Gave A Cumdump His 3rd Load Of The Night

2 July 2012 | No Comments

Load 2012-27

Today’s been a weird day. There was a really stressful meeting around lunchtime and then I had a beer and sorta crashed. When I got up I looked online for someone to fuck. The stress of the meeting put me in the mood to inflict some pain, so I got on Recon. A guy hit me up there. He just wanted a simple fuck and in hindsight I should have fucked him. But my emotions were all over the place and when I got distracted with something mid-way through talking to him my sexual energy went to zero, so I bailed. He was on a tight schedule so by the time I was in the mood again he wasn’t available.

So I got on BBRT but it was one of those days when everyone is out-of-town (even though their profile says they’re 1 mile away), or they just didn’t answer. I felt like my emails were going into a void. At one point I looked at my sent emails and of the 15 on the first page only one had been read. And I was sending to guys who were “online”.

Whatever. So when the reliable Latino cumhole who I’ve been fucking for years hit me up, I went for it even though I really wanted to seed a new hole.

Within a half hour I was over at his place. On the way I picked up a pack of peanut M&Ms – which proved to be a bit of a bad idea… I got there, and he unlocked the door and assumed the position on his bed. I got undressed (thankfully he had the A/C on and it was cold). I fumbled around a bit getting my rawhide string tied around my cock for a cockring, but eventually got it in place.

When I was ready I pulled him back to the edge of the bed and started eating out his hole. He had two loads in him already and at one point he pushed out some cum. Problem was it mixed with the taste of the M&Ms – so it was like chocolate cum – very odd…

I lubed up my cock and pushed in. Learning from last time I pushed the ball (of my PA) on the underside of my dick up so it didn’t protrude and cause a problem – everything went in without a problem. He was on all fours – so I fucked him like that for a bit – it felt good, but then I pushed him down onto his belly.

OMG – on his belly with his legs together his hole was PERFECT. The two loads made everything silky smooth, and it just felt incredible. I came pretty quickly. Since I had taken a Cialis the day before I stayed hard and kept pumping him – and it still felt so good…

Then I rolled him over on his side and kept pumping in and out of his hole. He got in this weird position – like he was getting up, but stopped half way – but he just stayed there with his ass in position as I fucked him. In that position I felt him and he felt “thicker” (to use a polite term) than he had in the past. But honestly, with the sensations his hole was giving my dick – I couldn’t care less.

Eventually I pulled out, he looked down and was surprised to see my PA. “How long have you had that?” Remember – I’ve been fucking him since about 2004/2005… I told him I’d had it for years, but usually didn’t have it in. I could swear I remember him asking me to take it out in the past – I’m sure he’s seen it at some point, but he forgot. Anyway, he was surprised he had just been fucked with a PA… Maybe that will make him more receptive to it in the future.

On the way home I ran to get onto a 3 train that was just entering the station. It was the tail end of rush hour and the train was packed to the gills. As luck would have it I had to stand incredibly close to this young black guy who had his shirt open – showing off his washboard stomach. He was so hot – maybe 5’7″, 120 pounds. And next to him was this thuggy 20-something Latin guy who was a little muscle cub. He had taken off his work shirt and just had on a wife beater… Yum! And then I turned around later and there was this muscley black guy in work clothes… It was like everywhere I looked there were hot guys on that train…

Not a bad ending to a stressful day… πŸ™‚

Morning Fuck Of Skinhead Bottom

1 July 2012 | 1 Comment

Load 2012-26

The last two months have been good for fucking. In the last 59 days I’ve fucked 19 guys – so just about a fuck every 3 days, or just about 10 fucks a month. And, other than the lame “raw” sex party where the bottom I fucked wanted me to rubber up, I’ve cum every time (even came twice with Drew Vergas). In fact so far this year I’ve already given 3 more loads than I did in allΒ  of last year (it wasn’t the best of years). And I’ve beat 2006 & 2007 (which were the first years I started keeping track – and sorta slow years0. If I can keep that pace up I’ll average 100 fucks and loads a year – which has always been a goal of mine… The most loads I’ve given in a year was 67 (in 2009) – even with the slow start this year I could beat that number.

And that’s been despite some obstacles – like workmen in our place just about every day (it’s sorta hard to host when you might be walked in on or be heard). The other obstacle is they still don’t have our A/C working yet and without going into detail, we can’t just throw an A/C in the window. The heat’s been brutal and it just drains energy out of you. Needless to say I have zero sex drive when I’m that hot. I’ve had guys say “I have A/C, come over”, but honestly, it take a couple hours in the cold for me to regain my sex drive. It’s not like I want to sit around talking to a bottom for 2 hours while I get in the mood. Given that I like pretty anonymous fucks, that would be rather counter productive.

