Two Bottoms, Each With Three Load In Them

21 December 2013 | No Comments

Load 2013-53

Yesterday I hooked up with a bottom who already had three loads in him, and then today (oddly) I hooked up with another bottom who also had 3 loads in him. But the two hookups were extremely different.

The bottom yesterday wasn’t really what I was expecting. When someone tells you that they have three loads in their ass and can you be there by 6pm, you sorta expect the guy to be an anonymous cumdump. I figured the guy wanted a quickie pump-n-dump that might take 10 or 15 min, max. And it wasn’t really clear whether it had to be over by 6 or not.

He gave me the address, etc and then didn’t respond for ages when I asked his phone number. I was almost out the door to see someone else when he got back to me, so I went back to plans with him. I had to drive over to him since public transit from here to there is far more complicated than it should be. He lives in a busy neighborhood and it took a while to find parking. I was a little worried there wouldn’t be much time if we had to be done by 6pm.

I finally got there and he opens the door and I’m struck by two things. He had roughly the body I was expecting but he was tall – I wasn’t expecting that at all. And the second thing was that the apartment was a mess. Stuff was everywhere. But whatever – I’m just there to fuck a hole.

Another thing that was a little unexpected was he told me his name and asked what mine was. That was a little unexpected for a cumdump who just wants loads and doesn’t care who they’re from. The other thing that was a little unexpected was that he looked a bit like a white boy from Greenwich CT who grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth. There was just this air about him. He actually reminded me of a slutty version of the boyfriend of one of my bf’s good friends. Refined, good body, and sort of aspiring to be around money.

Anyway, we go into the bedroom and I take off my clothes (his were already off), and curiously he felt up my dick, but had no interest in giving me a blowjob. That’s fine with me, blowjobs don’t really do it for me anyway. He got on all fours on the bed and I just started eating out his hole. It tasted like lube which was a bit distracting, but he did have a nice ass. He was pretty much smooth all over. There was some stubble on his chest which indicated that he shaves off his body hair. His hole seemed well fucked, but still pretty pristine. Once the lube was mostly gone I could just barely taste cum.

I was putting a fair amount of spit on his hole. That combined with the residual lube and cum made him pretty slick, so I didn’t need to lube up before fucking him. He had wanted me to wear my PA. My PA wasn’t stretched enough for the really big ring, so I was wearing a 0 gauge curved barbell. He had never been fucked with a PA and wanted to feel it. He was saying he sorta hoped I’d go rough and sorta tear up his hole. I made sure he felt it as it was going in, and as I fucked him I didn’t make my strokes short – I’d pull out enough that the ball on the bottom of my cock would go into his sphincter.

Once I was in I could definitely feel the cum in his ass. His hole was really wonderfully silky. And with a smooth but the whole sensation was really pretty excellent. I’m a little unpredictable with taller guys. Usually things don’t work with them. But he was in this weird position – on his belly with one leg cocked up to the side. So I was sorta riding his ass cheek as I fucked him. I think the end result was that I wasn’t going particularly deep into him, but it also meant that my PA was constantly going in an out of his sphincter – he had to feel that quite a bit.

The room was freezing but that worked out well for me since I didn’t come close to overheating at all. We fucked for a few minutes and then I felt my orgasm cumming and I unloaded what I think was a huge load in his ass. I had like a 2 or 3 day load in me and had planned on hooking up the day before but in the middle of the day iBlastInside threatened me with a lawsuit if I put a site on (I just purchased it and I’ll be putting a hookup site on on it). Anyway, iBi had sorta put me in a weird mood and I didn’t get around to fucking. So all day yesterday I was about ready to blow and by the time I gave him the load I’m sure it was a big one.

I fucked him a little bit briefly after cumming. Figured I’d extend the fuck a little. But then I pulled out and felched some cum that had worked it’s way out of his ass. I still wasn’t sure if we had to be done by 6, so I sorta sat on the bed with my dick near his face sorta hinting I’d like him to clean off my cock. But he’s really not into oral apparently and didn’t pick up no the hint. He seemed to want to spend more time with me, so I laid down next to him. Usually I’m the one that gets behind the bottom in a spoon position, but this time the positions were reversed – it felt a little weird, but nice. I asked if he needed to be done by 6 and he said ‘no’ – that he said 6 because he had to be done by 7:30. That changed things.

