Two Very Different Hookups

Load 2013-51 & 2013-52

Had two very different hookups last week. The first one was with the black thug that I fucked at the beginning of the year. He was back in town and had been hitting me up wanting my load. I get the sense that we come from very different backgrounds and perspectives. The connection is completely in the sex and in breeding his ass. He was hungry for it and I needed to get off.

It was a pretty routine hookup. He arrived, we stripped down, he started sucking my dick but as usual the blow job wasn’t really doing it for me (I just had a chubby – not a full hardon), so I had him get on all fours on the bed and I rimmed him to get fully hard. I then fucked him on his belly and it didn’t take all that long before I blew a load up his ass. I had taken a Cialis, so I just kept fucking him slowly until my dick finally went down (which took a while). He bills himself as vers, so I was sort of expecting him to jack off, but he didn’t feel the need. Then we chatted a bit, and then he got dressed and took off. The only slightly weird part of it was that he wanted moisturizer when he getting dressed. (Is that a black thing? I think I’ve had some other black guys ask me for moisturizer as well.)

The other guy is someone who’s been hitting me up for a while now – he looks Middle Eastern (comes from a place that is on the edge of the Middle East). I was a little worried about the hookup. He said he’d been parTying (bad sign), and even joked about having me pick up needles for him (I had to stop by a pharmacy on the way there). Guys who slam are generally pretty mess and not the greatest fucks, but I was in his neighborhood and figured “what the hell?”.

I get there and he’s probably 25 or 30 pounds heavier than in his pictures. My dick doesn’t really do well with stocky guys and he was definitely rather cubbish. I mean cubs are cute and he was rather adorable when he was sucking my dick and looking up at me, but that was sorta of strike two. Even though he had plenty of warning on when I’d be there, he wasn’t ready and he left me alone in his bedroom for a while when I got there. I just spent the time jacking my dick. It was a little odd, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying it was strike three or anything.

He was definitely an eager and enthusiastic bottom. In that way he was a great fuck. But despite his wanting my load and his having parTied, he had issues taking my dick. He kept wanting me to slow down or pull out for a break. That much was sorta typical for someone who’s high unfortunately. I kept trying to cum, but wasn’t having any luck. Tried all sorts of different positions, but nothing seemed to get my orgasm to cum.

Towards the end he got into a little HIV fetish talk. He’s neg and on PrEP but has a fantasy of getting pozzed. That sort of thing might have gotten me over the edge if it had happened earlier in the hookup, but at that point my dick was starting to be uncooperative. We fucked a lot, but I finally just had to say sorry for not cumming, but I need to go.

But then later he texted me saying all sorts of cum was pouring out of his ass. Apparently I had cum in him quite a bit and didn’t realize it. It happens. I just wish I had known I was cumming.

This week I had horrible luck hooking up on Monday. I was going in and out of being horny – with generally isn’t a very good sign for me. When I was horny, no one was interested. When I wasn’t horny guys were hitting me up. In fact two different REALLY hot young jock bottoms wanted me to fuck them, but it happened at a time when I wasn’t really in the mood and they wanted me to travel to them. My mind was willing, but my dick and libido just weren’t cooperating. I wound up just jacking off and collapsing in front of the couch to watch TV.

We’ll see if I get any action today. I’m hoping I get a simple, decent fuck in.


Intimacy With Complete Strangers

Load 2013-14

Apologies for now blogging sooner. Black Party weekend was a bit of a bust. I went out Friday night and did go to a sex party (hosted by Tony Serrano) and did fuck three guys, but I paced myself and then couldn’t cum. Then I went over to the Eagle where I had to wait quite a while to get in. It was supposed to be blackout night, but the lighting seemed pretty normal to me. The place was packed and there was some guys sucking cock, but almost no one was fucking. I got my dick sucked a bit, and sucked a few other guys, but didn’t give or get any loads. I stayed out way later than usual for me that night and it sorta ruined the next day. Then I started feeling a little under the weather. There was one other guy I fucked that weekend, but I just couldn’t cum with him (he was pretty beefy – which is a type I’m hit or miss with).

