I LOVE Cumdumps

1 July 2014 | 5 Comments

Load 2014-15

Yes, I know – half way through the year and I’ve only given 15 loads. That’s really bad, but I sorta knew going into this year that it would be a bad year. Hopefully I can get the hookup sites that I’m working on completed by the end of the year and then spend 2015 promoting them with sex parties and the like.

But one of the issues is that my sexual tastes are changing and when it comes to topping I’m finding nothing motivates me like a cummy hole. The last two guys I bred – both had cummy asses. It just feels really incredible to fuck a cummy ass – gets me really hard and makes me cum quickly.

So one day last week I was looking for a hole to fuck and there were a couple options. The two leading options were both in hotels. One guy was playing a bit coy and after some back and forth told me the name of his hotel but didn’t tell me the room number, while another guy got to the point quickly and told me “Manhattan Hotel, room XXX”. Problem was, I had no clue where Manhattan Hotel was and if you try to put that into Google you get every hotel in Manhattan. He then told me the cross streets and so I picked him – just because he seemed like a good pig who gets right to the point. I confirmed that I was going to come over and asked how many loads he had in him already – the said “5”. When I heard that I couldn’t wait to get there and fuck his cummy ass.

I get to the hotel and it was pretty run down. The lobby looked like the started a renovation and just stopped. When I got up to his floor the walls were all scuffed, the carpet was dirty and old. In other words it seemed like the perfect hotel for a sleazy cumdump 😉

The door was closed so I knocked. It took a while for him to answer and then I saw why – there was another top there. The bottom was what I’d call “slim, average, white guy” – but I wasn’t there to fuck Adonis – I was there to fuck a cummy hole. The top was actually pretty hot. I’d guess the low side of mid-30s, had a few tattoos, a nice lean(ish), slightly muscular body. I actually thought the top was considerably hotter than the bottom, but I was there to fuck, so that wasn’t really a factor.

While I was undressing the other top tried to get the bottom to push the cum out of his ass, but all that the bottom managed was to push some of the air out of his ass – in other words while a little cum may have come out, it was more like a fart. Then the other top had the bottom turn around and suck his dick. Once my clothes were off I wanted to felch the bottom’s ass, but he wasn’t in the best position for that, but I did just a little bit of it in this awkward position, then when I got up the other top indicated that he wanted me to fuck the guy. I thought that was a little weird since he had just worked up a hardon, but who was I to say ‘no’ to a fucking a cummy hole?

I started fucking him on all fours. His hole felt good, but I needed to reposition him. So I got him down on his belly – had to pull him back to position him. Once he was on his belly my orgasm came pretty quickly. It felt like I kept hitting bottom in his ass – or maybe it was just the “second sphincter”. Anyway, that plus the slickness of all those loads felt incredible.

As soon as I had cum I wanted to just slowly fuck his cummy ass and savor the feeling, but the other top was all horned up and wanted in, so I pulled out and he took over. I had only fucked the guy for maybe 3 or 4 min, but the other top didn’t last even that long. I kid you not when I say he fucked the bottom for maybe 30 seconds or a minute before cumming. It was almost funny how quickly the bottom got those two loads.

I confirmed with the bottom that we were loads 6 & 7, but he said no, we were loads 7 & 8. In other words, in the 30 minutes it took me to get to the hotel, the guy had taken another load as well. He was on a roll!

Once I dressed I tried to take a piss in the bathroom, but nothing came out. Then I left. These three really hot young Brazilian guys were walking in front of me. One had his arm around the other. As we waited for the elevator (which takes a while in a crappy hotel), I couldn’t tell if they were gay or straight. But they were definitely hot.

After I got home the bottom sent me a note apologizing. He said he initially thought the other top was me, but then figured out it was a guy who was supposed to come an hour earlier. The chemistry with the other top was actually pretty good, so I didn’t mind. I mean I sorta like gangbang scenes – so definitely wasn’t a problem for me.

If you invite 120 guys to gangbang you…

3 June 2014 | 4 Comments

Load 2014-14

I’m WAY behind on my loads this year, I know, I know… And the story I’m going to tell just drives that home in a big way…

So late last week I went to a gangbang. The bottom had been weird with me in the past. Online he seemed completely disinterested in me. When he organized his last “take all loads” gangbang he didn’t approve my request to go. I still wanted to fuck him – mostly ’cause nothing feels better than a really cummy hole. And this time BBRT was showing him with about 120 approved tops, which if 1/3rd showed up meant he’d be getting about 40 loads. And if he posted on Craigslist, etc. the number could be even higher.