So when it’s hot I’ve been looking for fucks first thing in the morning when it’s still sorta cool. This morning I got hit up by the “skinhead” I fucked 3 weeks ago. I told him I could be there in 45 min, but then just as I was leaving I remembered I didn’t write down his address, so I checked my email and there was a message saying come a half hour later – he was gonna get another load really quickly before I came over. That was fine with me for a couple reasons – 1) I had taken a Cialis and it would give it more time to kick in, and 2) I’d much rather fuck a cummy ass.

I get to his place a little early so I send him a message but he doesn’t reply until a couple minutes before I was supposed to get there. I go up (he’s in a 5th floor walkup – not the most fun on a hot day), when I get to his door it’s ajar, so I just go in and lock it behind me. Like last time he’s on the bed ass up. He looks back briefly and then just puts his head down. He hat turned his A/C off – so there was some residual coolness but it was pretty warm. I strip down ’cause I know I’ll never last in the heat with any clothes on.

When I’m ready I get him to scoot back so his ass is on the edge of the bed. It’s a little awkward ’cause he doesn’t have a box spring and his bed was made for one so the wood on the side goes higher than the mattress. But I make it work. His hole was lubed and unfortunately I sucked and sucked on his ass, but never did taste the load he just got. I don’t think he got the hint that he should push some cum out. [Bottoms – if a top is literally sucking on your ass and you’ve got cum in there – be nice and push some out…]

curved barbell in prince albert piercingWhen I went to fuck him I had the curved barbell in my PA, not a full ring (see picture to the left). He mentioned it had been a long time since he’d gotten fucked with a PA. I pushed in pretty hard, but I just couldn’t get my dick in. I’ve done 3 fucks with the curved barbell lately. I had problems getting in the first time too… I think what’s happening is that the ball on the barbell is pushed in my dick at the tip and then that pushes the ball out on the underside of my dick. The ball protrudes so far from my cock that it makes it nearly impossible to get in a tight ass.

So I took out my PA. He flipped over on his back, put a pillow under his ass, and threw his legs in the air and I pushed in that way. Despite the fact that he’s a load collecting slut, he was pretty tight (usually guys like that aren’t all that tight).

After a couple minutes of fucking him missionary style, I rolled him over and shoved back in. By this time I could really feel the load in him he got earlier. His ass was this silky hole that felt great on my dick. I gotta say, I love sluts like him who live for cum in their ass. They’re a lot of fuck to fuck.

It didn’t take long to cum. I could feel it boiling up and had to stop and then spurt after spurt poured into his butt. It had only been 3 days since I came, but I think I gave him a nice big load.

After I came I rolled over and pumped his hole with my still-hard dick (thank you Cialis). It wasn’t tender like it usually is with other bottoms – there’s something about him – he’s not someone who seems like he’s about tenderness and “the connection” – to him the connection is the moment he gets the load.

After a few minutes of pumping his ass my dick was starting to deflate so I let it pop out and then I got up. As I was getting up I leaned over and took a few sucks on his cum-filled butt. It tasted really sweet. (I LOVE felching loads. Then I got up and started putting my PA back in and we started talking a bit – I asked about his other load – seems his ex is in the neighborhood and calls when he needs to unload.

I was pretty sweaty and so he pointed out which towel I should dry off with. The interaction with him was interesting – his persona when you just see him is a bit tough – which is why tenderness wasn’t really on the agenda. But when he spoke he was “clearly gay” – I don’t mean feminine – just not all that “straight acting”. It was a twist I wasn’t quite expecting and it made him a bit more multifaceted and interesting..

At one point he turned to walk back into the bedroom – he was naked and he had the most perfect hairless ass… And his body was lean and slightly muscled. It was a good visual.

Drew Vergas Got Me To Cum Twice

29 May 2012 | 7 Comments

Loads 2012-15&16

After fucking a lot the past two weeks I took a whopping 2 days off… But by Sunday I was horny again. My laptop was by the bed so when I woke up I logged onto BBRT. My bf was surfing A4A, so when he said he was going to go out, I figured I would hookup as well.

I’ve been seeing Drew Vergas’ profile for a while (Tumblr, Twitter – I need to find some scenes with him and put them on my porn blog). We’ve chatted a bit but never hooked up. Well, the timing was right Sunday and we made plans pretty quickly for him to come over. I had to walk the dogs and take a shower, so when I was done I gave him the address.