Feeling a bit under the weather (or a lot under the weather) has been my story for too much of the year so far. If it’s not one thing, it’s another – usually a head cold, but then a couple weeks ago I got what we thought was food poisoning but as the days went by it was more like a gastro bug. Anyway, that cleared up just in time for me to go to a porn conference in Phoenix. One or two guys were a little flirty with me, but not enough that we wound up in bed, and security at the hotel was really tight so I couldn’t have anyone in and without a car I couldn’t travel. Plus, honestly, I still felt a little under the weather and didn’t feel like fucking.

That means it’s been almost 3 weeks since I gave someone a load – that’s not good… So I’m now trying to get back in the swing of things. I still cough a lot – guess I should go see a doc – and I feel a little run down, but trying to fuck at least a little.

Anyway… on to the fuck story… 😉

One of the things I love about anonymous sex is how surprisingly intimate it can be. Innocently85 posted a message on Breeding Zone saying he was neg in NYC looking for loads…

Just moved here and looking to be used by raw tops. Free any evenings and weekends. Total bottom, easy going, love being made into a pig and used hard. 27, 5’10, 150, blonde/blue. Live alone, love to play around or just put my ass out to be dumped in.

When I looked at his pics I remembered talking to him in the past. He was sort of a boy-next-door type. While he didn’t post in the bug chaser section, a post like that on Breeding Zone indicates at least that he doesn’t care if he gets pozzed. And his BBRT profile had “don’t care” for “your status”. While my last test was just over a month ago and it was neg, I gotta say I get turned on by the idea of pozzing someone. So it was a pretty big turn on to fuck him and think about knocking him up.

I don’t usually make plans to hookup, but I did with him. We confirmed the day before and then the day of. He was so accommodating. I told him I wanted it to be pretty anon – at least initially… I wanted him ass up on his bed in a darkish room. And that’s exactly what I found when I got there…

Innocently85's ass

I stripped down – he had the window open and it was a bit cold, but I knew that would keep me from overheating. I rimmed him for a bit and then took some pics of his hole and my dick pushing in his ass…

Fucking Innocently85

I had taken a Cialis the night before and my dick was really hard. Plus, anonymous dark room scenes just turn me on – especially when it’s a neg bottom who is willing to give you pretty much anything you want. 😉

I got him onto his belly and started fucking him. His hole felt good. It had been a few days since I’d cum, my dick was hard as a rock and the hole felt good… I couldn’t ask for more… 😉  I almost expected to cum immediately, but it took a little while – though not long. But he definitely got my load.

After I came I just kept fucking him. It felt good and my dick almost refused to go soft. After a little bit I rolled on to our sides and continued to slowly fuck his hole as we spooned. That went on for a LONG time and he seemed to like it. I’d slowly caress him as I pumped his ass. It was a pretty intimate and connected moment. It’s sorta funny how you can have those moments with complete strangers. But I think it’s one of the healthier parts of bareback sex. Cumming in someone’s ass (or having someone cum in your ass) is such an intimate act – but it’s often done in rather sleazy settings. I mean the bottom in this case hadn’t even seen me yet, but he had my load in his ass and there I was caressing him as I continued to fuck him… There’s something about those moments that are really special.

The only negative in the whole hookup was that he had shaved at some point and was really stubbly all over – especially his chest which I had my arm wrapped around. Stubble is temporary, so it’s not a big deal. But my suggestion for guys like him is to buy a beard trimmer and trim your body with that if you don’t want to look so hairy. I mean – some of you are pretty hairy – just own that fact – but don’t try to be smooth – it’s just not who you are. Actually, knowing him and how submissive/passive he is – some top probably shaved him or told him to shave. So I don’t even blame him for the situation – and again… it’s distracting, but not a deal breaker…

Finally my dick got soft and came out of his ass and we laid there and cuddled for a bit. Then I tried felching him, but the only thing on the outside of his ass seemed to be lube – nothing tasted like cum. Which is fine – I’m glad my load was deep inside him absorbing into him.

Finally I told him I was going to go. At which point he asked “Can I see you?” He had intentionally not looked at me – knowing I wanted anonymous sex. He didn’t have to go that far, but he did… It was sorta cute and hot… I said sure and for a couple of minutes we were face to face looking at each other, then I got up and dressed and left.

MAL – A Nice Way To Start The Year

I’m heading down to MAL (Mid Atlantic Leather) tomorrow. My buddy PortaUrinal is driving with me both ways and will have a room next to mine. Should be fun.

