummy. So once again my rimming became felching. I sucked a bit on his hole. Figured he’d get plenty of cum to replace whatever I sucked out. When I was completely hard I slid in. His hole felt really good. He was in doggy position and if I tried I probably could have cum that way, but I had him get on his belly and then his hole felt incredible on my dick. It wasn’t long before I blew my load in him.

Since no one was there (other than the guy watching the door) I rolled him on his side and we cuddled a bit until another top arrived. Apparently he didn’t know it was me. When I got up he spoke briefly with the guy watching over things. I had told the bottom I’d bring him a #BBBH t-shirt that my husband and I had made up. He was a little confused when the guy told him I “brought him clothes” but then I said “it’s the t-shirt we talked about” and at that point he knew it was me. He pushed up his blindfold and we chatted briefly while the other top was getting ready to fuck.

Anyway, I decided to stay. I figured I might have another load in me, so I sat on the bed and jacked my dick. About that time tops started arriving one after the other. For a while there were literally 9 tops lined up waiting to fuck him. I was rock hard watching him take dick after dick. A few didn’t cum or left without fucking (possibly because the line was too long). I was there for maybe an hour and he went from 4 loads to 12 loads over that time. He was one lucky bottom.

But then things died down around 7 (2 hours into the gangbang). Before I left we chatted some more. He was really affectionate with me which was sweet. And the guy watching over things said I was “cute”. That’s not a word I get called very often. Not sure it really applies to me, but I appreciated the gesture. Apparently I was the guy’s type.

Later that evening I checked and he was up to 17 loads with #18 on the way over. He wanted to hit 22 since he’d never taken more than 21 in a night previously. This morning he said he got 23 loads in total – so he had his best night ever.

One thing I realized is that I need to go to more gangbangs. It’s really hot seeing a guy take load after load. It’s hot felching a cummy hole. And it’s hot sliding into a cum-drenched ass. Problem is, so many bottoms start their gangbangs late at night. This bottom took my advice and started it early to get the after work crowd and I’m guessing that’s why he was able to get so many loads – the longer the gangbang, the more loads you get…

The Perfect Bottom?

24 January 2015 | 3 Comments

Loads 2015-3&4

A guy who I fucked a little over a year ago contacted me recently saying he was coming to town. I didn’t think too much of it ’cause I had forgotten that I’d given him rave reviews back then. But he texted me a couple of days ago wanting to hookup, but the timing wasn’t good. So yesterday he came by. Last time I raved about his hole. This time I gotta say pretty much everything about him was perfect.

Since I last saw him he had grown a beard and it made him look really hot. (As much as I like a hot body, it’s not complete unless the guy has a nice face).

Then he took off his clothes and I was pleasantly surprised. He’d been going to the gym and bulking up. He was basically a little muscle cub. Just the right amount of hair in just the right places, and the slightest layer of fat that actually accentuated his muscle making him look slightly beefy. As I was looking at him naked I was thinking “why didn’t I remember this guy better?” Clearly he’s been working out pretty hard since we last fucked.

I should back up and say that I wasn’t all that sure about how I’d perform yesterday. I hadn’t gotten enough sleep the night before. And I didn’t exactly have a raging hardon when I looked at porn, etc. AND I had fucked up my back on the lower back / glute machine a few days ago and was in pain much of the day. And then there was my huge failure as a top a few days before – that didn’t help either.

But… As soon as he was on all fours with his well-fucked hole pointed my direction my dick started to respond. I rimmed him until I was completely hard (didn’t take long), and then stood up and shoved in, and then quickly pushed him down on his belly.

I knew he had taken 3 loads before coming over. I hadn’t tasted them when I was (literally) sucking on his ass, but once I was in him his hole did feel a bit wet. I’ve been good about my New Year’s resolution to not jack off and only cum when I’m fucking someone. OK, I did give that oral load a few days before, but that wasn’t jacking off – a bottom did get the load (one way or the other). Anyway, I had a nice big 4 day load in my balls that needed to come out. Needless to say with a great hole on a really hot bottom, I didn’t last long.

After I came I rolled him on his side and continued to pump his ass until my dick went soft. We talked a bit, made out, and then I tried to fuck him a bit more but didn’t really have it in me. Then we kept talking and making out.

He had mentioned that the guys who’d fucked him earlier were porn stars. I asked who they were and it turns out it was Adam Russo and Cutler X. Which was funny because that was literally the blog post that had gone live on my porn blog that day – Adam & Cutler fucking Draven Torres. Substitute the Latino bottom I had in bed with me for Draven Torres and you pretty much had the scene on my porn blog. Cutler had given him one load and Adam had given him two. And lucky me, I got Adam & Cutler’s sloppy seconds!

