Two Very Different Hookups

19 December 2013 | 2 Comments

Load 2013-51 & 2013-52

Had two very different hookups last week. The first one was with the black thug that I fucked at the beginning of the year. He was back in town and had been hitting me up wanting my load. I get the sense that we come from very different backgrounds and perspectives. The connection is completely in the sex and in breeding his ass. He was hungry for it and I needed to get off.

It was a pretty routine hookup. He arrived, we stripped down, he started sucking my dick but as usual the blow job wasn’t really doing it for me (I just had a chubby – not a full hardon), so I had him get on all fours on the bed and I rimmed him to get fully hard. I then fucked him on his belly and it didn’t take all that long before I blew a load up his ass. I had taken a Cialis, so I just kept fucking him slowly until my dick finally went down (which took a while). He bills himself as vers, so I was sort of expecting him to jack off, but he didn’t feel the need. Then we chatted a bit, and then he got dressed and took off. The only slightly weird part of it was that he wanted moisturizer when he getting dressed. (Is that a black thing? I think I’ve had some other black guys ask me for moisturizer as well.)

The other guy is someone who’s been hitting me up for a while now – he looks Middle Eastern (comes from a place that is on the edge of the Middle East). I was a little worried about the hookup. He said he’d been parTying (bad sign), and even joked about having me pick up needles for him (I had to stop by a pharmacy on the way there). Guys who slam are generally pretty mess and not the greatest fucks, but I was in his neighborhood and figured “what the hell?”.

I get there and he’s probably 25 or 30 pounds heavier than in his pictures. My dick doesn’t really do well with stocky guys and he was definitely rather cubbish. I mean cubs are cute and he was rather adorable when he was sucking my dick and looking up at me, but that was sorta of strike two. Even though he had plenty of warning on when I’d be there, he wasn’t ready and he left me alone in his bedroom for a while when I got there. I just spent the time jacking my dick. It was a little odd, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying it was strike three or anything.

He was definitely an eager and enthusiastic bottom. In that way he was a great fuck. But despite his wanting my load and his having parTied, he had issues taking my dick. He kept wanting me to slow down or pull out for a break. That much was sorta typical for someone who’s high unfortunately. I kept trying to cum, but wasn’t having any luck. Tried all sorts of different positions, but nothing seemed to get my orgasm to cum.

Towards the end he got into a little HIV fetish talk. He’s neg and on PrEP but has a fantasy of getting pozzed. That sort of thing might have gotten me over the edge if it had happened earlier in the hookup, but at that point my dick was starting to be uncooperative. We fucked a lot, but I finally just had to say sorry for not cumming, but I need to go.

But then later he texted me saying all sorts of cum was pouring out of his ass. Apparently I had cum in him quite a bit and didn’t realize it. It happens. I just wish I had known I was cumming.

This week I had horrible luck hooking up on Monday. I was going in and out of being horny – with generally isn’t a very good sign for me. When I was horny, no one was interested. When I wasn’t horny guys were hitting me up. In fact two different REALLY hot young jock bottoms wanted me to fuck them, but it happened at a time when I wasn’t really in the mood and they wanted me to travel to them. My mind was willing, but my dick and libido just weren’t cooperating. I wound up just jacking off and collapsing in front of the couch to watch TV.

We’ll see if I get any action today. I’m hoping I get a simple, decent fuck in.


Sex With Friends Just Doesn’t Work For Me

9 December 2013 | 1 Comment

Load 2013-48

Not sure why I didn’t figure this out sooner, but I’ve come to the conclusion that sex with friends just doesn’t work for me. I like things anonymous. When I get to know someone my dick just doesn’t respond. I mean my boyfriend and I don’t have sex anymore – we’re joined at the hip in many ways, but it’s not really a sexual relationship. I tried fucking a good friend a few years ago and that didn’t go so well – just couldn’t cum with him. I have a really bad track record with Jayson Park even though I think he’s incredibly hot – but we’re friends and hang out socially sometimes. There was the anonymous Latin bottom I used to fuck, but I got pretty unpredictable with him as I got to know him. There was the hot black athlete a few months ago who hung out with me and my bf a few times after we’ve hooked up – only came the first time with him despite the fact that he’s really hot. The list goes on and on…

But most recently is the black fuck bud from the neighborhood. I used to cum every time with him. Now I’m hit or miss. Fucked him again on Saturday morning. While we were stripping down he started asking me about how my Thanksgiving was and I just shut down the conversation with a “it was fine”. I knew if we started into personal chit chat that it wouldn’t go well. We fucked and I did give him a load, but I almost didn’t. Things weren’t working quite right in part because he kept bucking back but I finally got into this one position where the head of my dick was getting massaged just right and I finally did cum – but it almost didn’t happen.