I haven’t been posting here because 1) I had family in for Christmas, and then 2) got a nasty cold from the family. Bottom line I’ve been effectively out of commission for weeks.

Believe it or not, I haven’t fucked anyone in a month! MAL will break that trend in a big way. I’ve got multiple gangbangs and orgies planned every day I’m there. Given that BreedingZone had become the biggest bug chasing site anywhere, I figured I’d just feature neg bottoms at my gangbangs this year. I’ve got just about every gangbang covered with 2 or 3 bottoms – just have one big one on Thursday night where I’m a little short and may need to bring in a poz bottom to cover the number of tops (I’m expecting 50+ tops).

I’m also giving out Breeding Zone wristbands (stop by my room to pick up yours) – they’ll help you identify other guys who are there for barebacking.

The other semi-big thing I’m doing is a “cum exchange” where gangbang bottoms share their loads with other bottoms by dumping loads from one ass to another with funnels. For that matter tops can take loads this way too – without getting fucked… Basically this lets bottoms get MANY more loads than they would otherwise and means a top’s load can be passed on to bottom after bottom… It also means that even if I use poz bottoms on Thursday, all the loads can still wind up in the one neg bottom I do have signed up (plus anyone else I want).

And for the first time I’m organizing orgies. I didn’t want anything too crazy, so I’m doing them in the afternoon. Should be interesting, but I can tell I’ll have to turn people away and/or be really selective. I’m mandating a jockstrap & boots (or less) policy – that should weed out the spectators. And I’ll charge a “clothes check fee”. Charging will reduce the numbers further. Anyone who walks the halls in a jockstrap and doesn’t need a clothes check can get in for free – guys like that are sexually uninhibited and will be fun at an orgy.

And with all that going on, I still hope to have some time to do some fisting and flogging…

I’ll see how much of it I can videotape and get up on my tube site – Raunchy Fuckers

I’m still not 100% recovered from the cold. So hopefully I won’t overdo it and get sick again…

Gave A Bug Chaser His 13th Load Of The Weekend

Load 2012-32

[I’m behind a bit on my posts – I’m doing them in reverse order…]

A little while ago a bug chaser posted on (my forum site) that he was going to visit NYC and he was looking for loads (you gotta be logged in to see his post and the responses).

Hey guys,
Neg bottom visiting NYC looking to take some loads. I am not going to ask status so hoping a few poz guys stealth breed me in my hotel. Message me if you want hotel info closer to date.

Needless to say I had to drop a load in him… Yeah, I’m neg, but bug chasers still turn me on…

He set up a gangbang on BBRT for the night before he left. When he sent out the details he mentioned if people couldn’t make it then, that he’d be taking loads the next morning before he left. We had friends over late that afternoon and we were drinking so by the time came for the gangbang I was in no shape to fuck. I texted him and asked if 8:30 the next morning was too early – he said no problem.

When I texted him in the morning I didn’t hear anything back. Then I noticed he had a quick connect ad up on BBRT and he was logged in. I figured he didn’t get back to me ’cause he was getting fucked, so I just left and headed down. He had given the address of the hotel and the room number in the email the day before. By the time I got off the subway he had gotten back to me and as I expected, he was up for taking my load.

I get to the hotel (it was the same hotel as the bottom I fucked a few weeks ago). It’s like that hotel is becoming the gangbang hotel of Hells Kitchen. I get up to the floor and I pass another door that’s ajar – made me wonder if other guys were there having anonymous sex. His door was ajar and when I went in the room it was pitch black – there was a light on in the bathroom and the door was cracked – so I could see barely enough to know there was someone on the bed.

I was a little hot, so I stripped down. The clock next to the bed said it was 9:01 AM. He was on all fours facing away from the door. Head down and as far as I know he didn’t look back until later. I pulled his legs back so I could rim him. Unfortunately he had tons of lube on his hole. I knew he had at least one load in there – I could sorta taste it, but the taste of the lube overwhelmed everything.

As soon as I was hard (which didn’t take long), I got up and pushed my dick in. I was wearing the curved barbell in my PA and he felt it and put his hand back and tried to slow me down or push me off his hole (not sure which). I didn’t take ‘no’ for an answer – I pushed the ball on the underside of my dick up so it would go in more smoothly, but despite his hand I just kept pushing in. As soon as it was in and he was over his initial WTF? response, he was fine.

