Fucked Another Bug Chaser

9 March 2017 | 7 Comments

Load 2017-5

Gotta say I LOVE it when bug chasers hit me up to take my load. Fucked another one almost two weeks ago now. He was literally desperate to get pozzed. You could just see it in his eyes.

He was actually sorta cute. Short, nice body, mixed race. I refused to confirm whether I was poz or neg, off meds or on them. He had to take my load to find out. When he got here he was sorta withdrawn and quiet. It was like he was just going through the motions, but with intense desire.

Fucking a bug chaser

There was some “poz talk” while we were fucking, but honestly it didn’t’ take long for me to blow my load. Just the idea of him wanting me to infect him was a huge turn on.

Afterwards I came I stayed pretty hard and kept fucking him. Finally I rolled him on his side and spooned him while still pumping in and out of his ass. I asked him when when he started chasing and he said he went off PrEP two months before. In other words, his Christmas present to himself was going off PrEP and his New Year’s resolution was to get pozzed.  Something tells me that’s one New Year’s resolution that might actually get fulfilled 😉

Now I’ve got this other bug chaser hitting me up. Cute, fairly young, hot lean body. Hopefully I’ll get my load in him this weekend.

Knocked Up A Bug Chaser

16 December 2016 | 8 Comments


I’ve been really bad about blogging for while now. I’ve gone to a lot of sex parties this year, but haven’t actually bred that many holes. Sex parties are a good venue to fuck a lot of ass – I’ve fucked like 90 guys this year, BUT (for me) they’re horrible for actually cumming. I usually need the bottom on his belly to cum and most of the sex clubs around here don’t have proper beds.

Anyway… Last night I bred this bug chaser. God, I love bug chasers. There’s just something really hot about a guy begging you to give him a toxic load and convert him. This particular bug chaser was in town from the UK where (AFAIK) they’re still fighting about who’s gonna pay for PrEP. So many of the neg guys in NYC are on PrEP – I sorta miss the days when bottoms put their future health in the hands of the tops who fucked them raw. There were consequences to sex back then that made it edgier and more exciting than it is these days…

Anyway the bug chaser wanted me to fuck him with my big PA to rough up his hole. My PA has been a bit sensitive lately – especially when I wear my big ring for too long. But before I left the house I popped half a Levitra and put in the big ring. It’s not every day I get bottoms begging me to poz them, so didn’t mind giving him what he wanted – even if it was a bit painful for me.

I was sorta hoping I could watch him take other loads, but when I got to his hotel I was the only top.  He was on all fours on the bed with his face looking the other direction. The only light was the light from the bathroom with the bathroom door slightly ajar. I stripped down to just socks and my shirt and started rimming him. I asked how many loads he had in him and he said three. I wasn’t able to felch any of the loads. He just seemed “well lubed”.

Didn’t take me too long to get rock hard at which point I stood up and gently guided my PA into his hole and had him get on his belly. I could definitely feel the loads in him. His hole was nice and silky. But the problem was that my dick kept bottoming out in his ass, which meant my ring was twisting and causing me pain. I tried to see if I could just bear the pain, but finally I realized if I wanted to breed him the ring needed to come out. So I pulled out quickly, and used the pillowcase to get the ball off and the ring out of my dick.

Even before I took the ring out we started with the poz talk… “So you wanna get pozzed?” That started him begging me to poz him and asking if I was toxic, and begging for a toxic load up his ass. He wanted it pretty bad. I was telling him things like “All slutty bottoms should be poz. You know you want this…” It was really hot. Honestly it’s the sorta stuff that goes through my head most of the time when I’m fucking guys – I was just verbalizing it this time.

Needless to say it didn’t take all that long to blow a load, and the load felt really big. All that poz talk got me going.

As I washed up and got dressed he never looked back. I love the fact that he has no clue what I look like, yet he was begging me to give him a toxic load and convert him.

Of course, I have no clue if he’s actually neg. And he has no clue what my HIV status really is. It could have been all fantasy. Or it could have been real. No one really knows. But it was real in that each of our desires were out there and both of us were getting off on the risk. I feel like ARVs are like training wheels for sex these days. At least for a moment we pretended there were no training wheels…

If you’re a bug chaser (real or fantasy) and in NYC, definitely hit me up. I wanna breed you while you beg me to poz you. But offer is off the table if you’re PNPing… Real pigs don’t need drugs to have good sex.

Fucked A VERY Hot Asian Guy This Afternoon

10 November 2015 | 1 Comment

Loads 2015-26 & 27

After yesterday’s “disappointment” I totally lucked out today and fucked this guy who was totally my type. I wasn’t getting much of any bites late this morning, then things started picking up in the afternoon. But mostly they wanted later or, when I did finally make a plan with someone, it just fell through.

