Spit Fuck Pump-N-Dump With HVL Poz Guy

3 December 2010 | 13 Comments

Load 2010-39

There are a lot of guys I’ve been wanting to fuck, last night I checked another one off the list. This guy stuck in my mind in part because he had told me at some point in the past that he was poz, but not on meds. While I tend to believe that guys who say they’re undetectable really are at least pretty close to undetectable, you never really know what you’re getting when guys have “Ask Me” or “Negative” in their profiles, and when they have “Poz” in their profiles you don’t know whether they’re undetectable and shooting blanks or high viral load and toxic as shit. The uncertainty just comes with the territory. I mean, with HIV criminalization laws in effect in many places it’s no wonder people aren’t upfront with their real HIV status – especially when they’re high viral load poz like this guy. And I don’t know if this guy even remembered telling me in the past that he wasn’t on meds. He didn’t bring up anything related to HIV status this time.

This guy isn’t the first high viral load guy I’ve known I’ve fucked – there was a guy at IML a year ago who told me he wasn’t on meds, and one of my fuck buds here in NY is long-term poz and I fucked him a few times when he wasn’t on meds (he’s gone on them in the past year)… Still, it’s fairly novel to fuck a guy who you know is toxic…

This turned out to be a pretty simple hookup. Middle of the afternoon he hit me up and I told him I was looking for around 7pm. He said sure, gave me his number and address, and then I confirmed before I left. He didn’t respond at first when I texted him to confirm, but eventually we got that worked out.

I showed up and he had this little room in an SRO. Amazingly there was almost nothing on his shelves. It was like he owned next to nothing. I’m sure there’s a story behind that, but I didn’t hear it. He strips down and he’s got a nice body. He had thick muscular hairy legs and was thin and mostly smooth from the waist up  (though he had these great hairy forearms) – he reminded me of a centaur – it was sorta hot.

I asked him if he wanted me to fuck him with the PA in or out. He picked out ’cause he wanted to suck my dick. I was sorta intending on taking it out anyway, but would have kept it in if he wanted to get fucked with it. He asked the question I hear a lot – “Did it hurt?” Yeah, it hurt… I’ll go on a tangent here and say that ever since I’ve gone up to 0 gauge it’s hurt a lot. It’s big enough that precum dries on it and then irritates the piercing. Not quite sure what to do about that…

Anyway, getting back to the hookup – he proceeded to suck my dick a bit while I played with his body and his hole. He was wearing a Nasty Pig jockstrap – it suited him 😉  His dick was sorta irrelevant and never came out of his jockstrap.

Eventually I wanted to fuck, so I pulled away from him and got him on his back. I think he thought he was going to get fucked, but I pushed his ass up and rimmed him. He had a nice, lightly hairy ass that was a bit musky even though he had just gotten out of the shower. I rimmed it for a while, got it nice and wet with spit, then lowered his ass down, put some spit on the head of my cock and shoved in.

Lately I haven’t really enjoyed spit fucks – the spit usually doesn’t provide enough lube, but this time it worked. His hole felt good. Even though our faces were just inches away from each other he didn’t seem to want to kiss or anything – he seemed like he just wanted to get fucked.

Missionary isn’t usually a position I can come in, so I started rolling him over gradually. Eventually he was mostly on his belly. I hadn’t taken off my shirt and I was sorta glad. It was cold out and he had the window wide open just a couple feet from us.

Eventually I could feel my orgasm building and he knew it was coming as well. I could tell he was hungry for my cum and when I came I blew a good sized load in him. I rolled over so we were on our sides and slowly pumped his now cummy ass. It felt great. I thought about felching him, but was a bit out of breath and wasn’t really in the mood.

He just laid there. I could sorta feel he was done and not looking for anything more from me. He’d gotten the load and that’s all I was there for. So after just a minute or two I got up, put on my clothes and left.

Total elapse time was maybe 15 minutes.