While his pictures are hot, he’s even hotter in person – a hot, muscley, dark-skinned, mixed-race guy. When he talks he has this deep masculine voice. It’s all very hot.

So we go to the bedroom, strip down, and he starts playing with my nipples. I’m feeling him up – great body (obviously), but also a really great dick. I think about sucking his dick (which is unusual for me), but he doesn’t volunteer to suck mine, so I tell him to get on the bed – that I want to eat him out…

I have to say, as I started sucking on his ass, I could tell he had one of the best holes I’d seen in a long time. The best way I can describe it, is that it’s a tube of thick muscle. He could push it out and it was like pushing out a rod. It was extremely hot. And on top of that, he was squeaky clean.

Needless to say, that made me want to fuck, so I start lubing up my dick with spit. I don’t think I actually used lube on him… Anyway, I shove in and he’s TIGHT. Which is rare for a bottom who’s a porn star, but given how muscular his sphincter was, it wasn’t surprising.

We fucked doggy style – at one point I tried to get him onto his belly but he either didn’t want to, or didn’t understand what I was trying to get him to do. Either way it felt good and the good part about doggy is I lasted a bit longer than I would have with him on his belly.

Eventually I started feeling my load coming. I didn’t want to push it ’cause I wanted to fuck him as long as possible.Β  Then it felt like I was going to blow my load, but I didn’t seem to actually cum. Then 10 seconds later I felt it again stronger this time and a few seconds after that I did blow a good size load up his hole.

Since we were fucking doggy style I wasn’t in as deep as I usually am, so as soon as I came I pulled out and felched some of my load out of his ass. There’s something about felching right after you cum that’s not quite as hot. The cum didn’t taste quite as sweet (or maybe it’s just the taste of my cum).

I then pushed back in and got him to roll over so we were spooning with my dick in him. Eventually my did slipped out of his ass, but we laid there talking about stuff for a while – his career aspirations, etc.

I knew if we laid there long enough I’d get my second wind, which I did. When I got hard again I rolled him onto his belly and pushed back in. I pumped for a while and gave him a second load (again something that’s really rare for me).

One thing about the hookup that was a bit odd was that he wasn’t very interactive with me. He didn’t suck my dick. He didn’t really pay attention to me. It was like he was a bit absent. Yet, he wasn’t absent when we laid there chatting – he was fully engaged in the conversation. But I got the sense he wasn’t really into me – that I was a dick with a load and he just wanted to get fucked and take loads. At the same time he was talking about how he gets matched up with guys he’s not really into when he does porn – that he’s more of an opposites-attract sorta guy (like I am). So maybe I’m at least sort of his type and that’s just how he is sexually. I know when I was doing sex work after a while it felt like my body wasn’t really mine and you start to feel a bit detached from sex. Or maybe he just wasn’t that into me… Who knows? So while I’m not sure he’s up for a rematch, he’s totally my type and I’d fuck him again in a heartbeat… πŸ™‚

Felched Lots Of Cum Out Of A Bottom’s Ass

24 May 2012 | 1 Comment

Load 2012-13

Yesterday I had just a little time before a good friend was going to come over for dinner, so I looked for a quickie pump-n-dump and there was this guy on BBRT’s Quick Connect, so I contact him and it takes a while for him to get back to me. Then I ask for his address, and it takes a while again. But he didn’t give his apartment number but he did give his cell, so I text him and head out and just don’t get into the subway before I had his apartment number, which he gets to me pretty quickly.

When I get out of the subway I text him and he says there may be overlap with another top – he hopes that’s not a problem. It’s generally not a problem, but since I needed to make it quick I was hoping it wouldn’t delay things. When I get to his building the doorman knows his number by heart (it was a rather long number – maybe his phone number or something).

I told him I was up for a dark room quickie pump-n-dump. He thought that would be hot. Usually when you ask for that the guys leave the door ajar and the place is pretty dark and you find your way to their bed and find them doggy, ready to get fucked. But the door was locked. I knocked, and he came to the door in a jockstrap. Lights were on and it wasn’t all that dark. He was also really chatty – asking if I needed a drink, telling me where the bathroom was, etc. Whatever… I just needed to unload. I found a chair to put my clothes on and start stripping down.