This one Asian guy had hit me up saying he could do later. He was hot enough that I gave him my cell and told him to text me and keep in touch. So when my plans fell through I hit him up and luckily he was available. I told him I just wanted a quickie, and he was fine with that…

He had mentioned that he reads my blog, and when he got here it seemed his interest in me went beyond that. Apparently I’m totally his type. I’m not my type, so while the flattery is always nice to hear, I only take it so seriously. Meanwhile he was very much my type – shorter (which I like), quite thin (which is always hot), and he had these incredible tattoos on him, which made him rather distinctive.

We took off our clothes and he got busy sucking my cock. It was an interesting blowjob. Felt different than most. Hard to describe how it was different, but it was actually a pretty good blowjob – which is high praise from me since I’m not really into getting my dick sucked. But there was a point where I just wanted to fuck.

So we moved to the bed and I rimmed him briefly before lubing up my cock and sliding in. He had mentioned that he was mostly a top and had only started bottoming recently, so I wasn’t too surprised when he pulled off saying it hurt. But that was just for a second and then he was back with my dick up his hole. I took it easy initially just so he could get used to me.

The position of his hole made things a little complicated. The best way to describe it was that it was closer to his balls than it is on a lot of guys. So with him on his belly the position was a little awkward and I wasn’t in as deep as I’d usually like. BUT it didn’t hurt things at all. Probably a minute or two after I started fucking him I was blowing a pretty decent size load in him. I thought I’d just continue fucking his cummy hole but then 30 seconds or so later I blew another load that was even bigger than the first load. I was rather shocked. Yeah, he’s my type, but two loads in less than a minute when I came like 24 hours before? All when the position of my dick was a little awkward? Hey, whatever works, right?

At that point I knew I didn’t have third load in me, so I continued to slowly fuck his cummy ass for a while. Then I rolled him on his side and continued pumping in and out until I went soft and popped out.

The whole hookup took maybe 30 minutes – longer than I was planning on, but it was great sex with a hot bottom that got me to cum twice, so well worth the extra time.

Next time I fuck him I think I’ll do missionary position. That’ll let me get deeper into him. 😉

Married Neg Bottom Took My Load w/o Knowing My Status

9 June 2015 | 3 Comments

Load 2015-16

Yes, there was a load 15 – it was given at a sex party and fairly unremarkable – didn’t even see the bottom’s face – he was just bent over begging for my load. He had a rather beefy ass which isn’t usually my thing, but his hole felt good, and so I didn’t hold back when I felt my orgasm cumming.

But the fuck today was sorta cool. This guy hit me up on BBRT. He wasn’t totally my type but close enough and he was relatively close (in the same zip code, but about as far away as you can get and still be “0 miles” away according to BBRT). I noticed his profile said “Status: Negative” and he also mentioned that fact in his profile. But his “Looking For” was “No Preference”. So just from that he seemed a bit conflicted on the issue of HIV status.

My status on BBRT is “Don’t Care”. I’m on PrEP, but honestly if I became poz it wouldn’t be a big deal. I mean I guess I care enough to take PrEP, but beyond that I really don’t care.

So I told him to come over and then he asked if I’d pull out. I say no rather emphatically. Then he asks if I’m poz. I tell him I’ll answer that after my load is in his ass. I mean whether I’m neg or poz really doesn’t matter. Most poz guys are on meds and incapable of infecting anyone (it takes a viral load >1000 to do that and “undetectable” is <50). I figured my refusal to state my status would scare him off, but it didn’t. He was still willing to let me fuck him and breed him.

He came over, we got naked, and I saw a gold band on his finger – so he was married – and yet there he was going around taking loads from guys without knowing their status. Hmmmm… Then for some reason he asks if I’m piggy. I say “yeah”… So he’s now taking a load from a guy he knows is a pig, which has got to up the odds of him thinking I’m poz.

When I went to pushed my cock in it hurt him and he pulled off my dick. Then he flipped over on his back but that didn’t really feel all that great on my cock (and I prefer not to look at the bottom in the eyes when I’m fucking him), so once he had gotten comfortable with my cock I flipped him over.

I hadn’t cum in like 4-5 days and I’d been edging on and off most of that time, so I came fairly quickly and it was a pretty big load (from what I could tell). Then I slowly pumped in an out of his ass for a while before finally pulling out. He didn’t rush to the bathroom or anything. He just laid there and let the load absorb into him.

Finally I asked him “So what answer were you hoping to that question?” And he said “Neg”. He may have said “Neg”, but I knew the risk he just took was a big turn on for him. I told him I was neg and on PrEP and gave him a gentle lecture on how status isn’t important – what’s important is whether the guy is on meds – PrEP or ARVs. He seemed to know all that, but the fact remained that he took my load without knowing my status while saying he “wanted to stay neg”. I bet he tells his husband that he’s being monogamous or at least “really careful”. Yeah, right…

He never did try to expel the load. He left with all of it up his gut. And he doesn’t really know whether I was telling the truth or not. I mean I did sorta asked him what answer he wanted before telling him my answer. People have a habit of trusting me. That could have gotten him in a world of trouble today…

As much as I believe in PrEP and think it will bring down the number of HIV infections, I don’t think we’ll ever bring HIV infections down to zero. Some guys just have a dark attraction to HIV. That said it’s increasingly difficult to find unmedicated poz guys. The studies are showing the benefits of going on treatment sooner rather than later, and once a guy is undetectable it’s impossible for him to transmit the virus. It’s a bit like how vaccines have a “herd immunity” effect even if they don’t work on a particular individual, the individual is still protected.