He started taking loads at 3:30 in the afternoon. I got there around 7:30. He seemed a bit scattered and out of it. There were about 6 other guys there. And the guy who was fucking him had to get in some weird positions because the bottom wasn’t taking the needs of his tops into consideration.

I still don’t know why I didn’t get an invite to the last gangbang. There were two guys sitting on the bed jacking their dicks (plus the one fucking him), and I was in at least as good shape as one of the guys and better than the other guy. So clearly he’s OK with bears, etc.

Anyway, the top who was fucking him came (load #20), and no one else stepped up to fuck him and the one big bear on the bed motioned to me to start fucking him. He was sort of interacting with the other top on the bed (a black guy), but the guy didn’t seem like he wanted to fuck him – at least not right then, so I put some spit on my dick and pushed in.

The position was really weird, but I did what I could. But then he started complaining – that it hurt, that I was going in too deep, that my dick was huge, etc. Seriously? My dick’s just not that big. I mean it’s “above average” but that’s about all. There are plenty of tops who have bigger dicks than mine.

But I have to say a hole with 20 loads in it feels INCREDIBLE! My dick was loving every minute of it. In fact rather quickly I started feeling like I was going to get my nut, but then the bottom decides he wants to take a “5 minute break”. Seriously? Right then? Ugh… The big bear top told him he was “a high maintenance bottom” – that there were a line of tops who wanted to fuck him – he should stay and get fucked. But he ran off to the bathroom instead.

Given how he was acting I started thinking he might be high and maybe the drugs were wearing off after 4 hours. This lean Asian jock went into the bathroom with him and they stayed in there for what seemed like forever. Then they two of them came out and they were all over each other. I started noticing a bit of a pattern – the bottom was highly interactive with some tops and practically ignored other tops. I’m not saying that bottoms don’t have the right to be picky, but when you just invited 120 tops to gangbang you pump-n-dump style, it’s not the time to be playing favorites. Just saying…

Anyway, when the Asian guy blew his load (#21), the bottom decided he needed to go to the bathroom again. He spent all sorts of time talking to guys he knew as he went to the bathroom, then he stayed in there for a long time (again), and then came out and talked to his friends some more. It was at this point that the light hit his face and I got a clear view of him. He looked really familiar – either he’s been in porn, or he’s someone I’ve seen forever online. I’m thinking porn, but I can’t quite place who he is.

FINALLY he got on the bed and put his ass up, but by that time I’d completely lost my erection. This one skinny black guy had come in during all that and he wasn’t very happy about it – he was talking all sorts of shit about how gangbang bottoms need to be ass up taking loads if there are tops around who want to fuck them. He was next up fucking the bottom.

Meanwhile I started looking at this really cute little Latino next to me. He was barely over 5′ tall with a really compact body – totally my type. And he kept looking at me. I’m not sure what he was thinking, but I got the sense that he was into me. Jumping forward a little in story he hit me up a couple days later, but when I responded “nice to see you the other day” he didn’t understand what I was talking about. Anyway, his profile said vers, so hopefully I can fuck him in the near future.

The skinny black top finally came (load #22), and by now I wanted to get off and leave, and since no other tops were pushing their way to the front, I took another turn. I wasn’t completely hard, but I was hard enough to fuck. Once again he was in a position where it wasn’t all that easy to fuck him. Then I realized that during one of those runs to the bathroom he had cleaned out his ass! WTF? Why would a gangbang bottom clean out a perfectly wonderful cummy ass in the middle of a gangbang when the reason why the tops were there was to fuck a cummy hole? He did have a load or two in him and I have to say his butt was really silky smooth and the sensation of that felt really good.

Problem was I just wasn’t completely hard. With everything that had gone on I had lost my edge. Oddly though, I started feeling my orgasm coming, and sure enough I felt myself blow a decent sized load in him. But I wasn’t even fully hard when I came. Whatever. It was one of the most anti-climatic orgasms ever. I didn’t even give an indication that I’d cum. He didn’t really deserve it – nor did he seem to care.

After cumming I got dressed and then went into the bathroom, tried to piss a bit, then put my Prince Albert back in my dick and left.

When I looked at the time – I’d been there over an hour. I’m guessing I spent most of that time just waiting for him to come out of the bathroom. Whatever. I blew my load – I guess that’s all that matters.

