More Progress @ The Gym

10 November 2014 | 10 Comments

Well, It’s been 6 months now that I’ve been going to the gym. It’s funny how stats and even pictures don’t really quite capture the progress. I mean, look at the two pics below… The lighting is better in the after pic, but it’s hard to really see the progress…

Before - front view Progress after 6 months - frontal nude

The angle view shows things a lot better, but that’s in part to getting just the right shadows in the after pic that accentuate things.

Before - side view Looking more muscular after 6 months at the gym

I’m actually working on a small fitness site. More about that later, but you can see all the numbers for me on the site (the site is still in development, so some things are less than perfect). But the sum total is that I’ve gone down in weight, gone down in body fat, but not all that much on either count. I actually wanna get a better body fat scale. The one I have just measures the fat in the legs – which hasn’t changed all that much.

More than anything I can feel the difference – there’s just more muscle there when I feel different parts of my body. And people are starting to comment on the change as well. I think I look healthier and more athletic. In fact Max Sohl stopped by the other day and later commented that “You carry it well”. (“It” being my weight). I’m definitely in better shape heart-wise. It was a bit scary how bad I was at cardio 6 months ago. Given my family history of heart disease, that’s important.

I’m actually stepping things up a bit. Going to the gym more frequently for shorter workouts. That results in me burning more calories. But I need to burn the weight in a way where I don’t lose lean mass.

But slowly I’m getting there. It’s just a matter of time and determination to keep it up.

Ugh! Bad Bottoms…

17 September 2014 | 6 Comments

Well, the last few days my attempts to give loads have run up against bad bottoms that sorta defeat my best intentions.

Sunday I was at the Eagle and was out in the backyard with a few friends. This skinny tattooed guy came out and hung out like he knew us – listening to our rather frank/personal discussion. Finally I just introduced myself. Then we continued on our conversation – but he still just stood there and listened. Finally he started getting frisky with one of my friends – grinding his ass into my friend’s crotch. Next thing I knew the back of his shorts were down and my friend was fucking him. It was sorta hot and I repositioned myself next to them so I could watch a bit more closely.

Then, right when things were getting hot and heavy, one of the barbacks comes out with a bunch of trash and castigates the guys saying “You can’t do that here! You’re on camera” – and he points to the camera right above them. My friend pulls out and my other friends start chatting with the barback – seems they knew him pretty well.

As soon as the barback was gone my friend didn’t seem interested in fucking anymore and he wandered away and the bottom started paying attention to me – he wanted to suck my dick which he did briefly but I told him I wanted to fuck. We got into a corner, away from the cameras (with friends watching the door), and the guy bent over and I spit on my dick ans shoved in.

Pretty soon I started smelling shit. I was hoping it wasn’t too bad. I kept fucking to see if I could cum quickly, but it wasn’t happening and the smell of shit was getting stronger. So I pulled out and my dick was covered in it. I had my 2 gauge PA in (the curved barbell, not th ring), and that only made things messier. I told him about the problem and he kept apologizing profusely. I told him I needed something to clean up with – preferably something moist. He disappeared and then one of my friends said he’d go get something. (The mark of a true friend is when they fetch clean up stuff when you’re in a situation like that). Meanwhile I was pissing – hoping that would clean things a little. But there was no way I was shoving a shit-covered dick back into my pants where it would mess up my pants.

My friend came back with a bunch of napkins. They helped a lot. I used the bottom’s beer for moisture. And generally got things more or less clean. Then the bottom came back with a little towel that was moist. It would never have been adequate on its own, but I was impressed he’d show his face again in order to make things better.

So that attempt to give a load ended rather disastrously. Unfortunately, tonight didn’t go any better.

Today I was in the mood to fuck and there were two gangbangs listed on BBRT. I did a request for both since what’s motivating me as a top lately is cummy holes and the best way to fuck a cummy hole is at a gangbang. I was a little surprised when the one guy who had 60+ attendees didn’t approve me. Maybe he was feeling overwhelmed with responses or something – who knows? But I was happy when, ‘TigerBeat’ a hot, late-20-something bottom approved me for his gangbang. I replied letting him know when I would try to get there, and he replied back something like “sounds good”.

I headed down a few minutes earlier than I had originally planned. He lived in the Lower East Side, so it was a bit of a hike – but the idea of a hot guy with a cummy hole made the trip worth it. I get there and ring the buzzer and heard a crackle on the intercom, but the door didn’t open. Then a guy came out of the building with his laundry and he let me in. I went up to the apartment (a 5th floor walk-up) and before I could ring the doorbell the door opened. The guy was in his underwear (nice tight body), there was music in the background, and he said something like “Sorry, I sent you an email asking you not to come”. Ugh! Seriously? He went on to say he knew about my blog and he “respected me, but [he] needed to be discreet”. All I could think to say was “Are you sure?” He was, so I turned around and left.

