Cummy Holes Feel SO Good ;)

29 May 2013 | 1 Comment

Load 2013-23

Only 23 loads given this yearโ€ฆ Yeah, I know that’s a bit sadโ€ฆ But it is what it is. On the plus side since I’ve been going to sex parties I’ve been getting my dick in a lot of new holes. If I keep that up I should fuck more guys than I’ve fucked in years past.

Monday I was debating about going to the JOC party, but then my bf and friends wanted to go out to the Eagle – so Eagle it was. Anyway, that’s not the story I’m trying to tell. Point is I took a Cialis in anticipation of the evening’s events but then the evening turned out to be sexless. So woke up Tuesday with a big hardon and needed a hole to unload in.

I logged into BBRT and A4A. Absolutely nothing was happening on A4A – there was like one pending message when I logged in (usually there are a half dozen or so). BBRT was pretty quiet too. There were a couple nibbles, but I started to give up. But then this one bottom hit me up and said he already had 2 loads in him and wanted more. I told him where I was and asked if he was up for traveling. He came back with asking me where I was located. Ummm… I just answered that question, so I repeated my answer and sort of wrote him off. But then he came back and seemed serious, so I gave him my full address and he was out the door on his way here pretty much immediately. The bed was covered in clean laundry that needed to be folded. I folded a bunch of it and then just put the rest aside and got ready for him.

He texted me when he got out of the subway and then took 10 minutes to walk what’s usually a 6 min walk, which was a bit odd, but he did finally get here. He was pretty cute for a cumdump ๐Ÿ˜‰ I sorta envied him. I blow my load and I’m done for the day. He can go from top to top taking load after load. Here it was just before noon and he was about to get his third load. How many was he going to get before he went to bed? 10? 15? 20? Do bottoms have more fun?

He had to take a piss so I stripped down while he was in the bathroom. I had gotten my big PA in the day before, but it was pretty sore after walking around a lot yesterday with it tugging on my dick. He looked down at my dick and I could tell he didn’t quite know what to do with it – or he wasn’t very enthusiastic about sucking dick when it had such a big ring in it. That I understand completely – the metal knocks your teeth and hurts like hell.

So I just told him to get on the bed that I wanted to rim him. As he was turning around I asked him how recently he got the other two loads. If it had been a while it could have been a bit of a funky mess – luckily he had gotten them just before coming to me.

The first few licks were more like felching than rimming. His ass tasted like cum. It was pretty hot. Then I started sucking on his hole, but he didn’t really get the hint and push out more cum. No matter – his cummy ass made me rock hard. I got up, grabbed the lube – put a little on his hole (not that it needed it), and a bunch on my dick and ring and then shoved the ring and my dick into his hole.

I fucked him a little with the PA, but it was hurting too much to give him a proper fuck. So I pulled out, took off the ring, and went back to fucking him. Not sure what he thought, but I think I gave him a pretty good fuck. I was doing these long strokes and pounding away at his hole. The only thing was that I didn’t last all that long. His ass felt incredible thanks to the two loads that were already inside him. There’s just something about a cummy hole that you can never achieve with a lot of lube. Cum really is the best lube.

I actually held out a little longer than I thought I would. I felt my orgasm coming but then it didn’t cum. Took quite a few strokes and then I felt it – a full body orgasm – my whole body tingled all over as I shot a nice big load up his already cummy hole.

When I was done I thought briefly about felching him some more but it seemed a little funky down there, so I stopped pretty quickly. I was out of breath anyway – and from experience I don’t like felching when I’m breathing really hard. We got up and then he got down on his knees and cleaned off my dick. The head of my dick and the hole for my piercing were really sensitive so I told him to go easy on my dick. He gently sucked all the cum and ass juice off my cock. He started jacking his dick and asked me if he could cum. I said “sure if you want”, but honestly I didn’t really care if he came. I fucked his face a little and then we stopped.

