Fucked 8 Guys…

6 March 2013 | 2 Comments

Load 2013-12

My bf was out of town this past weekend so I figure I’d use the opportunity to slut around a little. I went to a sex party over in Queens that a fuckbuddy had told me about. I wouldn’t say it was over the top great, but it was definitely fun.

It was sort of a weird place – had vestiges of being an office, but there were beds scattered here and there and some booths were built into some of the rooms – some with glory holes. I kept my boots on and I was sorta glad I did – ’cause god knows what was all over the floors and there were times when I’d go into the dark area thinking I could see what was right in front of me and then bump into someone. I probably stepped on a few guys feet in the process and was sorta glad my boots protected me when other guys “returned the favor”.

When I got there I found a bed in the dark room with three guys ass up on it. It took me a while to feel around and figure out what was up. I fucked each of them and I’m pretty sure the third guy got me to blow my load – at least my dick acted like it had cum the rest of the night. It never got quite as hard, etc. But I did manage to fuck 5 more guys (some more than once).

One guy in particular was sorta weird – this hot little black guy (or dark skinned blatino – not sure which). Anyway, when I rimmed him there was a weird taste to his ass and the lube on my beard and lips felt weird. I think he might have had desensitizing cream on or something. I realize why he may want desensitizing cream, but it’s not very good for the tops. He was really hot – so fucked him anyway and then I tried to rinse the shit off my face and dick.

The only real problem with the place is that bottoms guard their place on that bed in the dark room. It’s really quite stupid. They’re not having sex and some poor bottom can’t get fucked properly ’cause he doesn’t have a spot on the bed. There were bottoms I’d encounter who were just bent over in the middle of the room – but that’s not a great position for the bottom or the top. They really should make a rule that if you’re not getting fucked you need to get off the bed. If I could have fucked more guys on the bed I probably could have cum more. Oh well. (They should add another bed or two in there). Still, it was a lot of fun.

I wanted to do more over the weekend but came down with a bad head cold. Just my luck. I’ll have another weekend to myself in a few weeks. So hopefully I can do a lot more then.

Dark Room Hookup

30 January 2013 | No Comments

Load 2013-6

So yesterday I initially set up plans to fuck a guy and film it, but then @PortaUrinal reminded me that we had plans to go out drinking, so I needed something simpler and faster so I could be done by the time PortaUrinal came over. So I texted one of the black cumholes who lives near me (the one who bottomed for me and MascMountainMan a while back). Of course, as soon as I made plans with him a couple other guys said they were available – and they were pretty hot too. But I stuck with the plan I had in place ’cause it was good timing for that particular night.

Usually I dim the lights in the room and draw the blinds, but last night I was a little lazy, so I just kept lights off and the blinds open. It made for a pretty dark room.

The bottom wanted to use the bathroom when he got there, so I stripped down, laid on the bed, and started jacking my dick while I waited for him. It took a while to get fully hard – guess my mind was somewhere else or something. But by the time he came out of the bathroom I was mostly hard. I just laid there while he got between my legs and started sucking my dick. A couple minutes later when I was fully hard I asked him to sit on my dick. I can’t ever cum that way, but right in that moment I just felt like a relaxed fuck where I take it slow and easy.

He tried a few times to get my dick in his hole, but for some reason he just couldn’t get it in. That’s weird ’cause my first boyfriend taught me that the easiest way to take dick was to sit on it. Anyway, as he was trying to get my dick in his hole I felt his dick. The guy is hung like a horse, which is funny ’cause he’s 90% bottom. He’s long and beer can thick. It felt pretty incredible. It was around that moment when I really started liking being in a dark room. I’ve fucked this guy quite a few times in the past – it’s a little routine at this point, but with the room so dark he was just an anonymous body you’d find in some back room. It was hot to be able to play with his huge cock and not get distracted by the other parts of him that I know pretty well by now.