Two Bottoms, Each With Three Load In Them

21 December 2013 | No Comments

Load 2013-53

Yesterday I hooked up with a bottom who already had three loads in him, and then today (oddly) I hooked up with another bottom who also had 3 loads in him. But the two hookups were extremely different.

The bottom yesterday wasn’t really what I was expecting. When someone tells you that they have three loads in their ass and can you be there by 6pm, you sorta expect the guy to be an anonymous cumdump. I figured the guy wanted a quickie pump-n-dump that might take 10 or 15 min, max. And it wasn’t really clear whether it had to be over by 6 or not.

He gave me the address, etc and then didn’t respond for ages when I asked his phone number. I was almost out the door to see someone else when he got back to me, so I went back to plans with him. I had to drive over to him since public transit from here to there is far more complicated than it should be. He lives in a busy neighborhood and it took a while to find parking. I was a little worried there wouldn’t be much time if we had to be done by 6pm.

I finally got there and he opens the door and I’m struck by two things. He had roughly the body I was expecting but he was tall – I wasn’t expecting that at all. And the second thing was that the apartment was a mess. Stuff was everywhere. But whatever – I’m just there to fuck a hole.

Another thing that was a little unexpected was he told me his name and asked what mine was. That was a little unexpected for a cumdump who just wants loads and doesn’t care who they’re from. The other thing that was a little unexpected was that he looked a bit like a white boy from Greenwich CT who grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth. There was just this air about him. He actually reminded me of a slutty version of the boyfriend of one of my bf’s good friends. Refined, good body, and sort of aspiring to be around money.

Anyway, we go into the bedroom and I take off my clothes (his were already off), and curiously he felt up my dick, but had no interest in giving me a blowjob. That’s fine with me, blowjobs don’t really do it for me anyway. He got on all fours on the bed and I just started eating out his hole. It tasted like lube which was a bit distracting, but he did have a nice ass. He was pretty much smooth all over. There was some stubble on his chest which indicated that he shaves off his body hair. His hole seemed well fucked, but still pretty pristine. Once the lube was mostly gone I could just barely taste cum.

I was putting a fair amount of spit on his hole. That combined with the residual lube and cum made him pretty slick, so I didn’t need to lube up before fucking him. He had wanted me to wear my PA. My PA wasn’t stretched enough for the really big ring, so I was wearing a 0 gauge curved barbell. He had never been fucked with a PA and wanted to feel it. He was saying he sorta hoped I’d go rough and sorta tear up his hole. I made sure he felt it as it was going in, and as I fucked him I didn’t make my strokes short – I’d pull out enough that the ball on the bottom of my cock would go into his sphincter.

Once I was in I could definitely feel the cum in his ass. His hole was really wonderfully silky. And with a smooth but the whole sensation was really pretty excellent. I’m a little unpredictable with taller guys. Usually things don’t work with them. But he was in this weird position – on his belly with one leg cocked up to the side. So I was sorta riding his ass cheek as I fucked him. I think the end result was that I wasn’t going particularly deep into him, but it also meant that my PA was constantly going in an out of his sphincter – he had to feel that quite a bit.

The room was freezing but that worked out well for me since I didn’t come close to overheating at all. We fucked for a few minutes and then I felt my orgasm cumming and I unloaded what I think was a huge load in his ass. I had like a 2 or 3 day load in me and had planned on hooking up the day before but in the middle of the day iBlastInside threatened me with a lawsuit if I put a site on BBBH.com (I just purchased it and I’ll be putting a hookup site on on it). Anyway, iBi had sorta put me in a weird mood and I didn’t get around to fucking. So all day yesterday I was about ready to blow and by the time I gave him the load I’m sure it was a big one.

I fucked him a little bit briefly after cumming. Figured I’d extend the fuck a little. But then I pulled out and felched some cum that had worked it’s way out of his ass. I still wasn’t sure if we had to be done by 6, so I sorta sat on the bed with my dick near his face sorta hinting I’d like him to clean off my cock. But he’s really not into oral apparently and didn’t pick up no the hint. He seemed to want to spend more time with me, so I laid down next to him. Usually I’m the one that gets behind the bottom in a spoon position, but this time the positions were reversed – it felt a little weird, but nice. I asked if he needed to be done by 6 and he said ‘no’ – that he said 6 because he had to be done by 7:30. That changed things.