He was dressed and ready to leave before I could get my PA ring back in my dick. So I threw on a pair of shorts and walked him out as I was putting on my t-shirt. It was a total pump-n-dump – all that happened in under 10 minutes. Later my bf asked me why it was a such a short hookup. All I could say was because he got me to cum quickly. Later I regretted saying that – I felt like fucking again. If I had implied that it wasn’t a great hookup I might have gotten a second hookup in for the day. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But honestly, it was a pretty incredible hookup. Loved having a full-body orgasm.

I think I have a new fuckbud… ;)

27 September 2012 | 2 Comments

Load 2012-49

It’s been interesting lately – seems I barely need to be online to get sex. That’s not a bad thing – not at all. I’ve given my cell number out to a few guys and they’ve been texting me when they’re looking. I’ve had guys e-mail me, and hit me up on Breeding Zone.

Today I had two tourists want to hookup with me – one from Breeding Zone, another off BBRT. I went round and round with the one off BBRT – he had a million questions about my sexual history and when my last test was, etc. He openly said he was hesitant. He told me what hotel he was in but wouldn’t tell me the room number. When he told me to come down and text him when I got there and he’d give me the room number then I just gave up. Then he got all pissy. I told him history told me it wasn’t going to go well. Quick and easy is usually what works best. He tried to justify all the questions saying he had to make sure I was neg. I told him that was absurd – he’s letting a complete stranger fuck him and cum in his ass. Risk reduction is a joke in that particular case.

The one from Breeding Zone didn’t want to hookup until 6pm. I was just about ready to confirm with him when a guy hit me up who I’ve been wanting to fuck for a while. A mid-20s blatino guy (just my type). He’s almost been too eager. The other day when I had the failure, he was texting me and calling me while I was fucking the other guy. In hindsight I should have hooked up with him then, but honestly I’ve been in a pretty mellow, somewhat non-sexual mood lately (while being simultaneously horny – it’s a weird mindset I’m in) – so god knows how it would have gone if I had hooked up with him then.

Anyway, using my “bird in the hand is better than 2 in the bush” motto I said yes to the young blatino guy and “sorry” to the tourist off Breeding Zone.

The kid showed up and he wasn’t quite what I was expecting – he was a lot skinnier – as in skinny as a rail. He looked like he weighed 100 lbs, and if he had been 5’4″ he probably would have been but he was taller. Still he was really really tiny. He probably had a 26 or 27″ waist. I love little guys, and young guys, and blatino guys, so I was sorta in heaven.

I had been working on posts for my Tumblr blog (watching a movie), so I was hard when he showed up. I was able to stay fairly hard even after running down and letting him in the building. He dropped to his knees to suck me and it was OK – I mean I was pretty hard, but that’s not what I wanted right then.

I managed to change things up and get him bent over the bed so I could rim his hole. His ass was skinny and sorta boney. But he had a nice hole. I was a little worried about him being clean – he said he had cleaned out in the morning but it was now hours later, but he seemed pretty clean – so I went to town and sucked on his hole.

It didn’t take long for me to get hard, at which point I got up, put some lube on my dick and pushed in. He had a little problem taking my dick – maybe I needed more lube, maybe his hole was sore, or maybe I should just change back to Wet Platinum which always did a good job for me – who knows… One way or the other he tried to pull off me, but I insisted he keep it in and I just went really slow at first until he was OK. Even after he could take my dick he seemed like he was in a bit of pain. Good thing I didn’t have my PA in ๐Ÿ™‚

The problem was that I had gotten so aroused before fucking him that I started cumming after a few strokes. There was no point in holding it back, so I dumped in him and tried to keep fucking. But it had been a few days since I took a Cialis, so my dick sorta decided it was done a little while after it came. I rolled him on his side and continued to pump his ass until my dick popped out.

Then I got down and rimmed him again – cleaning the cum off the outside of his ass – I love the taste of a cummy hole…

We then laid around and talked for while.ย  He’s a sweet kid. As he was laying there I thought he looked like he was 10 years younger and possibly jail bait, but then he started talking about his life and his job and I was reassured he was the age he said he was. Still, it’s hot that he looks so young…

He texted me afterwards and says he wants to fuck again soon. I’m hoping I’ll get to breed him on a regular basis.