I don’t know why he couldn’t get my dick up his hole, but I finally just gave up on that idea. I got up and he got on all fours. I put some more lube on my dick and pushed in. He was pretty tight. (It’s funny – I can tell when he’s high and when he’s sober by how loose/tight his hole is. When he’s high he can take my dick with a cock sheath. When he’s sober he’s really tight). I had forgotten how good his hole can feel. I mean he always gets me to cum, but his hole was tight and was putting pressure in all sorts of directions. It was working my cock pretty much perfectly.

Despite how good it felt, I wasn’t cumming. I tried to move around a bit, but finally just took a little breather. I don’t think he’s usually so hard when he’s with me, so I asked him to jack off for me. It took him a little while, but he finally gave me what I wanted and blew a nice big load for me.

Some guys can’t get fucked after cumming, but I knew he’d take my dick even if it was difficult for him. By now I had caught my breath and was pretty horned up so it didn’t take long for me to cum with his hole working my dick so well. It had been 3 1/2 days since I had cum – so he got a nice big load.

We laid there for a little bit with my dick in his ass and then my dick got soft and came out. After a little bit I got up – I sensed the bottom wanted to stay laying there a little longer, but I had to eat a little something before PortaUrinal came over.

The only problem with a dark room is getting dressed… Had to turn the lights on for that. But all in all I really liked the anonymity of the encounter – even though I knew him there was something primal about it. Gotta turn the lights off more often. Though on the first hookup I always like to get a proper look at what I’m rimming/fucking…

Frustrating Fuck

8 August 2012 | No Comments

My morning woodLoad 2012-36

This morning started pretty well, I had nice morning wood (see pic to the left), but the last few days my sex drive has been low. I’ve been spending a lot of time on Tumblr – I feel like I’m almost oversexed – looking at porn literally all day. Bottom line is I haven’t getting getting good stiff hardons the last few days – just lazy semi-chubby ones. Case and point yesterday I was laying out tanning – the bulge in my underwear was nice, but it would have been a lot nicer if I had been at least semi-hard, but my dick wasn’t cooperating.

Anyway, this morning I was encouraged by my morning wood, so when a fuckbud from the neighborhood (the one I videotaped a few weeks ago) hit me up I asked how quickly he could be over for a pump-n-dump. About 40 minutes later he was at my place…

He wanted to be abused, degraded and fucked roughly, slapped around, etc. I took him down to the cellar in my building. There’s a dark storage room – it’s filthy dirty.

I had told him to wear shorts and no underwear. He had complied. I pulled down his shorts, bent him over and rimmed his hole. Usually that gets me hard pretty quickly. I got a bit of a chubby, but wasn’t getting fully hard. His hole tasted good – tasted like ass, but clean ass…

Long story short on the next bit – I keep trying to fuck the guy, but my dick just didn’t cooperate. I wasn’t getting hard enough to fuck properly. It was really frustrating. I’d pull out and finger his hole. He’s so loose I think he could get fisted. I’d shove two, sometimes three fingers in his hole and he could take it no problem. Thing was, there was just something about that day/environment/whatever that my dick wasn’t fully cooperating.

The only time things went sorta well was when I had him on all fours and I was fucking him doggy style. I wouldn’t say it was a good fuck – far from it, but it was a fuck. At one point I was jacking trying to get myself hard enough and I started feeling my orgasm building. Weird… Seemed like it was going to be one of those days when I cum without being fully hard… So I get him on all fours and fuck him semi-hard and managed to blow my load without a problem. Go figure. It was a decent, 5 day load.

We got up, cleaned off a bit, and left.

All in all it was a bad fuck, but totally my fault. The bottom was wonderful – he did his part and was even nice about it afterwards saying he enjoyed it (believe it or not) – that being put flat on his belly on a dark dirty cellar was hot and while it wasn’t the best fuck, he did get my load which tweakers (who can fuck for hours) often can’t achieve. That’s looking on the bright side of things I guess, but hey at least I gave him a load…

Gave A Bug Chaser His 13th Load Of The Weekend

24 July 2012 | 6 Comments

Load 2012-32

[I’m behind a bit on my posts – I’m doing them in reverse order…]

A little while ago a bug chaser posted on BreedingZone.com (my forum site) that he was going to visit NYC and he was looking for loads (you gotta be logged in to see his post and the responses).