Compare that to the muscular little Latino who I fuck. Been fucking him for years now and still don’t know his name. We never have substantive conversations. And I cum every time with him. And I love sex parties and bathhouses. I don’t always cum but they’re tons of fun and my dick has plenty of energy. And dark room pump-n-dumps are some of my favorite fucks. The more anonymous, the harder my dick and the bigger my load.

So the moral of the story is, if you want to be my fuck buddy, just stick to sex – be a hole for me and nothing more. Or, if you really want to get to know me, that’s fine – just realize the sexual part will probably die.

A Change Of Pace For Me…

5 October 2013 | 4 Comments

Loads 2013-40 & 41

Earlier this year I started experimenting a bit. Even though I’m a top I’ve found the idea of getting cum in my ass is a huge turn on for me. Problem is there’s a lot about bottoming I just don’t like and you sorta have to bottom to get cum in your ass. For starters I don’t like having to clean out. On top of that I find the actual act of getting fucked painful and unpleasant more often than not. And being dominated isn’t really compatible with who I am 90% of the time, but I’m never going to be a pushy bottom – in my mind getting fucked is an act of submission. And I absolutely hate getting spit-roasted (I feel completely out of control). I’m not going into details about how I’ve come to those conclusions, but let’s just say I’ve experimented enough to figure out that I’m still very much a dom top…

But in my experimentation I found I sorta love having cum in my ass. I’ve even frozen my own cum and then shoved up my ass before going out. There’s just something incredibly hot having cum in your ass – especially when you got it from some anonymous stranger. So the question is how does someone who doesn’t want to get fucked manage to get cum in their ass? After thinking about it – it’s actually sorta simple – have the other guy jack off and then put the head of their cock into your hole just as they cum. I mean plenty of guys jack off after I fuck them – why waste the load? The load doesn’t get dumped nice and deep, but I still walk away with a cummy ass!

A week and a half ago I hooked up with the black guy in the neighborhood who I fuck on a regular basis. I was having a low-libido day – my dick just wasn’t performing the way it should. I noticed my fuckbud was pretty hard, so I told him to jack off and cum in my hole. As soon as his load was in me my dick jumped to life and I put him on his stomach, fucked him and dumped a load in him.

Then a few days ago I was super horny. I hadn’t cum in 3 days. I was supposed to shoot a scene for Bear Film’s Hairy & Raw, but it got canceled a few hours before it was supposed to happen. I had taken an herbal pill the day before and a Cialis that morning, so I was rock hard and ready to blow. The black athlete who I fucked a few weeks before was online and came over. I think he’s incredibly hot but there’s something about him… I have a really hard time cumming with him. The first time we fucked I gave him a load, but the second time I just couldn’t manage it. This time the best way I can describe it was that I felt the orgasm (throughout my body), but I didn’t feel the ejaculation. He clearly wanted to cum, so finally I told him to jack off and put the head of his dick in me as he’s cumming. I don’t think he quite understood ’cause he put it in a little, then pulled out started and cumming on my taint. At that point I had to tell him to put it in a little and finish cumming in my hole. I then pushed the cum on my taint down so it went into my ass.

That got me hard enough to fuck again, but I wasn’t rock hard and no orgasm came. So that tells me I did indeed seed him earlier – I just must not have felt it for some reason. I had my big PA in earlier that day – I’m thinking that’s the issue. I think I’ll go down to rings that are no bigger than 2ga. Bigger seems to mess up my orgasms. And I texted him asking if a load came out. He said, ‘no’, but some soap had come out. Ummm… That wasn’t soap! (That was only the 2nd load he ever took, so I’ll excuse him for not knowing it was cum).

I need to find a clear way to tell guys I want cum in my ass, but don’t want to get fucked. Like the athlete, guys just don’t understand the concept. And if I’m briefly getting a little bit of dick in my ass I guess this means I’m a “vers top” now.

If you’re in NYC and like breeding tops, get in touch. Just realize there’s not much of a chance I’ll actually let you fuck me. Still, a quickie jack off into my ass would be perfect when you’re out at a place like The Eagle.