We laid there for maybe 10 or 15 min chatting and sorta having a quiet moment. From talking to him he’s not like what you expect from a cumdump. He sorta wants to make a connection with the top. I could tell he wanted me to stay around and maybe get a second wind and fuck him some more. But I finally decided to just go. I think he thought that meant I didn’t have a good time. But that wasn’t the case at all. He’s got a good ass and I can totally see fucking him again.

Then there was today’s cumdump who also had three loads in him. He hit me up and he was less than a 10 min walk away so when he gave me his address I told him I’d be over in 10. I arrive and he answers the door completely naked. Nice body. He’s a pretty hot guy. The apartment had the shades drawn and was pretty dark. He told me to sit on the couch while he went into the bathroom. He wasn’t in there long and then he got on all fours on the bed.

I got down and rimmed him, but he was in a position where his hole was hard to get to. I tried to push his back down so his ass would be more out and easier to get to, but he resisted my push. It took a while, but I finally got him in a position where I could rim him. His hole tasted soapy, which was disappointing ’cause I was hoping for cummy.

I think we both just wanted it to be a quickie pump-n-dump, so as soon as I was hard I stood up and went to fuck him. But then he tells me I can’t get on the bed or it’ll break. On top of that he was positioned in a way where it was hard to get into his ass because he wasn’t close enough to the edge of the bed. I tried moving him, but again, he resisted. I was starting to get frustrated. And when I get frustrated my dick doesn’t stay hard.

I did finally get into him, and even moved him on on belly and got on the bed. It didn’t fall apart, but it felt like it was about to. It was then I noticed that he had a blindfold on – which was a little late since he’d seen me come in the door. His legs were spread and the position didn’t feel quite right so I tried to move them together. And he resisted that too! UGH!

Then he wanted to move over to the couch. But again he was in this position where his hole was too low. I tried picking him up so his legs were more together and his hole was higher. Of course he resisted. I tried moving him to the corner of the couch where I could have gotten in more easily. He resisted that too. When I did get in him a little he was saying things like “do you have a condom on or are you fucking me raw?” He was playing out a fantasy in his head. At one point he just pulled forward fast so my dick came out of him. I really wasn’t in the mood for his antics. Then he said he wanted to ride my cock. But I refused because my dick was already going soft and that would have just completely been the end of it.

Then he had us move back to the bed. A few more attempts there but I finally just gave up. I told him it wasn’t working for me and I went and got dressed as quickly as I could. He starts talking about how his buddy was coming back, etc. Which made no sense. I’m pretty sure he was high as a kite. I really hate drug addicts. It’s sorta sad to see so many cute guys so fucked up. It’s a waste.

So two fucks – one pretty good, the other pretty awful. I guess that’s just how it goes.

Sort of a lame hookup…

24 July 2013 | 1 Comment

pierced dick with a hardonLoad 2013-33

I think I’ve figured out why I don’t feel my cumshot sometimes – but more on that in a moment. Today I wanted to fuck, so I took a Cialis and it kicked in quicker than I was expecting (see pic). Problem was I then had problems finding a bottom who I wanted to fuck. New Yorkers work a lot and looking for hole in the middle of the day is a lot harder than nights and weekends – especially when you want to host and you’re not in a gay neighborhood or in a neighborhood with a lot of office workers.

This one guy kept hitting me up. I knew I wasn’t all that into him but he was so persistent and no one else was biting, so finally after saying ‘no’ I gave in and said yes. Then he started having second thoughts since he was traveling and I just wanted a quickie, but then when I said “let’s forget it” he said he was out the door and on his way.

He shows up and he looks older than I was expecting. His profile said he was 2 years older than me. He looked 10 years older. He knew he was just a hole to me. He comes in strips down. He had talked about being hooded so I gave him a hood to put on.

I started by having him suck my dick. I’m not sure he really liked sucking with the Prince Albert in – he only seemed to do a so-so job but it was enough to get me hard (thanks to the Cialis).

He said it was OK to take pics or whatever I wanted. So I pulled out my phone and snapped a couple pics of his sucking and then put it in video mode. I didn’t shoot much video and it was just with the iPhone, but I’ve put it up on Raunchy Fuckers if you want to have a look.

hooded cocksucker working my dick

fucking a holeThen I lubed up and went fucked him. I shot a little video of the beginning of the fuck and then put down the phone and concentrated on the fuck. Since I didn’t really like him and he knew he was just a hole I wasn’t particularly gentle fucking him. I did long strokes which, with the PA, means the ball on the bottom of my dick was going in and out of his ass. He was pretty loose and didn’t seem to have much trouble taking it – though I think it was intense enough that he felt it. He made some comment about it being the first time he’d gotten fucked with a PA.