Sometimes everything seems to go wrong…

10 September 2012 | No Comments

Load 2012-44

I had one of those nights tonight that would be funny if so much didn’t go wrong…

First I had this hot young bottom who’s been texting me a fair amount wanting to get fucked. I really want to fuck him, but he lives in Brooklyn or Queens or something and it’s not terribly convenient to hookup. So today he was running errands in Manhattan so he thought he’d come over. But then he told me he hadn’t cleaned out… I really didn’t feel like dealing with that, so I said “another time”.

So I get online and there’s a guy on the Lower East Side that wants to come over. He just had to do a little cleaning out and he said he’ll be right over. Last I heard from him he was going to do a little more cleaning and then leave. I didn’t know if he actually left or not. I didn’t know if he’d show up, so I waited. After an hour and 15 min I give up.

Meanwhile there’s this hot black guy who wants to come over and isn’t far away. Great. But then as we’re confirming he also goes missing.

Then there’s this 23 year old neg guy who’s a bit new to barebacking who wants to come over. But he wants to clean out here – he doesn’t have any equipment to clean out. I’m a top, I’m not exactly set up for it either so I just blow him off…

Then there’s a guy in a hotel on Times Square who’s in from San Francisco who goes round and round. He sorta says he could host or travel, but then he starts saying “well, I just got in and have an early flight tomorrow”. What’s that have to do with anything other than you don’t want a long hookup. Bottom line he didn’t have equipment to clean out either. Again? Seriously? I was even willing to deal with that and let him clean out here. Then he said he wanted assurances he’d get fucked rough and I’d cum multiple times. That just was too much (I almost never cum more than once, and I’ll fuck however I feel like it) so I blew him off.

There were actually a few more in there. Guys who on a normal day I would have hooked up with, but as the saga was going on and on I just didn’t have the patience for.

So I tell myself I’ll hookup with the guy on the Upper West Side who I’ve been fucking for years now. He’s a dependable bottom. Not a whole lot of excitement – I’d rather try out new hole, but at this point dependable was looking good. He said he had three loads in him. Then on the way over he said the first top probably didn’t cum – still 2 loads should be better than none.

I get over there and I’m rimming him and he goes to push out some of the cum in his ass and it’s dirty and I get some in my mouth. YUCK! I run to the bathroom and wash my mouth out as best I could. Luckily I didn’t swallow.

I go back and barely get hard enough to fuck him (I wasn’t rimming him again). But then my dick gets hard and I’m able to fuck. But I can smell a little shit. That’s usually a huge turn off, but I just want to cum so I push through it. It was far from my best fuck – sorta a lame fuck actually. But I do manage to cum and give him a proper 3rd load.

The chemistry was all off, so I wound up washing off my dick, getting dressed and leaving pretty quickly.

It actually gets worse… As I was riding the subway home I realize my shirt is inside out. It was one of those shirts where they print the inside and it bleeds through to the outside to give it a faded look. So I had this bold lettering that was completely backwards. I didn’t want to be seen by someone I knew with my shirt on backwards, so when we got to 125 I waited as people left the platform and then when there weren’t too many people around I took off my shirt and put it on properly.

What a miserable evening… Oh well… Win some, lose some, right? I mean it’s just a law of averages. If you’re not having bad sex you probably aren’t having good sex either. Still, I could do without nights like tonight.

Trying Too Hard To Please

13 August 2012 | No Comments

Load 2012-37

There’s a bottom who I’ve been in a lot of contact with lately, but timing always sucks. Well, Saturday morning things worked and I went over to his place. He told me he’d have the door unlocked and he’d be on the bed face down, ass up. It all sounded pretty good, but honestly I was sorta in the mood for something a little more relaxed. Still, anonymous is always a good way to start…

I got to his place, the door wasn’t ajar, but since the doorman had just called his number and he had told me he’d be waiting on his bed, I tried the knob and it was unlocked. Usually in anonymous pump & dumps the lighting is pretty low, but all the blinds were open and there was tons of light (not a problem – just more of an observation). He had an alcove studio, so I went over to the alcove and there he was just as he said he would be.