When he was down and on his belly I asked him how many loads he’d gotten that weekend. He said 12, but 4 were that morning. Even though I’m neg I wanted to play with him… All I remembered was that he had posted in the bug chaser section of Breeding Zone. Looking back at what he posted he wanted to be stealthed and not really think about what he was doing. As soon as I had a number I started fucking with his head – “Yeah, you’re a good bug chaser, boy… taking all that anonymous cum in your neg ass… How many of them were poz?” He wasn’t sure. But he started seeming a little freaked out. Here I was fucking him with a PA talking about his bug chasing and taking poz loads. He started moving around a bit – almost resisting. It didn’t last long though within a few seconds he was subdued and seemed into it.

I kept my verbal taunts up and came pretty quickly in his ass. As I got up, I spread his ass cheeks and licked up some of the cum. It tasted good.

As I was dressing I noticed the clock next to the bed said 9:05. The whole thing had taken just 4 minutes.

It took a little while to get my clothes on. During that time he rolled over, looked at me, and fingered his cummy hole.

He sent me a text later saying it was the first time he’d gotten fucked by someone with a PA. Then a day or so later he sent me a message on BBRT saying he was sorry he didn’t get my load. He hadn’t connected my text with my profile name. He was literally taking loads from anyone – which is sorta hot.

I wonder if his trip to New York was successful and he went home poz?

Good Bottom + Enough Tops = Good Gangbang

Load 2012-7

So after the gangbang with too many bottoms and too few tops, the 2nd gangbang in Phoenix went much better. The bottom was a guy who contacted me off Breeding Zone (my forum site). He’s Asubmissivebottom on Breeding Zone, and on BBRT. He’s neg – last tested in November, but has been taking poz loads for a while now (perhaps he’s immune or resistant). Either way, he wanted to get gangbanged and didn’t care about whether the tops were poz or neg (which, if you’re a bareback bottom is how you should approach things – it’s not like you can stay neg taking anonymous loads from complete strangers).

There was supposed to be another bottom, but he canceled and his replacement turned out to be someone behind a hacked profile who had no intention of showing up. About 30 guys said they’d attend which meant I expected 10 to show up. Including me, there were 9 tops – so my 1/3rd ratio turned out to be roughly accurate…

When Asubmissivebottom showed up I could tell he was going to be a good gangbang bottom. There’s a look in gangbang bottoms eyes – a hunger and an acceptance of their role. I’ve also found the best gangbang bottoms are often on the attractive side of average – and that was true of Asubmissivebottom.

I hadn’t cum in days and just needed to blow my load. Since I was going to be in host mode as soon as guys showed up and we had about a half hour to ourselves, I put the bottom to work pretty quickly. He sucked my dick for a little bit and then I got him on the bed face down and fucked him. It didn’t take very long to cum. A nice big thick load was a good way for him to start the evening. :)

About 10 minutes after the official start time the tops started showing up. Asubmissivebottom put on a leather sleeping mask sort of blindfold and never did see any of the tops (other than me). For the next 80 minutes he was fucked pretty much constantly. He took 6 loads up his ass. Unfortunately two of the tops came in his mouth. One top, an “older gentleman” didn’t manage to cum.

Submissive bottom after getting gangbanged

One of the bottoms at the other gangbang had requested music so I put on what I consider young, “high hair”, dance music – it seemed to fit that gangbang ’cause the bottoms were 20-something. But this gangbang had a more serious, intense vibe to it (the way I like it). It was just quiet with guys focusing on fucking….

There were a few tops who stood out… One was this skinny little teen (?) who was really shy and timid, but determined to give group sex a shot. He said it was his first time doing anything like that. He was so nervous it was sort of funny and cute. Given his raging teen hormones he had no problem getting hard and giving the bottom a load (in his ass). I wouldn’t call the kid a great top, but he’s working on it and experimenting…

Another top asked if the bottom what poz after he dumped his load. I said the guy was neg but has been taking poz loads for a while now. He just shook his head and said, “well, he’s poz now…” and left. I should have asked him whether he had a high viral load. He said it with so much certainty… When I told the bottom about the comment a few days later, he said “yeah, that’s not the first top who was convinced he pozzed me.” The bottom did say he got tested a couple days later and he was neg. But I seriously doubt the test would show infection that quickly – so I guess we’ll have to wait a few weeks to see if there’s more to report (so to speak).