He was pretty verbal at first, but then asked if I liked him being verbal – I said “whatever – you’re just a hole to me” – at which point he got quiet.

I could feel my orgasm building and I was about to cum then I didn’t feel the cumshot. Ugh. Right about that time the bottom pushed his ass up a bit which was really bad timing. I figured I hadn’t cum and so I continued fucking him. Shortly after I wanted to remove the PA as a possible reason why I didn’t cum, so I took it out. Thanks to the Cialis I was able to keep going, but I did start getting softer.

I was a little frustrated thinking I hadn’t cum. I was sweating like a motherfucker – I mean sweat was literally pouring off me. So here I was overheated, hadn’t cum and my dick was starting to go a bit soft. It wasn’t good.

I pulled out and told the bottom to suck my dick, but he refused saying he doesn’t suck dick once it’s been in his ass. Whatever (it seemed pretty clean to me). So I started playing with his ass. He was loose so I put more and more fingers up him until I had about 4 fingers in him. If I had smaller hands I could have fisted him – I was getting pretty deep inside him as it was.

I then went back to fucking him, but wasn’t all that hard. Since he was loose I figured I’d put on my cock sheath and fuck him with that. That didn’t go as well as I had hoped. I didn’t really feel much of anything and I wasn’t all that hard. The sexual energy was sorta dying, so I finally gave up and ended things.

Once again my dick was acting like it had cum, so that usually means I did indeed cum. Then it struck me – the common factor in the fucks when I haven’t felt my cumshot lately – it’s my PA – in particular the curved barbell. I’m thinking PA takes up so much space in my urethra that the cum can’t shoot out – it has to trickle out. I’ve noticed this with pissing – I piss more slowly with the PA in.

I like fucking with the PA, but it seems like it’s a choice between that and feeling my cumshot. Hmmmm –  not sure which to choose…

An Imperfect Hookup

1 February 2013 | 1 Comment

So I hooked up today with someone who’s within walking distance. After I said ‘yes’ to him I started wondering whether it was a good idea. I hadn’t taken any type of “enhancement” pill in a couple days and I had eaten just an hour or so before. Sometime it seems like my dick gets food coma or something. Sometimes I think my blood flow is going to my digestive track rather than my cock.

Anyway, he comes over and we get down to business. I eat out his ass. It’s a bit hairy, but not too much so. Actually here’s  a pic… (He wanted me to take pics/videos…)

A slightly hairy hole that's been rimmed

His hole was a nice hole to rim. But unfortunately my dick wasn’t really cooperating. I got up and tried to take a video of sticking my dick into his ass, but I just wasn’t hard enough. I took out my PA and started over rimming him and then fucking him.

I did finally get in him, and gave him an “OK” fuck I guess. Then it would sort of peter out, and I’d stop and rim him some more. Then I’d fuck him again, etc. That repeated several times… I did a few quick videos and I put one of them up on my tube site (click to see it)… The video is just taken with my iPhone, and while I’ve lost 30 pounds, my gut keeps getting in the way of the camera – lol… [I need to lose more weight…]

As you can see, I’m hard enough to fuck, but not fully hard. It just wasn’t my day… Finally I just told him I didn’t think I could cum and he started jacking off while sucking on my dick. When he came I scooped up some of his cum with my fingers and fingered my ass with it. While I have almost zero interest in getting fucked, having a little bit of some stranger’s cum in my ass was sorta hot. That got me a bit boned, so I went back to fucking him…

Fucking, but not totally hard

But that fuck was just a repeat of the others… I was hoping for better results, but finally just gave up.

I owe the guy a load… He was a decent fuck, and within walking distance… But I was just having a bad day…

A Threeway That Didn’t Go So Well

20 November 2012 | 3 Comments

So between fucking the little muscular Latino those two times there were two weeks when I either couldn’t have sex or just wasn’t really in the mood to have sex. NYC got hit with  hurricane and we had a bunch of people from “SoPo” (South of Power) staying with us. Between that and the subways not running most of that time, hooking up was pretty much impossible. Then there was a week where I didn’t really feel like fucking.