Hey guys,
Neg bottom visiting NYC looking to take some loads. I am not going to ask status so hoping a few poz guys stealth breed me in my hotel. Message me if you want hotel info closer to date.

Needless to say I had to drop a load in him… Yeah, I’m neg, but bug chasers still turn me on…

He set up a gangbang on BBRT for the night before he left. When he sent out the details he mentioned if people couldn’t make it then, that he’d be taking loads the next morning before he left. We had friends over late that afternoon and we were drinking so by the time came for the gangbang I was in no shape to fuck. I texted him and asked if 8:30 the next morning was too early – he said no problem.

When I texted him in the morning I didn’t hear anything back. Then I noticed he had a quick connect ad up on BBRT and he was logged in. I figured he didn’t get back to me ’cause he was getting fucked, so I just left and headed down. He had given the address of the hotel and the room number in the email the day before. By the time I got off the subway he had gotten back to me and as I expected, he was up for taking my load.

I get to the hotel (it was the same hotel as the bottom I fucked a few weeks ago). It’s like that hotel is becoming the gangbang hotel of Hells Kitchen. I get up to the floor and I pass another door that’s ajar – made me wonder if other guys were there having anonymous sex. His door was ajar and when I went in the room it was pitch black – there was a light on in the bathroom and the door was cracked – so I could see barely enough to know there was someone on the bed.

I was a little hot, so I stripped down. The clock next to the bed said it was 9:01 AM. He was on all fours facing away from the door. Head down and as far as I know he didn’t look back until later. I pulled his legs back so I could rim him. Unfortunately he had tons of lube on his hole. I knew he had at least one load in there – I could sorta taste it, but the taste of the lube overwhelmed everything.

As soon as I was hard (which didn’t take long), I got up and pushed my dick in. I was wearing the curved barbell in my PA and he felt it and put his hand back and tried to slow me down or push me off his hole (not sure which). I didn’t take ‘no’ for an answer – I pushed the ball on the underside of my dick up so it would go in more smoothly, but despite his hand I just kept pushing in. As soon as it was in and he was over his initial WTF? response, he was fine.

When he was down and on his belly I asked him how many loads he’d gotten that weekend. He said 12, but 4 were that morning. Even though I’m neg I wanted to play with him… All I remembered was that he had posted in the bug chaser section of Breeding Zone. Looking back at what he posted he wanted to be stealthed and not really think about what he was doing. As soon as I had a number I started fucking with his head – “Yeah, you’re a good bug chaser, boy… taking all that anonymous cum in your neg ass… How many of them were poz?” He wasn’t sure. But he started seeming a little freaked out. Here I was fucking him with a PA talking about his bug chasing and taking poz loads. He started moving around a bit – almost resisting. It didn’t last long though within a few seconds he was subdued and seemed into it.

I kept my verbal taunts up and came pretty quickly in his ass. As I got up, I spread his ass cheeks and licked up some of the cum. It tasted good.

As I was dressing I noticed the clock next to the bed said 9:05. The whole thing had taken just 4 minutes.

It took a little while to get my clothes on. During that time he rolled over, looked at me, and fingered his cummy hole.

He sent me a text later saying it was the first time he’d gotten fucked by someone with a PA. Then a day or so later he sent me a message on BBRT saying he was sorry he didn’t get my load. He hadn’t connected my text with my profile name. He was literally taking loads from anyone – which is sorta hot.

I wonder if his trip to New York was successful and he went home poz?