We laid there for maybe 10 or 15 min chatting and sorta having a quiet moment. From talking to him he’s not like what you expect from a cumdump. He sorta wants to make a connection with the top. I could tell he wanted me to stay around and maybe get a second wind and fuck him some more. But I finally decided to just go. I think he thought that meant I didn’t have a good time. But that wasn’t the case at all. He’s got a good ass and I can totally see fucking him again.

Then there was today’s cumdump who also had three loads in him. He hit me up and he was less than a 10 min walk away so when he gave me his address I told him I’d be over in 10. I arrive and he answers the door completely naked. Nice body. He’s a pretty hot guy. The apartment had the shades drawn and was pretty dark. He told me to sit on the couch while he went into the bathroom. He wasn’t in there long and then he got on all fours on the bed.

I got down and rimmed him, but he was in a position where his hole was hard to get to. I tried to push his back down so his ass would be more out and easier to get to, but he resisted my push. It took a while, but I finally got him in a position where I could rim him. His hole tasted soapy, which was disappointing ’cause I was hoping for cummy.

I think we both just wanted it to be a quickie pump-n-dump, so as soon as I was hard I stood up and went to fuck him. But then he tells me I can’t get on the bed or it’ll break. On top of that he was positioned in a way where it was hard to get into his ass because he wasn’t close enough to the edge of the bed. I tried moving him, but again, he resisted. I was starting to get frustrated. And when I get frustrated my dick doesn’t stay hard.

I did finally get into him, and even moved him on on belly and got on the bed. It didn’t fall apart, but it felt like it was about to. It was then I noticed that he had a blindfold on – which was a little late since he’d seen me come in the door. His legs were spread and the position didn’t feel quite right so I tried to move them together. And he resisted that too! UGH!

Then he wanted to move over to the couch. But again he was in this position where his hole was too low. I tried picking him up so his legs were more together and his hole was higher. Of course he resisted. I tried moving him to the corner of the couch where I could have gotten in more easily. He resisted that too. When I did get in him a little he was saying things like “do you have a condom on or are you fucking me raw?” He was playing out a fantasy in his head. At one point he just pulled forward fast so my dick came out of him. I really wasn’t in the mood for his antics. Then he said he wanted to ride my cock. But I refused because my dick was already going soft and that would have just completely been the end of it.

Then he had us move back to the bed. A few more attempts there but I finally just gave up. I told him it wasn’t working for me and I went and got dressed as quickly as I could. He starts talking about how his buddy was coming back, etc. Which made no sense. I’m pretty sure he was high as a kite. I really hate drug addicts. It’s sorta sad to see so many cute guys so fucked up. It’s a waste.

So two fucks – one pretty good, the other pretty awful. I guess that’s just how it goes.

Fucked An Incredible Hole

4 November 2013 | 1 Comment

Load 2013-45

Halloween day I hooked up with this guy who was in from out of town. I wasn’t quite sure how it was going to go. I knew he had been to the lunchtime sex party downtown. He texted me and said he got 3 loads at the party. Then he was off to a friend’s place before coming to me.

The timing was a bit tight. My dog was at the vet having surgery that day. I was supposed to hear when they were done with her and jump in the car and go pick her up. Right before the guy showed up I called them and they said “the vet will get right back to you” so I figured she would call right in the middle of me fucking this guy. When he got there I explained the situation and apologized in advance for the interruption. But it made me feel a bit rushed.

We took off our clothes and the guy had a nice body. Sorta hairy in a nice way, well-proportioned, etc. I hate to say it, but I’ve sorta forgotten how we started (it might have been with a blowjob – not quite sure). It’s been a few days now and I was a bit distracted at the time. What I do remember clearly was when I had him get on all fours to rim him. His hole just looked perfect. The best way to describe it was “experienced”. It was the hole of a power bottom. Some holes just have this combination of elasticity and musculature that is pretty much perfect in my book – they can grip tight or open up and be loose. I rimmed him pretty aggressively, but never did taste any cum.

I then lubed up and pushed in and simultaneously pushed him onto his belly. His hole felt as good on my dick as I thought it would – while I couldn’t take cum, I could definitely feel the loads… I usually cum pretty quickly, but with me feeling like there was a time crunch I did even a little faster than usual. So that means I blew my load in no time. I asked him if that was load 5 – he said ‘no, load 6 – my buddy gave me at least two loads.’ I love slutty cumholes. I pumped his cummy hole for a bit more and then pulled out.