Anyway, about a week ago I did a hookup. First one guy wanted to come over – someone I’ve seen online for years and thought would be a good fuck. But then this vers guy from the neighborhood wanted to come over too. The guy from the neighborhood was beefy and I wasn’t sure whether I was really in the mood for beefy… Actually, I hadn’t taken a pill of any sort, and was only sorta in the mood to hookup. But it had been 10 days since I’d fucked anyone and I felt like that was too long and I should fuck someone. Long story short I told both of them to come over. I figured me and the beefy guy would fuck the other guy.

The beefy guy arrived first. We started playing around, and one thing lead to another and then I was rimming him, and then fucking him… He was actually a pretty good fuck – much better than I had anticipated. Then the other guy texted saying he was off the subway and close by, so I stopped fucking the beefy guy and prepared for the other guy.

The second guy wanted an anonymous scene where he was blindfolded. So I put a leather “sleeping mask” sort of thing on the door knob just inside the front door. When he rang I buzzed him in and then watched him discreetly as he put on the blindfold. When he had it on I guided him (carefully) to the bedroom.

I should mention that the blindfolded bottom didn’t exactly look like his pictures. I should have expected as much – the pics he was using were the ones he used years ago. Honestly, he just wasn’t what I was hoping for / expecting. I fucked the blindfolded bottom, the beefy guy fucked him. But the chemistry was lacking. It wound up with me wanting to fuck the beefy guy but there was another bottom laying there expecting attention. The beefy guy was having “performance issues”. I could tell from the look in his eyes he didn’t really want the blindfolded bottom there – he (also) wanted a 1-on-1 with me.

After a while I just sorta lost it and couldn’t get hard enough to fuck, and the beefy guy got the same way. We tried, but it just wasn’t working. Even with his blindfold on, the other bottom got the picture, so he took the blindfold off and we wrapped things up, got dressed and they went on their way.

As they were leaving I started feeling weird. I felt “foggy” – like I couldn’t remember everything I should be able to remember and just a little disoriented. If I focused on something (like the situation at hand), I could get through it, but I just didn’t feel “sharp” and alert – at all. There are a few possibilities… Maybe one of them gave themselves a booty bump and I ingested some of what they had up their butt. When I googled the symptoms I came up with a “Transient Ischemic Attack”. I have high blood pressure and heart-related things are an issue (long term), but that didn’t quite seem right either. Then I realized I hadn’t eaten much of anything. After eating some food I felt better an hour or two later. So who knows what the issue was – but it was a very weird and memorable ending to a not-so-great hookup.

I Scolded A Bottom Mid-Fuck

13 September 2012 | 2 Comments

Load 2012-45

I had sort of a weird hookup today… It had been 4 weeks since I’d seeded a new hole, so this guy hit me up on Adam4Adam and said he was cleaned out and ready to travel. He seemed hot enough, so I said come over. When he got here he was pretty femmy – I can deal with that (if they don’t talk too much), but the bigger problem was the cloud of cologne that followed him everywhere he went. I was hoping it would come off with his clothes, but…

So anyway, after I closed the blinds he got on his knees and started sucking me. I started pulling off his clothes – first his shirt… Then he sucked me some more. I was getting about half hard with the blowjob – which is good for me since they’re not really my thing. Finally I get him to take off this shorts and underwear and I tell him I want to rim him. He gets on all fours on the bed and he’s got a decent hole…

I get hard enough to fuck from the rimming so I get up, get some lube and shove in his hole. I push him down on his belly pretty quickly and that’s when the problems started. Every time I do an upstroke he’d lift his ass. Bottoms – let’s have a physics lesson… The point of fucking is for the top to pull his dick in and out of your hole. When you push back his dick doesn’t move in your hole – that’s not fucking – that’s two bodies moving around with a dick up one of the guy’s ass.

I tried putting my legs on his legs to basically pin him to the bed and he still managed to push up when I was on an upstroke. I told him to stop squirming. I tried a few more variations to keep him still, then I told him to stop moving. Then I kept trying to physically prevent him from moving. Finally I just blew up at him. I barked pretty loudly “Would you stop moving and just lay there? God, how many times do I have to tell you.” It completely changed the tone of the fuck. Fems typically like to have pretty “romantic” fucks with “their man” (of the moment). But after I barked at him, it was clear – he was just my hole of the moment. The romance was gone.