I wasn’t in a rush so I took off all my clothes and got down on my knees to rim his hole. The hole was a little musky, but seemed pretty clean so I had some fun with it – sucking on it, etc. Too bad there weren’t other loads in there. I love when I suck on a guys ass and he can push out cum from other tops. That got me hard, so I stood up and went to fuck him. There were several bottles of poppers around, but I didn’t see any lube, so I got things as wet as I could with spit and pushed in.

Long story, but I had pushed stretching my Prince Albert too far to quickly (ball stretching & PA stretching at the same time is a bad idea) and then slept in the bigger ring which irritated it, so I had to take it out, give it a few days of nothing and then start all over. I had just put the curved barbell back in the day before and even it was pretty sore and irritated. But he took the extra ball on the bottom of my dick without a problem.

He had a nice tight hole – I almost wonder if he was clenching to give me a good fuck. But what was interesting was that I seemed to hit bottom in his ass really easily. That doesn’t usually happen unless the guy is around 5’4″ and this guy was maybe 6 inches taller than that. Usually I love hitting bottom but every time I did my PA would shoot out a bit of pain. It wasn’t particularly happy about fucking when it was so tender.

I lasted maybe a little bit longer than usual, but still came pretty quickly. It was at this point that the bottom said “stay inside me” – which I intended to do anyway, but the problem was one of position. I tried briefly to lay on top of him, but I’m a big guy and didn’t know whether my weight was too much for him. I went to roll us over one way but didn’t want to be looking into the mirrored all (too much looking at each other for an anonymous fuck). So I rolled the other way, but it was a little awkward – like he didn’t really want to or he wasn’t expecting it or something.

There was just something a little off with the chemistry at this point. Best I can describe it is the bottom wasn’t relaxing and just being in the moment. Still, I pumped my dick in an out of his hole. Since I had cum I wasn’t 100% hard, and with the position we were in my dick was a bit bent. But I found if I pushed with my fingers where the bend was that I could continue to fuck him pretty well.

One thing I did was pull my cock so it would almost come out. This was the thing that caused the bottom so much pain a could weeks before – when the ball on my PA repeatedly gets inside the sphincter it can be painful. Though a couple weeks ago i was really slamming into the guy’s ass – this was just a relaxed, slow fuck. I chatted briefly with him afterwards and he didn’t mention any pain – so I don’t think that was the case this time. Still, I imagine he got the sensation of feeling the ball on the PA every time I pulled out.

As I was starting to get soft I pulled out. I really wanted him to clean off my dick, but he didn’t volunteer and I didn’t force the issue. I got up and felt his cummy ass.ย  I couldn’t resist so I licked some of the cum up (tasted good!). All in all the bottom seemed to want a quickie pump-n-dump, so I figured I’d leave. He said I could take a shower or whatever, so I went into the bathroom and tried to clean my dick – not because he was dirty, but because I knew my PA needed the cleaning. I pissed a little in his sink and then used soap and water for the rest.

When I came out he said I could stay longer, but I wasn’t really feeling that vibe. Honestly I think he read the blog saw some of the pump-n-dump hookups I’ve been having lately and tried really hard to give me what he thought I wanted. You can’t fault a bottom for that, but I sorta wish he hadn’t tried so hard.

As I was dressing he apologized – he had looked back and seen me. Clearly he was trying to live by a rulebook he got off the blog. Guess he missed the part about how I like to start pretty anonymous, but the ending doesn’t have to be. Then I realized my keys weren’t in my pocket, so we looked around for them a little (turns out I had left them at home). Then I was off.

All in all a good fuck…. While the bottom tried to hard to please, what he proved to me is he’ll probably give me whatever I want. I could probably rough fuck him with my big PA, or even get into BDSM with him and he’d take it light a champ – ’cause he works so hard to please. So in the end it’s all good…

There was a little funny incident as I left the building. As I came in I saw what I thought was an older leather queen on his Harley outside the building. He had the leather vest on with pins all over it – very old school leather bar. Then as I was coming down the elevator these two guys were talking and by the conversation it seemed one was the coop board president. I walked behind the president as he left the building and the old leather queen was still outside and they started chatting about how he didn’t know if he was going to go for a ride upstate because it might rain. I just thought “only in New York” are regular people so accepting of difference. I mean there’s a chance the guy wasn’t gay – that he was straight and part of some aging motorcycle club, but it was the West Village and the guy looked 110% like the old guys you used to see at the LURE on a Saturday night. I mean full leather with all the pins stuff to prove their track record in the community. And here was this older (probably) Jewish guy who probably had 2 kids, 4 grandkids treating the leather queen and his issues like they were completely normal. THAT is why I live in New York.