In my quest to take loads without actually getting fucked, I had asked him in advance if we could try to dump the loads from his ass into mine using a funnel. We tried and it didn’t go very well. I don’t think the neck of the funnel got past my sphincter, so the loads just stayed in the funnel. Then I tried dumping the loads from the funnel into a condom and pushing the condom into my ass. I spilled a whole bunch trying that. So all in all very little got into my ass. Oh well, I tried. After the fact I realized I should have used a Lube Shooter. Duh. Next time I fuck a cumdump, I’ll give it a try.

I was thinking of going out to a sex party that evening. The funny part was that our vet is in the same building as the sex party. But by the time I got my dog time was tight and she was in a bad way and needed my attention, so I figured it would be bad to leave her alone, so I skipped the party.

Skinny Black Guy Got Two Loads From Me

3 February 2013 | No Comments

Load 2013-8/9

Well, the hookup I just had helped catch me up a bit on my 100 load goal for the year – the guy got two loads from me – which is rare for me – so by definition a good hookup.

I wasn’t really all that sure I wanted to hookup. I was having a nice mellow day – getting stuff done on Tumblr & on my blogs. I’d occasionally look at BBRT & A4A – and oddly, A4A was far more active today. There were two black guys on A4A who both wanted to hookup and both were definitely my type. One was up for videotaping the hookup which is a good thing, but I have to be in the mood for it since it just takes more effort since you have to be “on” completely when the camera is rolling. The other thing going for the other guy was that he was close by. I sorta wanted to host – after all he said he’d be up for stuff like bondage and flogging, but he wanted to host. Since he was within walking distance I said I’d go over, but I knew that meant no BDSM – unless he had gear laid out when I got there, which I doubted with this guy.

It took me a little bit to get out the door ’cause I had gotten the 11mm ring in my PA and it was in there so tightly that I had trouble getting the ring out. But I did finally get it out. I headed over to his place. I think I know why he wanted to host – he was in one of those nice new buildings that are all over Harlem these days. For a 20-something to have his own place in a nice building and have it nicely furnished – he was clearly above average and it was his way of letting me know that.

And he was well above average in terms of looks too. He had a nice tight body. It wouldn’t surprise me if he were a model or something. He offered me a drink, which was cute, but I was there for sex. We played a little bit (awkwardly) in the main room and then I suggested we go into the bedroom. Once there I proceeded to strip down as did he. He had a pair of those assless underwear / jockstraps on that are so popular these days. (They’re not exactly jockstraps – what is the proper name for them?) He seemed a bit unsure of what to do and just stood there, so after fingering his ass while feeling up his body, I finally suggested he get on the bed so I could rim him.

I couldn’t quite tell if he was completely clean or not, so I went pretty gently on the rimming, but still gave it my all – I just didn’t get too deep (so to speak). That got me rock hard, but I took my time, stopped jacking my dick and just paid attention to his ass for a bit before finally getting up, lubing my dick and pushing into his hole.

I wouldn’t call his hole loose, but he took my rock hard cock pretty easily. I fucked him doggy style for a minute or two and then got him down on his belly. He was pretty thin which I like when I fuck a guy. His hole felt good, but didn’t grab my dick and really massage it like some holes do. But it was a good hole. It wasn’t long until I could feel my orgasm coming. Then a little bit later I felt a little spurt, but not much of anything. I kept fucking and felt a bit more, but it wasn’t exactly a major load. When I say that sometimes I can’t feel when I cum, this was borderline one of those cases – I barely felt it, but this time at least I knew for sure I was cumming at least a little bit.

As I slowed down he said “you’re incredible”, which was sweet… Clearly he was enjoying himself.

I actually think I came a fair amount. His hole had felt pretty silky before I came – almost to the point that I wondered if he didn’t already have some loads in him. But after I came it was really slick and silky. It felt really good. I got down lower on top of him so I wasn’t having to work so hard to support the weight of my body and I just pistoned in and out of his ass slowly. I wasn’t totally hard, but I was hard enough for a slow fuck.

I never really went soft. I just kept on slowly fucking him for what must have been 5 minutes or so. Then I rolled us onto our sides and still just kept slowly fucking him. That lasted another maybe 5 minutes and then I felt my dick grow and I knew I was getting my second wind. I rolled him onto his belly again. This time I was a little bit at an angle and that was enough for his ass to work my dick pretty much perfectly. I could slowly feel another orgasm building. I was thinking, “this is rare”, but just went with it.