Meanwhile I managed to overheat. My dick was pretty quickly losing it’s steam and I was sweating up a storm. If he had just been a good bottom he would have had my load by that point, but no… I have him suck my dick a bit (which amounted to ATM where he cleaned it off – not that it was dirty, but…) I tried to fuck him, but things were just not working…

So I did what I always do in situations like that – I rimmed him some more… This time I rimmed him legs up and it was actually much better than on all fours. Made me think I should do it that way more often. It was just easier to get to his hole and his hole was more open – all in all a pretty good experience.

A few minutes of that and I was cooler and harder, so we went back to fucking. This time he was a compliant piece of meat. I put him on his belly, with his legs together – the position that had the most promise in my previous experiments. It was a little difficult to get things “just right” but eventually I got my groove and was able to give him a load.

We laid there a little bit and I caressed him while he jacked off. I think it gave him a little bit of the tenderness and romance he wanted, but as soon as he had cum he clearly wanted out of there. Since I was sweaty I rinsed off with a shower quickly and by the time I was out he was dressed and ready to go. I threw on my boxers and jeans and put on my shirt as I walked him to the front door.

Honestly, I don’t think either of us want a repeat, but at least I was able to seed a new hole.


Later that night the bottom texted me telling me I was “amazing”. LOL. Guess the moral of the story is even pushy controlling bottoms like to be dominated.

Sometimes everything seems to go wrong…

10 September 2012 | No Comments

Load 2012-44

I had one of those nights tonight that would be funny if so much didn’t go wrong…

First I had this hot young bottom who’s been texting me a fair amount wanting to get fucked. I really want to fuck him, but he lives in Brooklyn or Queens or something and it’s not terribly convenient to hookup. So today he was running errands in Manhattan so he thought he’d come over. But then he told me he hadn’t cleaned out… I really didn’t feel like dealing with that, so I said “another time”.

So I get online and there’s a guy on the Lower East Side that wants to come over. He just had to do a little cleaning out and he said he’ll be right over. Last I heard from him he was going to do a little more cleaning and then leave. I didn’t know if he actually left or not. I didn’t know if he’d show up, so I waited. After an hour and 15 min I give up.

Meanwhile there’s this hot black guy who wants to come over and isn’t far away. Great. But then as we’re confirming he also goes missing.

Then there’s this 23 year old neg guy who’s a bit new to barebacking who wants to come over. But he wants to clean out here – he doesn’t have any equipment to clean out. I’m a top, I’m not exactly set up for it either so I just blow him off…

Then there’s a guy in a hotel on Times Square who’s in from San Francisco who goes round and round. He sorta says he could host or travel, but then he starts saying “well, I just got in and have an early flight tomorrow”. What’s that have to do with anything other than you don’t want a long hookup. Bottom line he didn’t have equipment to clean out either. Again? Seriously? I was even willing to deal with that and let him clean out here. Then he said he wanted assurances he’d get fucked rough and I’d cum multiple times. That just was too much (I almost never cum more than once, and I’ll fuck however I feel like it) so I blew him off.

There were actually a few more in there. Guys who on a normal day I would have hooked up with, but as the saga was going on and on I just didn’t have the patience for.

So I tell myself I’ll hookup with the guy on the Upper West Side who I’ve been fucking for years now. He’s a dependable bottom. Not a whole lot of excitement – I’d rather try out new hole, but at this point dependable was looking good. He said he had three loads in him. Then on the way over he said the first top probably didn’t cum – still 2 loads should be better than none.

I get over there and I’m rimming him and he goes to push out some of the cum in his ass and it’s dirty and I get some in my mouth. YUCK! I run to the bathroom and wash my mouth out as best I could. Luckily I didn’t swallow.

I go back and barely get hard enough to fuck him (I wasn’t rimming him again). But then my dick gets hard and I’m able to fuck. But I can smell a little shit. That’s usually a huge turn off, but I just want to cum so I push through it. It was far from my best fuck – sorta a lame fuck actually. But I do manage to cum and give him a proper 3rd load.

The chemistry was all off, so I wound up washing off my dick, getting dressed and leaving pretty quickly.

It actually gets worse… As I was riding the subway home I realize my shirt is inside out. It was one of those shirts where they print the inside and it bleeds through to the outside to give it a faded look. So I had this bold lettering that was completely backwards. I didn’t want to be seen by someone I knew with my shirt on backwards, so when we got to 125 I waited as people left the platform and then when there weren’t too many people around I took off my shirt and put it on properly.

What a miserable evening… Oh well… Win some, lose some, right? I mean it’s just a law of averages. If you’re not having bad sex you probably aren’t having good sex either. Still, I could do without nights like tonight.




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