7 Minute Hotel Pump-N-Dump

9 July 2012 | No Comments

Load 2012-28

Last Tuesday I fucked a guy – it was the 3rd hole in 3 days. I just had a little time and a guy was in a hotel in Hell’s Kitchen looking for loads. It was hot out and no one wanted to travel. I knew I’d have a week of little if any sex, so I was trying to fit in as many fucks as possible. I jump on the subway and head down. On the way my friend texted me saying he wanted to hang out. I told him I was headed his way for a quickie – I’d let him know when I was done.

I got off the subway and the heat was rather brutal as I walked to the hotel. I texted the bottom as I got to the hotel and when I got up the room the door was ajar. I had told him I wanted an anonymous quickie pump-n-dump. The curtains were drawn and the room was fairly dark, and he was on the bed in a jockstrap on all fours. BUT he was positioned with his head towards me and he looked up as I came in. I prefer it when the bottom doesn’t look at me until at least after I’ve got my dick in them – there’s something sluttier and hotter about scenarios like that.

Anyway, the bottom was OK – not totally my type, but with an anonymous pump-n-dump you don’t need perfection and he was more than adequate for a quickie load. I wanted to be quick, so I started rimming him and jacking my dick even before I’d taken off all my clothes. Normally I wouldn’t take off my clothes for a quickie like this, but given the temperature I was hot.

I took off my shirt as I rimmed him, and then pushed my jeans down as I was lubing up my dick. I pushed him on his belly and fucked him. I didn’t try to draw it out, and came a couple minutes later. I then just got up, put my clothes on and left. Putting my clothes on seemed to take forever… I hate those awkward moments (which is why I usually leave my clothes on).

Total elapsed time was about 7 minutes in his hotel room. I could have gotten that down a bit if I had left my clothes on…

I texted my friend as I was leaving and he was a bit shocked I was done already. I realized I needed to wash up a bit since I had the smell of ass in my beard and lube between my fingers. I stopped at a bodega and paid way too much for a bottle of water – with that and a napkin I was able to sorta clean things up adequately. Even so with all the heat I was a sweaty mess as I waited for my friend at the subway station…

<10 Minute Dark Room Pump-N-Dump

29 January 2012 | No Comments

Load 2012-3

I woke up this morning hoping to fuck someone. I had taken a Cialis about 48 hours earlier (before fucking my nigger fuckbud“) and the Cialis was still doing it’s job. There were a few guys online but they were saying they wanted hour plus hookups or that they didn’t want to travel that far. I was willing to travel – it was Sunday morning and I knew I could find parking just about anywhere in the City.

This black guy wanted me to come to his place near Columbus Circle, so I took a shower and headed out (and got a muffin on the way there so I had some energy). Traffic was light and I got down the West Side Highway really quickly. I called him from outside his building and he buzzed me in. He left his door ajar. I went in and my eyes had a hard time adjusting. All his blinds were drawn, he just had this little, dim, neon light on. I’ve got Transitions lenses and they hadn’t adjusted to being indoors yet, so it seemed like the room was almost pitch black.

I navigated around the table in the middle of the room and found him on his bed, ass up, wearing athletic socks, tennis shoes, and one of those ass-cut-out sorta shorts (is there a proper name for those?). He gyrated his ass up and down as I took off my boots and my jeans.

I crawled up on the bed, and bent over to rim him, but he had lubed up with strawberry lube or something. It tasted awful so I quit immediately. I jacked my dick a little. When I was about 3/4 hard I shoved in. He had sorta of a big meaty ass. If I saw him in clothes I’m guessing I’d say he had an “apple bottom”.

All in all he was a pretty good fuck. His hole felt pretty good (not great, but definitely a good fuck). I just concentrated on the task at hand – dark room anonymous fucks aren’t meant to be long drawn-out events. I came fairly quickly, but didn’t feel like leaving right away. I rolled him onto his side and pumped his ass a minute or two until my dick got soft. Then I got up, dressed and left.

When I had texted him that I was on his block it was 9:50. When I got in the car and drove away I noticed it was 10:03. So given the walk time and (un)dressing at both ends of the hookup the actual sex took less than 10 minutes – which is about right for a pump-n-dump 😉




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