The other 5 fucks from the last month

22 September 2013 | 2 Comments

Don’t think I have the energy to do a blog post on each of the other 5 guys I fucked while I was playing hookie from blogging. So let me just do a quick rundown…

Load 2013-34

After getting over being sick I hooked up with the hot little muscular Latino who’s become a bit of a regular. I can’t tell you how much I LOVE fucking him. Besides being really hot, his hole just feels incredible. He was the perfect way to break a 3 1/2 week dry spell.

Then there was this hot otter I fucked off Scruff. I fucked him the day after the hot little muscular Latino and I was frustrated because I couldn’t cum. Luckily he was in it for the fuck, not the load (he had wanted me to pull out when I came but I told him ‘no’). But I did manage to give him a decent fuck so he went home happy.

Load 2013-35

The next day I fucked the twink who had gotten upset last time when I didn’t pull out like he asked me to. We had had a few exchanges back and forth on A4A and I was thinking he wasn’t really into me, but he came back for more. Something had changed in him since I fucked him a few months before – he was there specifically to get the load. I think he now may actually like getting abused a bit when he’s getting fucked. Glad he learned his place and I hope he’s getting a lot of cum in that skinny little twink ass of his. 😉

It was after him that I got what I thought was food poisoning and what my boyfriend thought was something I picked up from rimming some guy’s ass. If my boyfriend was right it was the twink who gave me whatever it was (it only lasted a day or two). Maybe he knew he had something and wanted to get back at me – who knows. Or it could have been food poisoning.

Load 2013-36

A week and a half later I fucked this incredibly hot black guy. Short, young, beefy, and muscular. As I was fucking him I thought he probably had been an athlete (and recently at that). Later I found out I was right. Anyway, he was pretty nervous. He almost never barebacks, and he takes loads even less often. I guess we had talked about me being on PrEP so he felt safe, but he reconfirmed I was on PrEP like 2 minutes after I came in him. He’s a sweet kid and he wants to see more of me and even hang out and be friends. He might come over today – we’ll see. Would love to have him as a regular butt boy.

Load 2013-37

I followed the hot black athlete with a Latino who was equally hot in a different way. When I saw him I thought he was probably a dancer. He didn’t confirm that exactly, but what he said indicated that I was probably right. He had the most incredible lean muscular body and a really muscular ass. I had worn my little curved barbell PA and didn’t think it would be a problem, but then I had a problem cumming. Or maybe I came and didn’t feel it. After a while my dick started acting a bit like I had cum. But after taking a breather I took out the PA and went back at it. This time I came – and not just a little – it was a huge load.

Actually, looking over those 5 fucks they were pretty incredible. All of them were really hot bottoms – each in a different way. Now I just need more fucks like that!

Mea Culpa – Behind On My Blog Posts

22 September 2013 | No Comments

Load 2013-39

I’m WAY behind on doing blog posts. There have been 7 hookups since my last post a month ago.

But first – why the delay? Well, there were a few reasons… First I was sick for a while there, then I hooked up a little, then I got what seemed liked food poisoning (my bf thinks that sickness was from me eating ass – lol). Then I managed to get my dick caught in my zipper and had a huge blood blister on the tip of my dick which was ugly as hell. Then there was some drama in my life. Without going into detail some crazy people did stuff that put my safety and my boyfriend’s safety at risk. Police were called, etc. It’s sorta calmed down for now so it’s back to work. All I can say is I hate drama like that. And if you’re wondering – it had nothing to do with my business.

So I fucked a little in between all those things, but not as much as I would have liked. And as you might expect – with all the drama in my life I’ve just been wanting simplicity in my hookups. 4 of the 7 fucks were with guys I’ve fucked before – like the fuck earlier this week when I fucked my semi-regular black guy from the neighborhood. I’ll start with that fuck and work backwards… It was completely low drama – I didn’t even have to go online to find someone to fuck. He texted me in the morning, I said the afternoon should work, but then when he pressed for a time a couple hours later I was on a roll with work but I figured I’d want to take a break in a little bit so I estimated that time and he came over.

When he got here things were equally as low-key. I buzzed him in and he found his own way to the bedroom. He was wearing a ratty old jockstrap, so when he stripped down I didn’t even see his cock. While he’s got a HUGE black dick it’s sorta wasted on him ’cause I think he’s 90% bottom. He needed to take a leak or something so I laid on the bed and started jacking my dick. When he came out he started sucking me. I had him reposition so I could rim him while he sucked me. Was fun for a bit, but then I sorta got tired of rimming him. So I repositioned, lubed up and pushed into his ass.