But in hindsight that’s total bullshit. I mean I look better in person than I do in my pics. If he wasn’t me, then he shouldn’t have approved me, given me his address, AND responded positively to my confirmation. There were plenty of chances to say “don’t come” prior to when I logged off. And the whole discretion thing… Please, discreet bottoms don’t post gangbang ads. Discreet bottoms don’t have public profiles with pics.

I protect the identities of the guys I fuck. The only time I mention a guy’s profile name / stage name is when he’s a porn star or he wants me to, and then I make a point to only say good things about him. A few times guys have told their friends that I fucked them and then the friends have figured out which write-up was about their friend. But that wasn’t me telling making the ID – that was the bottom giving out too many details. But when the guy makes me travel over an hour (round trip) for absolutely nothing – then I don’t really feel the need to (completely) protect his identity. So if discretion and anonymity was TigerBeat’s objective – then his plan backfired. You all now know who stood me up, and now that I’ve linked to it, Google will index his profile.

Ugh! I really hate bad bottoms. Seriously guys – if you’re grinding you ass on guys’ crotches at a bar – make sure you’re clean, and if you invite someone to a gangbang – don’t turn them away when they get there… Where is Miss Manners when we need her?

Slow Progress @ The Gym

11 September 2014 | 9 Comments

Well, I’ve been going to the gym for about 4 months now. It’s sorta weird – I notice a change. My boyfriend notices a change. But my weight has only gone down 2 or 3 pounds and the body fat percentage my scale reports is pretty much the same – maybe 1 or 2 percent less. The change you see in the pics is sorta minor, but it’s there…

Before - front view After 4 months - front view

Lighting and color are better, and I guess you can see a bit more definition in my shoulders and my gut doesn’t look as big.

Before - side view After 4 months - half turn

Once again – the difference in those pics is slight, but there is progress. It’s like a bit of my weight has shifted from my belly to my pecs and shoulders and I’m just a bit less dumpy.

Where I see the biggest progress is in my ass. I really hated how it looked before, now it’s getting close to “OK” – though it still clearly has a ways to go…

Before shot of my ass My ass after 4 months at the gym

So every so slowly I’m whipping myself into shape. I know I could work harder – both exercise-wise and diet-wise – and get faster results like I did back in 1997, but the pace I’m going is sustainable, and that’s more important than anything. The worst scenario is that I burn out and stop going to the gym.

My boyfriend is away thru Monday morning. Part of me wants to be a big slut while he’s gone, but a bigger part of me just wants a quiet, relaxes, productive weekend. To that end I think I’ll skip the sex party tonight and instead go to the gym and stay in, relax and do a little work. Boring, I know, but in a way body and work come before sex these days. I’ll do some parties on Friday and Saturday…

I LOVE Cumdumps

1 July 2014 | 5 Comments

Load 2014-15

Yes, I know – half way through the year and I’ve only given 15 loads. That’s really bad, but I sorta knew going into this year that it would be a bad year. Hopefully I can get the hookup sites that I’m working on completed by the end of the year and then spend 2015 promoting them with sex parties and the like.

But one of the issues is that my sexual tastes are changing and when it comes to topping I’m finding nothing motivates me like a cummy hole. The last two guys I bred – both had cummy asses. It just feels really incredible to fuck a cummy ass – gets me really hard and makes me cum quickly.

So one day last week I was looking for a hole to fuck and there were a couple options. The two leading options were both in hotels. One guy was playing a bit coy and after some back and forth told me the name of his hotel but didn’t tell me the room number, while another guy got to the point quickly and told me “Manhattan Hotel, room XXX”. Problem was, I had no clue where Manhattan Hotel was and if you try to put that into Google you get every hotel in Manhattan. He then told me the cross streets and so I picked him – just because he seemed like a good pig who gets right to the point. I confirmed that I was going to come over and asked how many loads he had in him already – the said “5”. When I heard that I couldn’t wait to get there and fuck his cummy ass.

I get to the hotel and it was pretty run down. The lobby looked like the started a renovation and just stopped. When I got up to his floor the walls were all scuffed, the carpet was dirty and old. In other words it seemed like the perfect hotel for a sleazy cumdump 😉

The door was closed so I knocked. It took a while for him to answer and then I saw why – there was another top there. The bottom was what I’d call “slim, average, white guy” – but I wasn’t there to fuck Adonis – I was there to fuck a cummy hole. The top was actually pretty hot. I’d guess the low side of mid-30s, had a few tattoos, a nice lean(ish), slightly muscular body. I actually thought the top was considerably hotter than the bottom, but I was there to fuck, so that wasn’t really a factor.