Sex Party Was A Waste Of $20

26 July 2012 | No Comments

Load 2012-33

Went to a sex party last night. It started at 7pm. From (limited) experience I knew that the first hour at a sex party is pretty dead, so I didn’t rush to get there, but I got tied up with something else and didn’t get there until 8:45. The doors closed at 9. I had been there before and when there were 3 of us arriving at the same time I figured it would be busy. It wasn’t. I counted and there were just 9 guys there. It was sorta sad.

What was a little weird was the host and I had talked. In the past he knew I was rawTOP, but there was zero recognition this time. His only comment was “you’ve been here before, right?”

Anyway, this stocky Latino was eyeing me up, and even though I’m not generally into stocky guys, he was OK… We started feeling each other up. Even though I had taken a Cialis an hour and a half before, my dick wasn’t all that excited to be there. I had to spin him around and have him bend over so I could rim him. His asshole was really deep in his ass cheeks – I never was quite sure if I was hitting his hole with my tongue or not, but that got my dick hard ๐Ÿ˜‰ and we were off and running. He sucked my dick a bit and then we fucked. He was a bit obsessed with lube – but it did make the fuck better.

When a spot opened up on the couch we moved over there. He bent over and I fucked him. Then he had me sit down and he rode my dick. While he was doing it he was saying stuff. At one point I could swear he said “Fuck me rawTOP”. It’s possible he recognized me. Then he turned around and rode my dick with his back to me. Then I had him get on his knees on the couch and I fucked him that way. That position was the best of all of them. The other positions felt like pretty weak fucks. I never could get the position quite right. His hole just wasn’t rubbing my cock the right way and I never did feel an orgasm coming. He asked if I was going to cum and I said not quite yet.

As soon as I pulled out of his ass this Asian who was sitting next to us started sucking on my dick (ATM). We had come in together and he was the guy there who I most wanted to fuck. I had seen him getting fucked by some black guys, but hadn’t been paying total attention. We changed to fucking pretty quickly. His hole felt great. I learned later that he had two loads in there by then. Multiple loads always make an ass fun to fuck. Anyway, before long I felt a HUGE load blasting into his guts.

The huge load worried me a bit. Last time I went to the party I blew smaller loads and managed to cum 3 times. I took a breather after cumming and stood around hoping to regain my wind for a 2nd round. This black guy wanted to suck my dick while he was fucking this white bottom. I let him for a while, but he was more concentrated on the fuck and sorta just held my dick in his mouth. Having just cum, my dick was pretty sensitive and even that was too much, so I pulled off him.

The stocky Latino wanted me to come up behind him and fuck him while he was fucking this little chub. But my dick wasn’t ready to fuck yet.

After I was ready to fuck I did briefly fuck this white guy on the futon (I think he was the one the black guy was fucking). But I just couldn’t get the position right, so I gave up.

Then stocky Latino left. He was the person I was hoping to give my second load to. No one else there was really even close to my type. I mean if my dick had been hard I could have fucked them, but it would have been an uninspired fuck.

After that my dick was just barely cooperating. I tried to fuck this other white guy. I rimmed him, but just never got hard enough. However, when I went back to rimming the Asian guy he pushed some cum out of his ass. The felching got my dick up enough to fuck. I fucked him for a bit, but my dick was more thick and spongey than hard. We fucked like that for a bit and then gave up.