He gets on all fours on the bed and assumes the position. I get down behind him and start rimming him. I immediately taste cum. I start rimming more aggressively and he starts pushing cum out of his ass. HUGE amounts of cum. Damn, it tasted good! I asked him how many loads he had in him. He said “lots”. I asked “how many is ‘lots’?” And he answered “9”. I went back to rimming and he kept pushing more and more cum out of his hole. He definitely wasn’t a greedy bottom – he was sharing those loads rather liberally. It was hot literally drinking cum from 9 complete strangers out of a guy’s ass…

Eventually there wasn’t much cum left to come out and I spit on my dick and shoved in. Even though he pushed a lot of cum out his ass was so well lubed with cum it felt a silky. As I was fucking him, a text came in and he texted a reply between moans. It only took 2 or 3 minutes of fucking before I dumped a big load inside him. I could feel pulse after pulse come out of my dick deep into his ass.

When I pulled out the doorman called, he got up and answered the phone to let the next top up. I got dressed pretty quickly and left. An elevator came for me, I got in just as the next top’s elevator arrived. I saw him walking the wrong way down the hall, so I just pointed the other way and smiled. He had a bit of a quizzical look on his face initially, but turned around and went the other way as my doors were closing.

So, if you’re wondering why you can’t find tops to fuck you – the reason is because bottoms like the one I fucked are basically hoarding all the loads. A lot of tops prefer a cummy hole, so your competition is pretty stiff…

In case your counting – that’s 6 guys and 5 loads in 13 days – and I’m thinking of going to a sex party tonight… So I’m definitely back – I hope I can keep up the pace…

Good Bottom + Enough Tops = Good Gangbang

5 April 2012 | 6 Comments

Load 2012-7

So after the gangbang with too many bottoms and too few tops, the 2nd gangbang in Phoenix went much better. The bottom was a guy who contacted me off Breeding Zone (my forum site). He’s Asubmissivebottom on Breeding Zone, and on BBRT. He’s neg – last tested in November, but has been taking poz loads for a while now (perhaps he’s immune or resistant). Either way, he wanted to get gangbanged and didn’t care about whether the tops were poz or neg (which, if you’re a bareback bottom is how you should approach things – it’s not like you can stay neg taking anonymous loads from complete strangers).

There was supposed to be another bottom, but he canceled and his replacement turned out to be someone behind a hacked profile who had no intention of showing up. About 30 guys said they’d attend which meant I expected 10 to show up. Including me, there were 9 tops – so my 1/3rd ratio turned out to be roughly accurate…

When Asubmissivebottom showed up I could tell he was going to be a good gangbang bottom. There’s a look in gangbang bottoms eyes – a hunger and an acceptance of their role. I’ve also found the best gangbang bottoms are often on the attractive side of average – and that was true of Asubmissivebottom.

I hadn’t cum in days and just needed to blow my load. Since I was going to be in host mode as soon as guys showed up and we had about a half hour to ourselves, I put the bottom to work pretty quickly. He sucked my dick for a little bit and then I got him on the bed face down and fucked him. It didn’t take very long to cum. A nice big thick load was a good way for him to start the evening. πŸ™‚

About 10 minutes after the official start time the tops started showing up. Asubmissivebottom put on a leather sleeping mask sort of blindfold and never did see any of the tops (other than me). For the next 80 minutes he was fucked pretty much constantly. He took 6 loads up his ass. Unfortunately two of the tops came in his mouth. One top, an “older gentleman” didn’t manage to cum.

Submissive bottom after getting gangbanged

One of the bottoms at the other gangbang had requested music so I put on what I consider young, “high hair”, dance music – it seemed to fit that gangbang ’cause the bottoms were 20-something. But this gangbang had a more serious, intense vibe to it (the way I like it). It was just quiet with guys focusing on fucking….

There were a few tops who stood out… One was this skinny little teen (?) who was really shy and timid, but determined to give group sex a shot. He said it was his first time doing anything like that. He was so nervous it was sort of funny and cute. Given his raging teen hormones he had no problem getting hard and giving the bottom a load (in his ass). I wouldn’t call the kid a great top, but he’s working on it and experimenting…

Another top asked if the bottom what poz after he dumped his load. I said the guy was neg but has been taking poz loads for a while now. He just shook his head and said, “well, he’s poz now…” and left. I should have asked him whether he had a high viral load. He said it with so much certainty… When I told the bottom about the comment a few days later, he said “yeah, that’s not the first top who was convinced he pozzed me.” The bottom did say he got tested a couple days later and he was neg. But I seriously doubt the test would show infection that quickly – so I guess we’ll have to wait a few weeks to see if there’s more to report (so to speak).