This particular bottom is fine with race play – with me degrading him and calling him a nigger. It’s just sex play… So as I was fucking him my mind started wondering. I wondered what it would have been like to go back 200 years and live in the South and own some slaves. I could totally see myself having a few slaves that did housework during the day and serviced me sexually at night. I’m horrible at rape – so the slaves would need to be into it. But it would sorta be fun to have a house of black boys I could fuck whenever I felt like it. 😉  [When I get some free time I want to take that concept and develop a full-fledged story around it for Breeding Zone.]

Anyway, that fantasy got me to cum relatively quickly. It did take a bit to actually cum – but this bottom’s hole always feels good and gets me to cum. After I came we rolled over on our sides and I continued to pump his ass for several minutes until I got soft and pulled out.

He then got dressed, we chatted a little bit and then he was off with a nice big load up his hole 😉

And BTW, the slavery thing does get me off. If anyone is in NYC and wants to be a slave for a weekend (or even during the week – which could actually be better), let me know.

Two Sweaty Black Asses

16 July 2013 | 6 Comments

Loads 2013-28 & 29

I went for a while there without fucking. Part of the reason was because I just wasn’t in the mood. But the other part was that I had to clean up stuff I caught at CumUnion 🙁 I guess if I’m fucking for hours on end I should piss more frequently or something and take higher doses of the monolaurin I’ve been taking to reduce STDs. (Besides not upping my dose, I missed the dose after the party).

We’ve got house guests this weekend, so I’m assuming I’m not getting much ass while they’re here, so I figured I needed to get a few fucks in before they arrived. So yesterday and today I went looking for ass.

Yesterday’s ass was one of my regular black fuck buddies – the one who likes to jack off while I play with his nipples. When he arrived yesterday he was dripping with sweat. I figured he’d be pretty musty, but not so much – even his ass smelled pretty normal. He dried off pretty quickly and it was sorta hot having a sweaty muscular black guy under me as I fucked him.

It was a pretty decent/normal fuck. His insistence that I play with his nipples at the end isn’t something I look forward to, but he’s a good fuck and his hole almost always gets me to cum. Oddly this time he resisted when I tried to push him down on his belly. He said his hole was sore from cleaning out earlier in the day. He was unusually sensitive when I pushed into him. Even though I didn’t get him flat on his belly I didn’t have any problems cumming, so it was all good.

He made some comment about how big my loads usually are… I’ve actually started taking a zinc supplement to increase the volume of my loads. When I don’t fuck I’ve gotten in the habit of jacking off into a condom – I then freeze the loads and use them as lube, etc. (See, condoms are good for something.) Anyway, I’ve been disappointed at the volume of my load – it’s OK, but I want to give truly big loads. I’m not sure I’m taking enough zinc, but I don’t want to overdo it either.

Today’s sweaty black guy was much more “street” – complete with a do-rag and mirrored sunglasses. I learned later that he used to come to my block back in the day ’cause his cousin lived here. Guess he didn’t want to be recognized – especially since he was here to get fucked by a white boy. Or maybe that’s just his look – not sure.

He wasn’t quite dripping with sweat, but he was definitely a bit sweaty when he got here. Had a nice lean, tight, muscled body on him and a great ass. Unfortunately when I went to rim him he didn’t seem quite clean, so I stopped that almost as soon as I started. But he had given me a decent blowjob right before – so I was rock hard – it wasn’t like I needed to rim his hole to get hard. And the blowjob was cool – I don’t usually get all that turned on by blowjobs but having a big-dicked black thug choking on my cock was sorta cool. 😉

When I pushed into his hole it felt wet. I sorta wondered if he had loads in him already. He did say he had been a buddy’s place before coming here. I’m sorta guessing his buddy had fucked him – he took my dick really easily – so either he’s normally pretty loose or he had been loosened up by the fuck earlier.

Fucking a thug is sorta hot. They’re so tough on the street but they just love getting fucked when you get them in the bedroom. He just grunted and groaned as I fucked him. I could tell he felt every stroke, but he was loving it too. As usual it wasn’t long before I blew in his ass after which we rolled over and we talked a bit until my dick got soft and slipped out of him.

Despite smelling dirty, his ass was apparently perfectly clean. Which is a good thing ’cause my boyfriend would have killed me if I had gotten the sheets dirty – lol.

So two two days of fucking black cumholes. Looks like tomorrow I’ll fuck/videotape the neg sub I fucked a few weeks ago. I think he liked taking my loads – hopefully I can turn him into a good cumdump.





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