Adam Russo & Cutler X fucking a Latino bottom

Anyway, we kept talking and he was telling me about this one time when a top had told him to go to a bathhouse and take a bunch of loads and then go over to the top’s place so the top could fuck his cummy ass. He said he was really popular that night and got 12 loads in just a few hours at which point the top said to come over and he dumped two more load in him.

That story got me totally boned, so I climbed on top of him and kept fucking him again. The fucking went on a little longer this time and then I felt a load building up in my balls and then I blew a second load in his ass! It’s been just under two years since I last came twice in a session (including a fair number of sex parties).

According to him those were his 33rd & 34th loads of the year. So he’s on target for over 500 loads this year. I recommended he go to the CumUnion party, but it didn’t sound like he would – he had other plans. But I could totally have seen him getting another 8-10 loads there if he’d gone.

So I think this guy is pretty much my idea of the perfect bottom. He’s fairly short, Latino (both of which I like), younger than me (but not old enough to have his act together), muscular, attractive, a total slut, has a respectable job, is easy to talk to, and so on… To me that’s a pretty perfect package. I was surprised there was no ring on his finger. IMHO, he’s totally husband material – though he needs the type of husband that would love him for being a slut.

I think I’ll definitely be remembering him better next time he texts me saying he’s in town. 😉

Young Cumdump Got My Morning Load

31 August 2014 | No Comments

Load 2014-21

I’ve given a couple loads since my last post including one at a sex party I hosted that was a lot of fun, but I just wanted to write up the load I gave this morning… It was totally a 10 out of 10!

I had some serious morning wood when I woke up today and wanted to fuck, but didn’t want to travel all that far for it. This young guy hit me up on BBRT and his profile said he was “0 miles” away. He said he had one load in him and was just looking for a pump-n-dump. Sounded perfect.

Unfortunately we were at opposite corners of the zip code. It was like a 20 min walk over to him – largely uphill. But when I got there it was totally worth it. The door was ajar, and this hot, young, little cumdump was on all fours with his hairy ass towards me and a blindfold on. There’s nothing I like better when I go for a hookup.

I took off my shorts and my shirt (kept on my high tops so I could leave quickly when it was done) and then pulled his ankles towards me so I could rim his hot hairy hole. You could tell he had just been fucked – his hole was loose. He seemed really clean so I sucked on his hole hoping to turn my rimming into felching, but never did taste any cum.

After a minute of two of that I was fully hard and put some spit on my dick and shoved in. Based on his profile he liked to be fucked hard, so I didn’t really have to worry much about whether I was being too rough. I fucked fairly hard and rapidly for maybe two minutes before I felt my load building. It had been 2 1/2 days since I last came, so my load was pretty big – I could feel spurt after spurt spewing into his hole.

Given the totally anonymous scene I stood up right after I came and put on my shirt and shorts and left. I loved fucking him – hopefully I can do it again soon.

The good part was that I didn’t need to put him down on his stomach for me to cum. In fact is wasn’t hard for me to cum at all. Yeah, I had taken half a Cialis yesterday, but ever since I’ve been working out my sexual abilities have improved. I have a bit more stamina (not really relevant in this case), but I can come in more positions, etc. At the sex party I gave a load to a guy who was standing up / bent over. That’s something that would have been nearly impossible before. In fact I’m so convinced about the “better fitness = better sex” that I’m going to build a fitness component into the hookup sites I’m building. Given that it will be pretty straightforward, I hope to have the fitness part up in the next month or so. The only downside to working out is I’m drained afterwards and don’t feel like having sex. But the next day I feel great.

Guy Was Hotter Than His Pics

22 September 2013 | 4 Comments

Load 2013-38

A week ago, last Sunday morning, I fucked a guy I’ve fucked before (a long time ago – back right after he tested poz). The funny part is back then I remarked about him being hotter than his pics and it was true this time as well. I walked over to this place and when he opened the door I was pleasantly surprised. It had been almost 5 years since we fucked and I forgot how hot he was. When he stripped down he was this hot scruffy otter with this really great facial hair.

He got down on his kneed and went to work on my dick. I was in a bit of a mellow mood so wasn’t in any rush. When I got hard I just let him keep sucking my dick. At first I was fucking his face but he kept choking and gagging. So I stopped and let him do the work and things worked much better. He was able to get it down his throat without gagging.

The blowjob felt good, but after a while I wanted to fuck, so we moved around and got onto his bed with him on all fours, but as I pushed in I pushed him onto his belly. It took a little while to cum, but given the work up with the blowjob it didn’t take all that long before I blew a nice big load in him.