Simple Fuck With An Old Fuck Bud

25 July 2010 | No Comments

Load 2010-23

Last Thursday I hadn’t cum in 6 days and just needed to blow a load. I had a really short window to actually hookup and I was busy and didn’t have hours to spend finding a bottom. I wasn’t having much luck and then I noticed a Latino online who I’ve been fucking since 2004. I actually didn’t write up the last time I fucked him (back in December) ’cause I videotaped it and never got around to editing the video. (Yeah, I know… I need to get off my ass and get it done…)

The problem was if I’m going to take my new Viagra prescription I need to do it 90+ minutes before hooking up. Things sorta happened at the last minute, and 90 minutes out I really didn’t know if it was going to happen, so I just took a little – about 1/3rd of a pill (maybe less). As I went to his place I felt my hands get all tingly so I knew it was kicking in, but wasn’t sure I had taken enough…

I get there and like always he’s on all fours on his bed just inside the door. He likes things pretty anonymous even though we’ve gotten to know each other a bit over the years. I had asked him not to lube his hole, ’cause it tastes funny and I like to start out rimming him (since he’s not looking to suck cock at the beginning). I get down on my knees and start eating out his ass and gradually start getting hard. The Viagra really isn’t helping all that much – I think I took too little or something. He said he had taken another load before I got there, but I didn’t taste any cum (too bad).

I finally got hard and started fucking him. Since he hadn’t lubed his hole, and didn’t have any lube available I was more or less just spit fucking him and there was a lot of friction. Lately I’ve noticed a huge difference in how good a fuck is based on the lube that’s used. This fuck was pretty dry and it wasn’t working all that well for me. Unfortunately the load he had taken before I got there wasn’t lubing his hole.

I pushed him onto his belly and gave him a decent fuck, but eventually got overheated and had to stop before I’d cum. I laid there for a while. We talked, he sucked my dick – and we basically just hung out for maybe 10 minutes. When I had cooled down and caught my 2nd wind, I went back to fucking him.

This time it still didn’t feel all that great, but I did manage to cum but it took a lot of effort. Given that I hadn’t cum in so many days I think it was a pretty big and thick load. He had a guy coming after me – that guy probably had a much better experience than I did ’cause my load was big enough to make his hole nice and silky.

I washed up and ran downtown to meet my bf at Boxers for drinks. After leaving his place I realize I forgot to wash my beard and it smelled like ass… I was glad I didn’t see anyone I had to kiss when I got to Boxers. I ran to the bathroom and took care of that problem and then had a few beers.

So the take away is #1 – take at least a 1/2 pill of Viagra and #2 get a small pocket sized bottle for lube and take my own to hookups.

Pump-And-Dump With A Hot Tattooed Latino

16 May 2010 | 8 Comments

Load 2010-10

Yesterday I had just gotten up when this Latino hit me up on BarebackRT. He was fuckin’ hot – lean and muscular, scruffy with major tattoos that were really hot, a nice face, etc… In other words exactly my type. He listed himself as neg and versatile, but there was no discussion of status – he just wanted a load. He asked if I’d be into a scene where he was waiting on his bed ass up in a jockstrap and that sounded perfect to me.

I took a quick shower, jumped in the car and was there in about 45 minutes. After figuring out how to get past the guard at his door, I found his door ajar and went in. He was indeed on the bed, ass up, not looking back at me and he was pretty close to his pics – very hot. I dropped my pants, pulled his legs back to get better access to his hole and started rimming him. He seemed to like it 😉

When we went to fuck he looked back and told me to grab the lube on the floor. Problem was there wasn’t any. At this point things got a little weird and he started looking around for lube. Finally I got him back on the bed, used spit for lube and shoved in. His hole felt good.

I wanted him on his belly, but he didn’t really get the hint or understand what I wanted, so instead of making the situation awkward I just continued fucking him doggy style. Doggy style doesn’t usually get me off, but with this guy it did and all of a sudden I felt like I was about to cum. I had only been fucking him for a couple minutes – it was sorta soon to be cumming, but I’ve learned if I hold back it can be impossible to cum later, so I just unloaded in his ass.

I should mention that he knew I was cumming and sorta tried to pull forward and off my dick, but I was gripping his hips and didn’t let him pull off – and made sure he got my load. Maybe his effort to stay neg was trying not to actually take the load, but we all know that doesn’t work very well.

He got up immediately and started muttering things about not being able to find the lube. I was thinking “dude – you’ve got a cummy ass – you don’t need lube if you’re intending to get fucked again…” He was sorta completely disconnected from me and at that point I realized he had probably been up all night partying… I prefer sober bottoms, but even a disconnected hookup is fun with a guy as hot as he was.