The “older gentleman” who didn’t cum had apparently fucked the bottom before at some sex party. That time he did cum. Older guys are sometimes problematic in situations like this. I’ve had the exact same problem at another gangbang where an older top slowly fucks the bottom for ages and still doesn’t cum. It’s not a lot of fun for the bottom, and he doesn’t get a load. I think I’ll be more selective in the future. Upper-50s will be the limit with exceptions for certain guys…

At one point towards the end I fucked the bottom’s cummy hole, but since I had cum earlier I wasn’t totally hard. I did felch him and it tasted incredible… After guys left I took some photos, but his hole was so tight you couldn’t tell he’d just been gang banged. His ass had locked all the cum (that wasn’t felched) deep inside him…

So all in all, a good gangbang. But I get the sense that in Phoenix you can’t get enough tops to show up at a gangbang to support multiple bottoms. And if your one bottom flakes you’re shit out of luck… So Phoenix isn’t the best place to organize gangbangs…


Check out the story of the gangbang from the bottom’s perspective

MAL Sunday – A Smaller Gangbang

Sorry for getting this out so late – I’ve been pretty sick the past few days. (No, not what you’re thinking… Just a wiked sinus cold.) And before that I was swamped with work.

So the  “Canadian Sub” (the “winner” of the 32 load gangbang) spent the night Saturday night after the gangbang. I had to talk him into it. He seems to have “boundary” issues and was falling for me just hours after meeting me (lol). I just wanted someone to sleep with so when I woke up in the middle of the night I’d have a good cummy hole to fuck. (And I liked him). He was pretty wired and I was pretty tired. We stayed up talking, but about 3am or so I drifted off to sleep. Not sure how much sleep he got. It was nice having him around though. He was nice to cuddle up with and fuck. I think I woke up at one point and we fucked then drifted off to sleep again. Finally we got up around 8. He said good bye and went back to his room.

I don’t do particularly well on 5 hours of sleep. PortaUrinal and I went to breakfast at Union Station, but it was clear it was going to be a slow relaxed day – I just wasn’t up for much of anything else. And taking it easy was one of my goals for the weekend anyway.

Organizing for the gangbang was a bit of an issue… I had moved one of the bottoms to the Saturday gangbang, so I asked Canadian Sub whether he would be the other bottom for the Sunday gangbang – he said ‘sure’. Then the main bottom dropped out saying he wasn’t feeling well, so I needed to come up with another bottom. I knew it wasn’t going to be as big of a gangbang, but I preferred having two bottoms.

Then this 22 year old hit me up on BBRT. I asked if he wanted to bottom for the gangbang and he said he’d be into it. He was the wild card – I was just hoping he’d show up. His status said “Don’t Care” – I was sorta wondering what his story was…

That afternoon I flogged this guy (interesting story – he used to be involved with IML before they went anti-bareback). After flogging him we were laying in bed cuddling and talking and the 22 y.o. texted me and said he wanted to come over. It was more than an hour before the gangbang, but I figured it was better to get him in the room early than not have him show up.

He arrived and the flogging bottom left. He was this sweet, slightly awkward kid. He liked to talk and told me all sorts of stuff. Turns out he was sharing a room with two guys – one poz and the other a pretty serious bug chaser. He hadn’t been tested since the previous summer and didn’t really know his status. After talking to him I wondered how much he really got fucked. He said he had gotten fucked earlier that day, but before that the last time was a month ago. He was clearly was not the typical cumdump who you find bottoming at a bareback gang bang.

I had him check that he was cleaned out properly and we talked some more… He talked about how his parents had opted him out of sex ed in school and I wondered if that was one of the reasons why he had no fear about being a gangbang bottom… He lived in a relatively small town and I think mostly he just got fucked by straight and bisexual guys who needed a hole to cream. He seemed to see sex as a purely physical act (not emotional). Still, he was more than old enough to know what he was doing…

Canadian Sub and PortaUrinal showed up just before the start time. It was a different mix of guys and the vibe was different. Being Sunday it was also just a slower, more relaxed day in general. The blindfolds had worked really well the day before and both the bottoms wanted to be blindfolded, so that was good thing… It helps them concentrate on the dick.