The “older gentleman” who didn’t cum had apparently fucked the bottom before at some sex party. That time he did cum. Older guys are sometimes problematic in situations like this. I’ve had the exact same problem at another gangbang where an older top slowly fucks the bottom for ages and still doesn’t cum. It’s not a lot of fun for the bottom, and he doesn’t get a load. I think I’ll be more selective in the future. Upper-50s will be the limit with exceptions for certain guys…

At one point towards the end I fucked the bottom’s cummy hole, but since I had cum earlier I wasn’t totally hard. I did felch him and it tasted incredible… After guys left I took some photos, but his hole was so tight you couldn’t tell he’d just been gang banged. His ass had locked all the cum (that wasn’t felched) deep inside him…

So all in all, a good gangbang. But I get the sense that in Phoenix you can’t get enough tops to show up at a gangbang to support multiple bottoms. And if your one bottom flakes you’re shit out of luck… So Phoenix isn’t the best place to organize gangbangs…


Check out the story of the gangbang from the bottom’s perspective

Pump-N-Dump With A Poz Muscle Guy

31 October 2010 | 6 Comments

Load 2010-34

Just looking over my stats for the year… Surprisingly this year is turning out better than last year. If things continue as they’ve gone so far I’ll give 41 loads this year (plus the ones where I can’t quite tell if I came). Last year I only gave 31 loads, so that’s good. And last year 16 of the loads went to guys who had never gotten my cum before. This year it looks like I’ll give my load to 28 new guys… Mind you that’s still down substantially from 2008 and way below where I’d ideally like to be. I think next year will be like this year – so maybe 2012 will be the year when I really get back into the swing of things…

Anyway, in an effort to get these posts up quickly I just got back from a good fuck…

There’s this poz muscle guy guy in Harlem who I’ve been wanting to fuck for a while now. I think he was out of town or something this summer, and I’ve been busy/traveling/sick since he got back. Well, tonight was the night… I really should have hooked up earlier in the day. I was so horny today I didn’t get much of the work done that I needed to get done. I should have just fucked and gotten it over with. It’s actually a bit of a long story featuring an extremely hesitant neg bottom who I kept trying to talk into hooking up…

So tonight I saw the muscle guy online and he was looking to hookup. I really just needed to get off. He wasn’t convenient to get to (transfer to a local train + a long walk), but I needed to fuck someone so I told him I’d come over.

After a little confusion getting into his building I ring his doorbell and hear a voice say “come in”. I open the door and he’s bent over a bench just inside the door. The pig wanted an anonymous pump-n-dump, which was great by me… But I saw a bit of a problem – he had long legs. I have fairly short legs and so it was going to be a bit of a challenge to fuck him when he’s just bent over a stool.

I got down on my knees and started eating out his ass. His ass had a bit of hair on it, but wasn’t overly hairy or anything. For a while I didn’t even touch him other than eating out his hole. Then I started feeling up his legs and really liked how tight and muscular he was…

I stood up and went to fuck him – had to push his ass down a bit to avoid being on my tippy toes… He sorta got the hint and instead of bending over his stool he laid on it, which put him at a better height. But it took him a while to do that… Then at one point he asked if I wanted to eat his ass again and I said sure. When I pulled out this spurt of liquid came out with my cock. I wondered if he had other loads in him (but learned later he didn’t). Then after eating him some more I went back to fucking him. Then he asked if he could suck me, so he did that for a while (he was clearly into ATM – liked cleaning his ass juices off my cock) – and then we went back to fucking.

I should back up a bit and say I had taken a pill in the morning and had been rock hard and thick all day long so fucking him was no problem. But I had noticed during the day that even though I was horny and hard I never really got all that close to cumming when I jacked my dick during the day. I knew it was going to be easy for me to fuck and stay hard, but might be hard to actually cum. Standing up just wasn’t doing it for me – I needed to get him on his belly. I asked if there was a bed we could use and he led me into his bedroom and threw a sheet on the bed…

He got on all fours and I just pulled back his feet to get him flat on his belly. It felt better this way than it did standing up. I still wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to cum, but finally I thought I might be able to. It took forever but finally I felt the first spurt, so I stopped and let the others come… It had been so long since I’d fucked I really needed it…

I pulled out and tried to felch him, but I had cum too deep – didn’t taste any cum. He then turned around quickly and cleaned off my dick (the guy really likes ass-to-mouth). I took a few more strokes in his hole and then pulled out, zipped up and left…

I gotta say after spending way too much time trying to talk a neg bottom (who really wants my load, but is hesitant) into letting me fuck him – it’s nice to fuck a poz bottom. They “get” what it’s about – just bend over and take the load – no questions asked…




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