I got dressed and left. The whole hookup probably took 10 minutes and it was still before 9am… Great way to start the day… [If anyone is into taking early morning loads – let me know – it’s my favorite time of the day to fuck…]

Embarrassing Hookup – Didn’t Remember A Hot Bottom

5 November 2009 | 3 Comments

Load 2009-27

Well, just got done with a bit of an embarrassing hookup. A really hot bottom came over and before we started he said I’d fucked him before and for the life of me I couldn’t remember him. I did finally remember his story when we got to talking after sex, but it’s taken me a little while to figure out who he was and he was the guy I whipped really hard early this year. I mean I whipped him pretty hard and then forgot who he was. That is pretty awful, but in my defense he was hooded when I hooked up with him last time so I didn’t really have that much “face time” so to speak.

OK, so this time he hits me up on Adam4Adam and his profile says he’s “neg” and into “safe sex only”. That might have also thrown me off – his profile name last time contained “BBBottom”, had pictures of his gaping hole and him in a jockstrap with “SLUT” written on his lower back and other ones of him blindfolded and in a sling – so a VERY different profile than last time. I ask if he’s up for getting fucked raw and he said ‘no problem’. He wasn’t going to be available for a little over an hour so we set up a time for him to come and I hope that he doesn’t flake out on me.

The time sorta came and went and I was wondering if he was actually going to show up. There were other guys online who wanted to come over, but then he called and said he was a few blocks away. He shows up and we head to the bedroom. He mentions at that point that we hooked up before and indicates it was at my old place. As I mentioned for the life of me I didn’t remember him. He takes off his clothes and then he asks what I want him to do. Of course I didn’t put two and two together and had no clue he’d be up for BDSM, and I don’t go in that direction unless I know a bottom wants it. I went to kiss him and he seemed really reluctant. He wasn’t jumping to his knees so I didn’t tell him to suck my dick. Instead I turn him around and he takes the hint and bends over and I start rimming him.

While I’m rimming him I start playing with his dick – which was HUGE. I lightly jack it and it gets pretty hard and it was an easy 11 inches, if not bigger and pretty big at the base with a nice foreskin. If I had been a bottom I would have been in heaven right then… His hole tasted nice and clean. It was a little hairy and his butt was pretty muscular. His body was generally pretty lean. As I was eating out his hole I was wondering how in the hell I had forgotten him – I mean he’s totally my type.

But with a hot ass in front of me that was now well-lubed with spit I wasn’t going to let my embarrassment stop me from fucking him, so I stood up, put a little spit on the head of my dick and shoved in. His hole was wet. He either had other loads in there or he had lubed or it was just naturally that way. One way or the other it felt really wonderful. The sensations like wetness are what the guys with condoms never get to feel… This is a good case of why barebacking is just better sex.

I pushed him face down on the bed and I knew with how great his hole felt that it wouldn’t take me long to cum, but at the same time I wanted it to last, so I took it easy trying to delay my orgasm. It goes without saying I came in his hole not long later.

I wanted to keep fucking him, but my dick was pretty sensitive, so I pulled out and went down and started rimming/felching his cummy ass. Tasted VERY good! He didn’t push any out or anything like that but there was plenty of cum on his ass. Then when that was cleaned up I pushed back in and kept fucking him. That’s one of the things I like about taking pills – I can keep fucking after I cum. I took it pretty easy, but at least he got a longer fuck. Then I rolled over and kept my dick in him and slowly fucked him while we spooned.

He was a little awkward. I think it was a bit vanilla for him and he’s a bit timid when it comes to sex – liking the top to take charge. But we talked a little. He just moved pretty close to me – so hopefully we’ll hookup more in the future. When I asked what he did is when I remembered fucking him – or at least fucking a guy with a similar story.

We wrapped things up after a bit and he was on his way. I sorta wish I had remembered his details – would have been a very different fuck. But at least this time I saw more of his face – it’ll be better next time…

The other issue in all of this is his “neg, safe sex only” billing on Adam4Adam. There’s a reason why I stopped believing what people put for their HIV status. I’m not saying he’s poz, but he’s a clear case of being into a lot more than his profile would suggest – so who knows what’s true and what’s not about him?