The first top came in and started with Canadian Sub. I figured I would give the kid some dick so he didn’t feel left out. It was good I did – he was TIGHT. I started thinking he may not have gotten fucked earlier in the day – it may have just been a story (you never really know). It took me a while to get in and he was in a bit of pain, but I just held my dick in there till he got adjusted. He needed to be able to take my dick or else he wouldn’t be able to take all the other cock he was going to get. I’d be (sorta) gentle with him. Other tops not so much…

I swapped places with the other top and kept going back and forth between the bottoms for a good 30 or 40 minutes, maybe more… It was sorta fun, but I never did cum.

Then SFVersCumBoy and his boyfriend showed up. SFVersCumBoy is usually a bottom, but as his name implies, there are times he tops. He fucked the kid and his boyfriend fucked Canadian Sub. He gave the kid the BIGGEST load – he hadn’t cum in a week! That was a very good way to get the kid started – his hole was now completely filled with poz (undetectable) cum.

In general the tops were a lot more attractive than they were for the Saturday gangbang – especially early on. Attractiveness of tops is something I struggle with when I organize gangbangs. Sometimes not-so-hot guys can be great tops, and sometimes the bottoms don’t care – they just want the load, but where do you draw the line? At Saturday’s gangbang I wasn’t really comfortable with some of the guys and I didn’t know what the point was that I should ask them to leave. That wasn’t really much of an issue until the end of the Sunday gang bang.

After the kid had 5 or 6 loads in him, my buddy Brad Ramsey showed up. He’s got a THICK cock. After fucking Canadian Sub for a bit he tried fucking the kid. But the kid just couldn’t take Brad’s dick. Brad was patient and kept trying, but the kid was just in excruciating pain, so Brad finally gave up and went back to Canadian Sub and gave him the load.

A fuck or two later I was sitting across the room in a chair watching this hot guy pound away at the kid’s ass. He had the kid flat on his belly and it was a very hot scene. But after he got done the kid sorta curled up in a ball. I’m not sure what happened, but it was over for the kid after that. He said his hole really hurt and he couldn’t take any more. He was literally trembling. I just held him and didn’t push it. I was hoping it was temporary and that he’d get over it, but I realized after a few minutes for whatever reason that was it for him. So I showed him to the bathroom and gave him his clothes.

All in all the kid got 7 loads from 6 guys plus one oral load. Of course the one from SFVersCumBoy was huge and probably counted for several loads. He was counting dicks and thought he had taken 14 or 15 loads. Thing was people like me fucked him multiple times and others were going between the bottoms and then only one would get the load.

The gangbang continued with just Canadian Sub. In the end he racked up 11 loads. So he got 29 between the two gangbangs. Plus he had 8 other loads (4 Friday, 2 Saturday, 2 Sunday), so that means he had a 37 load weekend with 20 on Saturday alone – not bad.

PortaUrinal did pretty well – 10 loads of piss… He totalled 41 loads of piss for the weekend (24 of which were at my gangbangs). He wrote up a post on Breeding Zone raving about the weekend. Glad I could help him have fun – he’s a good guy.

Afterwards the Canadian Sub and I went down to the lobby to have dinner and a beer at the bar. I introduced him to some of the guys who fucked him. “This is Brad, he’s the one with the really thick dick…” It was sorta funny – people knew who he was, but he didn’t know who they were even though their loads were in his ass.  lol

We called it an early night and went back up to my room and he slept over again. I got more sleep this time, but I was still almost dangerously tired driving back to New York the next day (just the last half hour or so of the drive). Canadian Sub is a “grower”, not a “shower” and he had been soft (and really small) the entire time he was with me. I like a bottom with a little dick, but at one point Monday morning I collared him told him I wanted to own him and have him be my boy. He instantly popped a pretty respectable boner. After two gangbangs and 37 loads – that’s what he really wanted – a master to own him… Unfortunately, I can only fulfill that role one or two weekends a year. But it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want more from him if the circumstances were different.

I texted with the kid a few days later – he was apologetic for not lasting longer. Said his hole was sore the next day but he wants to do another gangbang. I think he’s caught the bareback gangbang bug, so to speak.


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