At that point no one else was going to arrive. My dick wasn’t cooperating. And there wasn’t really anyone there I wanted to fuck, so I left. The Asian guy left at the same time. I should have asked for his number, but I didn’t. He clearly did like me…

So in hindsight I shouldn’t have gone. There was this black guy I fucked a while back who’d taken multiple loads that day who wanted me to fuck him again. In hindsight I could have fucked him and saved the $20. Not only that, but he would have been a fun fuck. Could have fucked him with my PA, called him nigger, restrained and gagged him, etc. Oh well… Lesson learned – I should just stick with 1-on-1s…

Gave A Bug Chaser His 13th Load Of The Weekend

24 July 2012 | 6 Comments

Load 2012-32

[I’m behind a bit on my posts – I’m doing them in reverse order…]

A little while ago a bug chaser posted on (my forum site) that he was going to visit NYC and he was looking for loads (you gotta be logged in to see his post and the responses).

Hey guys,
Neg bottom visiting NYC looking to take some loads. I am not going to ask status so hoping a few poz guys stealth breed me in my hotel. Message me if you want hotel info closer to date.

Needless to say I had to drop a load in him… Yeah, I’m neg, but bug chasers still turn me on…

He set up a gangbang on BBRT for the night before he left. When he sent out the details he mentioned if people couldn’t make it then, that he’d be taking loads the next morning before he left. We had friends over late that afternoon and we were drinking so by the time came for the gangbang I was in no shape to fuck. I texted him and asked if 8:30 the next morning was too early – he said no problem.

When I texted him in the morning I didn’t hear anything back. Then I noticed he had a quick connect ad up on BBRT and he was logged in. I figured he didn’t get back to me ’cause he was getting fucked, so I just left and headed down. He had given the address of the hotel and the room number in the email the day before. By the time I got off the subway he had gotten back to me and as I expected, he was up for taking my load.

I get to the hotel (it was the same hotel as the bottom I fucked a few weeks ago). It’s like that hotel is becoming the gangbang hotel of Hells Kitchen. I get up to the floor and I pass another door that’s ajar – made me wonder if other guys were there having anonymous sex. His door was ajar and when I went in the room it was pitch black – there was a light on in the bathroom and the door was cracked – so I could see barely enough to know there was someone on the bed.

I was a little hot, so I stripped down. The clock next to the bed said it was 9:01 AM. He was on all fours facing away from the door. Head down and as far as I know he didn’t look back until later. I pulled his legs back so I could rim him. Unfortunately he had tons of lube on his hole. I knew he had at least one load in there – I could sorta taste it, but the taste of the lube overwhelmed everything.

As soon as I was hard (which didn’t take long), I got up and pushed my dick in. I was wearing the curved barbell in my PA and he felt it and put his hand back and tried to slow me down or push me off his hole (not sure which). I didn’t take ‘no’ for an answer – I pushed the ball on the underside of my dick up so it would go in more smoothly, but despite his hand I just kept pushing in. As soon as it was in and he was over his initial WTF? response, he was fine.

When he was down and on his belly I asked him how many loads he’d gotten that weekend. He said 12, but 4 were that morning. Even though I’m neg I wanted to play with him… All I remembered was that he had posted in the bug chaser section of Breeding Zone. Looking back at what he posted he wanted to be stealthed and not really think about what he was doing. As soon as I had a number I started fucking with his head – “Yeah, you’re a good bug chaser, boy… taking all that anonymous cum in your neg ass… How many of them were poz?” He wasn’t sure. But he started seeming a little freaked out. Here I was fucking him with a PA talking about his bug chasing and taking poz loads. He started moving around a bit – almost resisting. It didn’t last long though within a few seconds he was subdued and seemed into it.

I kept my verbal taunts up and came pretty quickly in his ass. As I got up, I spread his ass cheeks and licked up some of the cum. It tasted good.

As I was dressing I noticed the clock next to the bed said 9:05. The whole thing had taken just 4 minutes.

It took a little while to get my clothes on. During that time he rolled over, looked at me, and fingered his cummy hole.

He sent me a text later saying it was the first time he’d gotten fucked by someone with a PA. Then a day or so later he sent me a message on BBRT saying he was sorry he didn’t get my load. He hadn’t connected my text with my profile name. He was literally taking loads from anyone – which is sorta hot.

I wonder if his trip to New York was successful and he went home poz?




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