I was fucking him to suit my needs, not his. It was about me getting off – in that moment he was just a hole and I honestly couldn’t have cared whether he was enjoying himself or not. I could hear him grunting and making sounds like he was in pain. When I could clearly see his face he was totally in pain. But he wasn’t telling me to stop or slow down. He was just laying there taking the abuse to his hole. Needless to say I wanted to cum a second time and I did what I needed to do to make that happen.

It took a while for the second orgasm to come (so his pain was pretty drawn out) but when it did come, it was major. I could feel my load totally flooding his hole.

At that point my dick did start to deflate pretty quickly. We spooned and I caressed him. He was quiet – so quiet I wondered whether he was falling asleep. Finally, I wanted to go so I stirred and he got up as well. He commented “that was intense – intense in a good way though”. Usually you think of black tops as being the ones who really can “turn out” a hole, but today that top was me and he got fucked really good and hard.

I’m not sure he was expecting a fuck like that. In the moment I think he may have been a little freaked out by it, but I think he’ll remember it as a hot fuck and I’m pretty sure he’ll be back for more.

Tomorrow an 18 y.o. is supposed to come over. Hopefully that works out. Last time I fucked an 18 y.o. he later told me he had only been 17 at the time. Luckily 17 is legal in NY. But one way or the other it’s always hot to breed a teen and help them learn to take semi-anonymous loads from complete strangers.

Felched Lots Of Cum Out Of A Bottom’s Ass

24 May 2012 | 1 Comment

Load 2012-13

Yesterday I had just a little time before a good friend was going to come over for dinner, so I looked for a quickie pump-n-dump and there was this guy on BBRT’s Quick Connect, so I contact him and it takes a while for him to get back to me. Then I ask for his address, and it takes a while again. But he didn’t give his apartment number but he did give his cell, so I text him and head out and just don’t get into the subway before I had his apartment number, which he gets to me pretty quickly.

When I get out of the subway I text him and he says there may be overlap with another top – he hopes that’s not a problem. It’s generally not a problem, but since I needed to make it quick I was hoping it wouldn’t delay things. When I get to his building the doorman knows his number by heart (it was a rather long number – maybe his phone number or something).

I told him I was up for a dark room quickie pump-n-dump. He thought that would be hot. Usually when you ask for that the guys leave the door ajar and the place is pretty dark and you find your way to their bed and find them doggy, ready to get fucked. But the door was locked. I knocked, and he came to the door in a jockstrap. Lights were on and it wasn’t all that dark. He was also really chatty – asking if I needed a drink, telling me where the bathroom was, etc. Whatever… I just needed to unload. I found a chair to put my clothes on and start stripping down.

He gets on all fours on the bed and assumes the position. I get down behind him and start rimming him. I immediately taste cum. I start rimming more aggressively and he starts pushing cum out of his ass. HUGE amounts of cum. Damn, it tasted good! I asked him how many loads he had in him. He said “lots”. I asked “how many is ‘lots’?” And he answered “9”. I went back to rimming and he kept pushing more and more cum out of his hole. He definitely wasn’t a greedy bottom – he was sharing those loads rather liberally. It was hot literally drinking cum from 9 complete strangers out of a guy’s ass…

Eventually there wasn’t much cum left to come out and I spit on my dick and shoved in. Even though he pushed a lot of cum out his ass was so well lubed with cum it felt a silky. As I was fucking him, a text came in and he texted a reply between moans. It only took 2 or 3 minutes of fucking before I dumped a big load inside him. I could feel pulse after pulse come out of my dick deep into his ass.

When I pulled out the doorman called, he got up and answered the phone to let the next top up. I got dressed pretty quickly and left. An elevator came for me, I got in just as the next top’s elevator arrived. I saw him walking the wrong way down the hall, so I just pointed the other way and smiled. He had a bit of a quizzical look on his face initially, but turned around and went the other way as my doors were closing.

So, if you’re wondering why you can’t find tops to fuck you – the reason is because bottoms like the one I fucked are basically hoarding all the loads. A lot of tops prefer a cummy hole, so your competition is pretty stiff…

In case your counting – that’s 6 guys and 5 loads in 13 days – and I’m thinking of going to a sex party tonight… So I’m definitely back – I hope I can keep up the pace…




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