One Of The Best Holes In A Long Time…

6 August 2009 | 8 Comments

Load 2009-17

I’ve fucked some great holes this year despite not fucking all that much. Jayson Park and Christian from Treasure Island spring to mind… But I think the guy last night beat even those guys… It was like his entire body was an extension of his hole. He was smooth all over (except a little below the knee), which meant his hole was hairless. But his ass was perfectly built for fucking – I could tell even before I fucked him…

Let me back up and start over… I’ve been on Recon.com lately. Tried it out for IML and it was a bit of a bust then (not sure why since there should have been thousands of Recon guys just in the hotel I was in), but when I got back to NY things started picking up – which wasn’t what I was expecting at all. A lot of the guys on the site want safe sex. When you search for barebackers you don’t get many profiles returned, but what I’ve figured out is a lot of guys just leave the field blank and you can’t search for blank values…

The thing I like about Recon is that it’s got the more extreme crowd. Guys you can literally beat up and get a “thank you SIR” in return. One guy who lives not far from my sees himself as a dog in a human body and has had some pretty extreme puppy training – to the point that he now craves dog shit (which goes beyond my level of comfort and then some)… Anyway, I digress..

So this Latino hits me up. He’s got himself listed in the “leather” section so I suspected he wasn’t all that hardcore, but his pics looked good enough and he seemed like he’d be a good fuck. When he said “Wednesday evening” days in advance he seemed serious enough, so I put him on my calendar. Wednesday morning he confirmed so it looked like one of the few hookups that are scheduled in advance that actually happen.

7pm comes and the buzzer rings, but it’s the wife of the straight guy who’s in having drinks with my boyfriend – she forgot her keys and wanted to be let into the building. All I can think is “Great – I want to be in leather gear when I answer the door for my trick, but I’ll open the door and see my straight neighbors…”

I should mention that about that time I was starting to think if he didn’t show up it would be fine with me. I had jacked off twice the day before and wasn’t completely in the mood to fuck and even though I had taken part of a pill, I didn’t know how I’d perform. But just as I was composing a tweet to say that, the bell rang. He was 15 minutes late, but that turned out to be a good thing since it the neighbors were out of sight by then.

He comes in and looks pretty much like his pics. He had more South American Indian in him than most Latinos. When he told me he was from Peru that sorta made sense. But it was a good mix – he lacked the unattractive body that most South American Indians have… He took off his clothes and had a great little body. Imagine a slightly muscled body covered with just a little fat making him soft and solid at the same time. All in a hot little Latino package that was smooth pretty much all over. I could just tell he was going to be a good fuck. Given my mood I didn’t know if I could cum, but I knew I’d have fun fucking him…

While he stripped naked I kept my clothes on. I was wearing a leather bar vest, jeans, and my Wesco boots. He liked how I looked and I figured it would be more interesting for him to keep my clothes on… I asked him what he was into (since we did meet on Recon), and the bottom line was not much – pretty much vanilla sex, but he liked the men he found on Recon – big masculine guys – especially guys in leather…

He sucked my dick for a while. At first I thought I thought he wasn’t a very good cocksucker ’cause I kept feeling his teeth, but then I realized he liked deep throating. He’d get down deep on my dick and just stay there… That sorta gave me license to back him up against the footboard of the bed and force my dick down his throat. That was a little much for him, so I backed off…

I didn’t have him over for a blowjob so soon had him legs up on the bed and I ate out his hole. It smelled freshly washed. It was perfectly smooth and his ass just curved into his hole perfectly like a soft man cunt. I could tell he was perfectly clean and sucked away at his ass… It was truly sweet…

That progressed to me spitting on his hole and shoving in. He felt as good as I thought he would. He was warm, silky and soft – with just a touch of tightness. In other words an absolutely perfect hole. When I said earlier that his whole body accentuated his hole what I meant was that his body had the same characteristics as his hole… Smooth body, smooth hole. Lightly muscled body with a small layer of fat, and his hole was soft yet had muscular control… In other words what my dick was feeling matched the sensations from the rest of my body…

I was still fully clothed which the bottom seem to really like. He liked the sensation of my jeans on his bare skin. After a bit I flipped him over sort half on his belly and fucked him from the side a bit. Felt really good – incredible actually. He was a bit of a moaner, but not too loud… And he was using poppers almost constantly…