While I was undressing the other top tried to get the bottom to push the cum out of his ass, but all that the bottom managed was to push some of the air out of his ass – in other words while a little cum may have come out, it was more like a fart. Then the other top had the bottom turn around and suck his dick. Once my clothes were off I wanted to felch the bottom’s ass, but he wasn’t in the best position for that, but I did just a little bit of it in this awkward position, then when I got up the other top indicated that he wanted me to fuck the guy. I thought that was a little weird since he had just worked up a hardon, but who was I to say ‘no’ to a fucking a cummy hole?

I started fucking him on all fours. His hole felt good, but I needed to reposition him. So I got him down on his belly – had to pull him back to position him. Once he was on his belly my orgasm came pretty quickly. It felt like I kept hitting bottom in his ass – or maybe it was just the “second sphincter”. Anyway, that plus the slickness of all those loads felt incredible.

As soon as I had cum I wanted to just slowly fuck his cummy ass and savor the feeling, but the other top was all horned up and wanted in, so I pulled out and he took over. I had only fucked the guy for maybe 3 or 4 min, but the other top didn’t last even that long. I kid you not when I say he fucked the bottom for maybe 30 seconds or a minute before cumming. It was almost funny how quickly the bottom got those two loads.

I confirmed with the bottom that we were loads 6 & 7, but he said no, we were loads 7 & 8. In other words, in the 30 minutes it took me to get to the hotel, the guy had taken another load as well. He was on a roll!

Once I dressed I tried to take a piss in the bathroom, but nothing came out. Then I left. These three really hot young Brazilian guys were walking in front of me. One had his arm around the other. As we waited for the elevator (which takes a while in a crappy hotel), I couldn’t tell if they were gay or straight. But they were definitely hot.

After I got home the bottom sent me a note apologizing. He said he initially thought the other top was me, but then figured out it was a guy who was supposed to come an hour earlier. The chemistry with the other top was actually pretty good, so I didn’t mind. I mean I sorta like gangbang scenes – so definitely wasn’t a problem for me.

Bottom Reading My Blog While Getting Gangbanged…

5 May 2014 | 2 Comments

A sponsor sent me this video today – watch it and you’ll see that the bottom is on all fours reading my blog while he’s literally got a line of guys fucking him…

[rfvideo video=”5243″ ratio=”0.5625″]

That’s just a snippet from a video was shot recently. The full video will come out at some point on Sketchy Sex. I love the whole premise around that site – it’s a house full of guys who just cruise hookup sites all day getting guys to come over and fuck them (or get fucked by them). You usually see guys in the background hunting for dick online, but it’s sorta funny to see the bottom who’s getting gangbanged surfing the web – reading a sex blog.

Personally, if I had been one of the tops I would have been a little pissed. It’s one thing for a bottom to take 15 seconds to reply to a text from a top who’s on his way over, but another one to lay there and read a blog. As a top I want the bottom to concentrate on my dick. I don’t even like the bottom to suck dick while I’m fucking them. But as a blogger I love the fact that getting gangbanged made the bottom think about my blog.

Oh, and for the record – the bottom got about 15 loads. You definitely should check out Sketchy Sex! It sorta captures the #BBBH lifestyle perfectly. You’ll like it 😉

2013 Year In Review, 2014 Goals

1 January 2014 | 5 Comments

2013 was a decent year for me sexually, but once again I didn’t get to the 100 loads given goal that I always want to achieve – I only gave 55 loads. But let me back up a little and paint a bigger picture…

I had topped guys on 75 occasions last year. An “occasion” can be anything from a proper 1-on-1 hookup, to going to a sex party, to fucking a guy in the bathroom at a bar. That’s actually the 2nd best ever year for me (since I started keeping track in 2006). 2008 was the only year I did better – I topped guys on 89 occasions that year.

In those 75 occasions I fucked 79 guys I’d never fucked before (a new record – in 2008 the number was only 67). As I mentioned I gave 55 loads. Part of the gap between 75 and 55 is fucks in places like The Eagle where I’m drunk and the position isn’t really right for me to cum. But beyond that there were more times this year that I couldn’t cum than I’d like. Of the 55 loads, 30 were in asses that I hadn’t cum in before.

For 2014 I still want to hit my 100 load given goal, though I’m not sure how likely it will be to happen. I’ve got a lot of programming to do for – the new bareback hookup site I’m building. When I’m programming I tend to get lost in code, gain weight, and don’t have enough sex. So we’ll see.

Another goal for 2014 is to go to more sex parties, bathhouses, etc. In other words, I want to do more group sex in 2014. I’d like to go to a sex party every week, but I think two a month is a more realistic goal. The number of guys I get my dick in really goes up at sex parties, I mean it’s not hard to fuck 10+ guys at a party. If I went to 25 parties, that’s 250 guys 😉

So how did 2013 go for you, and what are your sexual goals for 2014?




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