Neg Guys Are Anon Cumdumps Now Too!

27 October 2014 | 1 Comment

Load 2014-27

Once again today I got hard really easily. It’s been 3-4 days since I took a Cialis – I’m starting to think maybe going to the gym is helping in that department too. Which would be great if it’s true.

Anyway, I figured I’d see if there were any cumdumps available for a quickie load (since I needed to get back to work). This 20-something in my neighborhood hit me up. He wanted a dark room, blindfolded sort of scene. His profile said he was neg, but poz friendly since he was on PrEP. He gave me his address and said to be there in a half hour.

I know one other anonymous cumdump bottom who advertises he’s neg – but he’s actually poz. In the past if you liked being an anonymous cumdump you just had to accept that you were going to become poz (if you weren’t already) – it just came with the territory.

But things are different now – neg guys are discovering that they don’t have to be so inhibited. If they just get themselves on PrEP they can be the kind of pig they always wished they could be. I can’t say if the guy is actually neg and on PrEP (I didn’t go through his medicine cabinet), but I suspect he is. Gotta say it’s great for tops like me – expands the field of good, willing bottoms.

I get there right when I said I’d get there and the front door of his building was wide open. I go in, ring his doorbell and he comes and unlocks it and leaves it ajar (but doesn’t open it). I’ve done this scene enough times to know that means I need to wait a sec before going in. When I do open the door, I see him with his back to me, turning down the brightness of the light and bending over the bed.

I went over, took off my coat and just unbuttoned my pants. It was a pump-n-dump and taking my clothes off and then putting them back on again could double the amount of time I would spend there.

I got down and started rimming him. His hole was a little stubbly, but I did that just long enough to get hard enough to fuck. Then I got up and tried to push in. My dick missed his hole. Tried again. Then finally had to feel where his hole was and use those fingers to guide my cock. But my cock still wouldn’t go in! For an anonymous cumdump he was surprisingly tight.

I did finally get in. His hole felt good. It was at that point that I noticed he was blindfolded. I always love that 😉 He started getting a little verbal, but not so much so that it was a turn off. I had come less than 24 hours before, so I was little worried I might not be able to cum. I could feel my orgasm building, but was still worried it might a “dry” orgasm. I wasn’t completely convinced I was going to be able to give him a load. About that time he starting saying stuff like “give me that big load”  and I was just hoping I could give him any load.

But the load did finally come. Probably not my biggest load, but I could feel 2-3 good squirts go up his hole. Then I stood up, checked my dick for “dirt” and shoved my cummy cock back into my jeans and I was on my way…

He’s relatively close to me. Hope I can make him a regular…

First Load Of 2014 Deposited In Smooth Asian Hole

3 January 2014 | 1 Comment

Load 2014-1

Had a good hookup yesterday with a neg bottom who’s a bit of a slutty cumhole, but really clean-cut appearance outwardly. He’s the Asian guy I fucked last month. He wanted me to come over right as another top was leaving, so he’d get loads back-to-back.

I get to his building and had to wait a couple minutes for the top before me to leave. He was in a nice building downtown – doorman, concierge, etc. When I got up to his apartment I sorta expected him to be naked since he’d just been fucked, but he was fully clothed. His apartment was quite nice, which was a pleasant change of pace from most of the places I see when I fuck guys. Clearly his life is going pretty well.

We strip down pretty quickly and he gets on the bed and throws his legs in the air. That’s when I remembered he’s not really into blowjobs. That’s fine with me – eating out smooth Asian hole is hardly a bad way to work up a hardon. As I rimmed him I was sorta hoping I’d taste the load that got deposited by the other top, but I never did taste anything in particular.

Once I was fully hard I climbed on the bed and pushed into him. His hole felt really good. A little slick (probably from the load in him), but also sorta tight and hitting in the right spots on my dick.

After fucking him briefly on his back, I rolled him over  bit and fucked him on his side. That felt really good and I could start to feel my orgasm building. I didn’t want to rush it too much – figured I’d just take my time (not that I ever take all that long to cum). But I wasn’t quite sure I could cum in that position, so I rolled him all the way onto his belly and experimented in that position until his hole was working my dick just right. Needless to say it wasn’t long before I blew a nice big 3 day load up his ass.

It was good I came when I did. I was sorta out of breath by the time the load came. I laid down next to him and spooned him with my dick still in his ass – just slowly pumping in and out of his cummy hole. We chatted a bit as I felt up his body.

After a little downtime he tried to get my dick up hard enough to fuck, but my load was shot and it wasn’t really happening – close, but not quite. After laying around a bit and chatting I eventually got dressed and left.

He’s a good cumhole – hopefully I’ll get to breed him pretty regularly this year.




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