Then finally I put him completely on his belly and really pounded the shit out of his hole. There was a point when, if I hadn’t cum twice the day before, I would have blasted my load up his hole. It was like a dry orgasm. I’m guessing he got a little bit of cum right then, but not the full deal… I mentioned that I didn’t cum and he said “Good – don’t want you to cum too soon”. For probably the next 30 minutes I’d pound him hard, then go slow while I caught my breath, then pound him hard again, then catch my breath…

That kept going on but I was totally overheating and when I’m overheated I definitely can’t cum. So we rolled over on our sides with my dick still in his ass and took more of a rest, but then took off my vest to cool down a bit and pushed him on his belly and fucked him some more… Then we rolled on our side again… And so on… Finally I was just too exhausted and as we laid there talking my dick got soft and fell out of his ass.

I figured that was pretty much it, but then he went back to sucking my dick – trying to get it hard again. After a bit of that I had him  lay on top of me so I could eat out his hole while he sucked me. After a while that got me hard again and I went back to fucking him.

As I expected I got overheated and slowed down after a bit. I mentioned that I probably wouldn’t be able to cum, and then went back to fucking him. As I started back I was thinking of how excellent he’d be at a sex club – the tops would love the feel of his ass. I asked him what the most loads were that he’d gotten in a night – he said 10 loads – years ago at the East Side Club (a bathhouse here in NY that caters to older, stocky guys, sorta like me). I could just see him in action. He was really digging my big bearish body – I could just see him totally getting into all the guys at East Side Club… Somehow that thought got me to cum and I blasted a nice big load up his hole… 😉

We chatted a little more. I learned where he grew up, how long he’d been in NY and that he works at one of the top restaurants in the City. Good guy. Hope he becomes a regular!

Gave My Load To An Adorable Little Bottom

11 February 2009 | No Comments

Load 2009-4

There’s a guy I saw a few months ago – hot little tattooed guy. I remember him telling me back then he did gogo dancing. He’s not the pretty boy type – more of a tough little guy… Anyway he resurfaced the last couple weeks and he was the one who I didn’t hookup with on Monday ’cause I wasn’t sure whether it would go well given my mellow mood…

Tonight I wasn’t really looking – just sorta bored and looking at BarebackRT for the hell of it. He said ‘hi’ and I knew he was nearby so I figured what the hell – asked my bf if it was OK, and then went over.

I got there and he was really short which was sorta cool. My boyfriend is short, but this guy was noticeably shorter. He just had a t-shirt and underwear on so I could tell he was really thin too… This promised to be fun…

We went in the the bedroom, took off our clothes (I left on my tshirt). He got on his knees and started sucking my cock. He was so adorable… So tiny, so cute…

That went on for a while, though not too long given how long a serious cocksucker would make it last. It was a decent blowjob (no teeth, but wasn’t really doing anything special for me – which is pretty typical of me and blojobs). When I was cleaning up before I went over I noticed my dick was pretty chubby – it was like there was still a little bit of the partial pill that I took a couple days before that was still active. I wasn’t super hard or anything – just thick and spongey.

I wanted to rim his ass, which I think surprised him a bit. He seemed to like it – nice hole – his ass was a bit fuzzy which was cool. Eventually I had it really wet with spit, stood up, but some spit on my dick and shoved in. I love how little guys respond. Since they’re smaller it’s a bit more intense when they get fucked. It took a few strokes for him to get used to my cock, and then we were off…

Fucking him reminded me of fucking one of my old boyfriends (the one who got me addicted barebacking and blowing load up guys’ asses). With my old boyfriend I could literally get in deep enough to hit his second sphincter. I couldn’t quite do that with this guy, but it felt like it was close.

At first I didn’t know if I could cum all that quickly, but it wasn’t long before I felt my orgasm coming – gave him a decent load, though not a huge one.

We then laid next to each other and I played with his nipples while he jacked off (it was a dry orgasm). The whole encounter was sorta passionless – it was just a fuck. I think he liked me, but I wonder if the lack of emotion wasn’t due to whatever he was smoking.

The funny part was he told me I was a lot more attractive than my pics. Guess I need one of my tricks to take some decent pics of me on of these days…





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