Videotaped A Race Play Scene With A Nigger Fuckbud

2 July 2013 | 11 Comments

Load 2013-26

I know some of you may be sensitive to me using the word nigger. Get over it. To me it’s just race play – and a form of domination and submission. Or to put it more simply – it’s role play. And the bottom in this case really gets into it.

One of my more regular guys from the neighborhood I’ve talked about a lot on here. He’s close enough with a flexible schedule so he’s often my fall-back when other guys flake. But he’s actually a good fuck – he pretty much always gets me to cum. Usually I ignore his dick since he’s just a cumhole bottom, but he’s got an enormous dick…

Pierced Top Playing With Big Black Dick

He does top on occasion – though not with me, but he’s mostly a bottom. And his fantasy is to get raped by a bunch of white tops. So as you read this – if you’re a white top and wanna join me in fucking him, just let me know – especially if you’re up for videotaping it.

He wanted to bring another top over  – a young Latino with a thick 9.5″ dick, but wasn’t sure if the top would be up for video, and I wasn’t really in the mood to explain the scene to my boyfriend or deal with the complications of making someone else happy – so I told him to keep it 1-on-1.

We started off with him sucking me, which soon turned to a 69 position with me sucking on his hole while he sucked on my dick.

Getting Sucked

But given the size of my PA, that’s never fun for the bottom since it hits their dental work. After a while he just started sucking my balls and jacking my dick. I was happy sucking on his hole, so it was all good with me.

Since I was hard I wanted to fuck, so soon he was legs up on the edge of the bed…

Hole Spread For Prince Albert

Usually I try to guide my PA in first and then push in with my dick. For some reason that wasn’t working with him so I just let my PA flop to one side and pushed in. I know that’s harder for the bottom since the PA adds to the thickness of my dick, but he put up with it.

I fucked a bit like that, but my feet were slipping on the floor and my body was blocking the light from the windows, so we repositioned. When I pulled out he was a little dirty, but didn’t seem to be too bad, so I just ignored it and carried on.

I got him on his belly and pushed in. Again I let the ring go to the side which hurt him a bit as I went in.

Black Bottom OnHis Belly

When I had him pinned down under me is when I started pulling out the stops with all the race play stuff. I was calling him a nigger cumdump. Asking him if he liked taking loads from white men. Telling him that niggers are meant to be cumdumps for white men and that he would have made a good slave and made his master very happy.… etc. I like degrading bottoms when I’m fucking them – it’s part of chemistry of the scene. Often if I’m not sure they’d be into it I do it quietly in my mind – it’s just what turns me on.

I wasn’t particularly gentle with my fuck. My PA was hurting just a little so I wasn’t overly rough either. But I think he got roughed up pretty good. It wasn’t long before I blew a load up his hole. At that point I just sort of collapsed on top of him. It’s sort of a cuddle, sort of almost smothering him, surrounding him…

Cuddling After Sex

We laid like that for a little bit, when I rolled the two of us over and started caressing him and paying attention to his body. These after sex sessions are where I bond with the bottom – most of them seem to like it. They just went through being violated, now they get the tender side. With him I played with his big black cock and sucked on his nipples a bit…

rawTOP Servicing Bottom

I didn’t actually go so far that he came – I’m actually fine with bottoms going away not having cum. Hookups are about me cumming – not them cumming. Maybe it’ll keep them horny and they’ll go looking to get fucked some more 😉

After a bit of that we just laid there having some some sensual quiet time…

Bottom Plays With Big Black Dick

That was about it. Since he’s a regular I think I’ll try to film most of our hookups going forward. He’ll help keep me in the practice of videotaping my fucks.

And again, if you’re a white top in NYC and want to fuck him, let me know – especially if you’re up for being videotaped.

Nigger Fuckbud Turned On By Idea Of Pozzing Me

25 August 2012 | 4 Comments

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Sorry for writing this up a week late – I’m on my 5th day of being sick as a dog with viral gastroenteritis…

So last Saturday my “nigger” fuckbud came over. I know he’s versatile and always wants to top me. It’s not like I was going to let him, but I’ve hooked up with him enough I didn’t mind if he fantasized about it… 😉 So I tried to douche a bit – I wasn’t shooting for 100% clean, ’cause I had no intention of getting fucked – just clean enough that he rimmed me or something it wouldn’t be disgusting…

He gets here, we strip down, he asks how things are going and we actually get into a rather involved conversation about the problems white folks face in Harlem, but we eventually wrap that up and get down to playing… I rim him to get me hard, then let him suck my dick. Then while he’s sucking my dick we get into sort of a 69 position and I start rimming him some more. I spread my legs and make it clear he can play with my ass (I know from experience he wants to, but usually I don’t let him do anything down there).

All of a sudden something felt a little weird down there and he tells me I just expelled a bunch of dirty water all over the bed. UGH! I really am not made out to be a bottom! There was still a little water up inside me and it came out at the wrong moment. So I get up, pull the sheets off the bed, go into the bathroom and clean them a little bit, and then come back and we try to resume. It took me a little while to get back into the swing of things but we get there.

It’s just he always wants to cum when we hookup and I find it’s hotter for me if he cums before I do. I figured he could get off playing with my hole and thinking about fucking me… So I lift my legs, show him my hole, and he jacked off while I taunted him about how he’d like to cum inside me… He kept wanting to fuck me – said he didn’t care if I was a little dirty… He just wanted to be inside me. But getting fucked wasn’t something I was interested in. I mean while the idea of taking loads is hot, 1) I hate getting fucked, 2) he has a big black cock which would make me hate getting fucked even more, and 3) I was dirty and I hate shit. Instead I tweaked his nipples while he came about as close to fucking me as you can get without actually fucking – and that was enough to get him to cum.

I then put him on all fours and shoved my pierced dick in his ass. I may not get fucked, but he most certainly does. I fucked him briefly on all fours and then pushed him down on his belly. He really wanted to jack his dick, but that just wasn’t going to happen. He’s a pretty well built guy with a big hard meaty ass so finding the right position took a while, but I finally got there. I was telling him he was a good nigger hole – made for breeding, he told me to fuck him hard. Happy to take that queue I slammed in and out of his ass and pulled out longer on each stroke so the ball on the underside of my dick would tear up his hole a little each time I pulled out.

As I got close to cumming I changed things up a bit – “You really wanna poz me don’t you? You want your poz load deep in my neg ass, don’t you? I know you wanna be my poz daddy…” I knew he’d like talk like that but he responded even more strongly than I thought he would. I came a few seconds later and then he was so worked up from the poz talk he wanted to jack off again. I’d cum, so this time it wasn’t going to be about my hole. He just laid on the bed and jacked off and asked me to suck on one nipple while I played with the other. This was what I was trying to avoid by letting him play with my ass in the beginning, but he was a bit in a frenzy so I knew it wouldn’t take him long to cum, and it didn’t – he blew a decent sized load all over his belly a few moments later.

All in all it was a hot hookup… It’s fun to see a guy get so into it…




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