As we laid on the bed with my dick up his ass it struck me that he had a hairy back and that’s usually a total turn off (I used to ask guys with hairy backs to wear a t-shirt), but with him I didn’t mind at all. It really worked on him somehow. I felt up the hair on his chest as I pumped slowly in and out of his ass. His chest hair is beyond hairy – he’s truly furry – and it felt great. It was like a big thick shag carpet or something.

As I was getting dressed he mentioned he wanted to fuck me. That wasn’t happening, but it was nice to hear I turn guys on that way 😉

He’s not that far away – I need to hookup with him more regularly.

Cummy Holes Feel SO Good ;)

29 May 2013 | 1 Comment

Load 2013-23

Only 23 loads given this year… Yeah, I know that’s a bit sad… But it is what it is. On the plus side since I’ve been going to sex parties I’ve been getting my dick in a lot of new holes. If I keep that up I should fuck more guys than I’ve fucked in years past.

Monday I was debating about going to the JOC party, but then my bf and friends wanted to go out to the Eagle – so Eagle it was. Anyway, that’s not the story I’m trying to tell. Point is I took a Cialis in anticipation of the evening’s events but then the evening turned out to be sexless. So woke up Tuesday with a big hardon and needed a hole to unload in.

I logged into BBRT and A4A. Absolutely nothing was happening on A4A – there was like one pending message when I logged in (usually there are a half dozen or so). BBRT was pretty quiet too. There were a couple nibbles, but I started to give up. But then this one bottom hit me up and said he already had 2 loads in him and wanted more. I told him where I was and asked if he was up for traveling. He came back with asking me where I was located. Ummm… I just answered that question, so I repeated my answer and sort of wrote him off. But then he came back and seemed serious, so I gave him my full address and he was out the door on his way here pretty much immediately. The bed was covered in clean laundry that needed to be folded. I folded a bunch of it and then just put the rest aside and got ready for him.

He texted me when he got out of the subway and then took 10 minutes to walk what’s usually a 6 min walk, which was a bit odd, but he did finally get here. He was pretty cute for a cumdump 😉 I sorta envied him. I blow my load and I’m done for the day. He can go from top to top taking load after load. Here it was just before noon and he was about to get his third load. How many was he going to get before he went to bed? 10? 15? 20? Do bottoms have more fun?

He had to take a piss so I stripped down while he was in the bathroom. I had gotten my big PA in the day before, but it was pretty sore after walking around a lot yesterday with it tugging on my dick. He looked down at my dick and I could tell he didn’t quite know what to do with it – or he wasn’t very enthusiastic about sucking dick when it had such a big ring in it. That I understand completely – the metal knocks your teeth and hurts like hell.

So I just told him to get on the bed that I wanted to rim him. As he was turning around I asked him how recently he got the other two loads. If it had been a while it could have been a bit of a funky mess – luckily he had gotten them just before coming to me.

The first few licks were more like felching than rimming. His ass tasted like cum. It was pretty hot. Then I started sucking on his hole, but he didn’t really get the hint and push out more cum. No matter – his cummy ass made me rock hard. I got up, grabbed the lube – put a little on his hole (not that it needed it), and a bunch on my dick and ring and then shoved the ring and my dick into his hole.

I fucked him a little with the PA, but it was hurting too much to give him a proper fuck. So I pulled out, took off the ring, and went back to fucking him. Not sure what he thought, but I think I gave him a pretty good fuck. I was doing these long strokes and pounding away at his hole. The only thing was that I didn’t last all that long. His ass felt incredible thanks to the two loads that were already inside him. There’s just something about a cummy hole that you can never achieve with a lot of lube. Cum really is the best lube.

I actually held out a little longer than I thought I would. I felt my orgasm coming but then it didn’t cum. Took quite a few strokes and then I felt it – a full body orgasm – my whole body tingled all over as I shot a nice big load up his already cummy hole.

When I was done I thought briefly about felching him some more but it seemed a little funky down there, so I stopped pretty quickly. I was out of breath anyway – and from experience I don’t like felching when I’m breathing really hard. We got up and then he got down on his knees and cleaned off my dick. The head of my dick and the hole for my piercing were really sensitive so I told him to go easy on my dick. He gently sucked all the cum and ass juice off my cock. He started jacking his dick and asked me if he could cum. I said “sure if you want”, but honestly I didn’t really care if he came. I fucked his face a little and then we stopped.

He was dressed and ready to leave before I could get my PA ring back in my dick. So I threw on a pair of shorts and walked him out as I was putting on my t-shirt. It was a total pump-n-dump – all that happened in under 10 minutes. Later my bf asked me why it was a such a short hookup. All I could say was because he got me to cum quickly. Later I regretted saying that – I felt like fucking again. If I had implied that it wasn’t a great hookup I might have gotten a second hookup in for the day. 😉 But honestly, it was a pretty incredible hookup. Loved having a full-body orgasm.




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