6 Minute Pump-N-Dump

24 July 2012 | No Comments

Load 2012-31

A few days ago I had a little time in the morning and there was a bottom down in Hell’s Kitchen looking for loads. He mentioned that he was into anonymous sex so I told him it would be hot to do a quickie pump-n-dump with the door ajar and him on all fours on the bed.

I get down there and it was an older building that had been fixed up. The door wasn’t ajar, but he had buzzed me in and we talked about an anonymous scene, so I tested the knob and the door was unlocked. I walked in and it was a really nicely done apartment. That was the living room, so I made my way to the bedroom where the blinds were drawn and there was a bottom on all fours head down, ass up.

The bed linens hadn’t been pushed back and they were light colored and quite nice. I got the sense that he didn’t do this very much and worried there would be a stain on the duvet. On top of that there were two names on the door buzzer. Worse would be if his boyfriend didn’t know about his extra-curricular behavior and asked why there was a stain on the duvet. Given how immaculate the apartment was, I wondered if the pursuit of perfection extended into their relationship and the boyfriend wanted monogamy… A stain on the duvet could turn into a huge knock down, drag out fight…

But I digress. I pulled his legs to the edge of the bed and start rimming him. I wasn’t going to take off my clothes ’cause I wanted this to be a real quickie. His ass cheeks were smooth and meaty – sorta a bit soft. His hole was great and really clean so I got into really sucking on it.

I stood up, pushed in. There was no problem getting my PA in, and no complaints from him. His hole felt really great – sorta silky and smooth. His ass was sorta soft and pillowy. It all felt really good, and I felt my orgasm building pretty quickly. Problem was the orgasm came, but nothing came out (that I could tell). So I kept fucking him. Pretty quickly I had the feeling again, but again, no cum. UGH… I was starting to wonder… Then the feeling came again and this time I felt a HUGE load shoot out of my dick.

I should mention that while I was fucking him I noticed he had put on a blindfold. Maybe he had done this before…

As soon as I pulled out, I pushed his ass cheeks apart and buried my face in there and sucked up some of the cum I just deposited. It tasted sweet. He then swung around and sucked my dick clean. Since I hadn’t taken off my clothes I just stuffed my dick back in my jeans, zipped up and left.

As I left I estimated the whole thing took 6 minutes – including being buzzed into the apartment, etc. That’s packing a lot into 6 minutes – rimming, fucking, breeding, feltching and ATM.

A Bottom Got Me To Wear A Condom

15 July 2012 | 1 Comment

Load 2012-29

I had a really bizarre hookup on Friday… I hadn’t cum in 10 days and needed to cum really badly. I thought I had to go downtown for some bureaucratic stuff I had todo, but when I looked over the papers I needed to take down they were a mess, so that changed my plans and I looked for a hole uptown. This black guy contacted me who lived in the Bronx, so I figured I’d go.

I thought, since I hadn’t cum in so long, that I’d have two loads in me, so I even scheduled a second hookup – with a guy who used to be one of the guys you saw when you logged into BBRT. I know his boyfriend who I fucked and my bf and I have hung out socially with the two of them a few times…

Anyway, I get over to the Bronx and the guy lives in a pretty run down building in a completely sketchy neighborhood. I got all these weird looks when I parked my car – like I didn’t belong there. It made me worry a bit about whether my car would get broken into, but I was horny and ignored the warning signs…

I called him when I got to his building and he came down and got me. He was shirtless, his track pants were hanging down and when he turned around anyone on the street who was looking would have seen his ass crack.

The other thing that struck me about him was that he didn’t look like his pics. There was a vague resemblance, but I think the pics were pretty old – or maybe it was just that he had a completely different haircut. Anyway, he was still hot, and I was horny, so on I went…

The building was possibly the most run down building I’ve ever hooked up in. It was a smallish house (by NYC standards) where people rent rooms. Bathrooms and kitchens were shared. When I walked in the hallway was dark – I could barely see the stairs that we went up. His room was in the attic and it was filthy and smelled a bit. I mean I’ve been in bad buildings before for hookups, but usually the guys are good fags and have at least cleaned their room in the last week or two. I won’t go into too many details, but I was rather repulsed by the whole situation – the place was filthy. But I was horny so I stayed…

Thinking back I’m not sure why I stayed given how things were. I should have just texted my friend/fuckbuddy’s boyfriend and fucked him. But hindsight it 20/20.

We both strip down (for him that just means he took off his track pants). He then goes and gets a condom. I was a bit confused – I told him I was expecting to fuck him raw. He said he was just going to use it as a cock ring… That’s the one use for a condom that I’m fine with. Thing was I already had my trusty rawhide string around my cock and balls – I didn’t really need a cockring.

He tells me to sit on this plastic & metal chair – he wanted to suck my dick. I sat down and then he fussed for a while trying to get just the right position. He had me sit on a pillow. Then he put a pillow behind me, etc. You could tell he was settling down for the long haul. He also put the condom cock ring on me at this point. I didn’t really need it, but he liked it on me, so I was fine with it. It wasn’t all that tight – it actually made a decent cock ring…

He then proceeded to suck my cock, then he’d play with my cock a bit bouncing it around in his hand. Then he’d go back to sucking it, then he’d play with it some more. I had my Prince Albert in and he wasn’t being careful about it at all. Not that he can hurt me – but there were a few times when he was wagging my dick around that the PA hit him in the mouth and I could feel it hit his teeth. You can chip your tooth that way… I was a little concerned but didn’t say anything. I pretty much just sat back and let him do his thing.

If you read this blog much you’ll know blow jobs aren’t really my thing. Often they don’t get me completely hard. Usually I’m pretty self-conscious about it and I’ll move to rimming to get hard so the bottom doesn’t think I’m not into them. I didn’t do that with this guy and he didn’t seem to mind sucking on a soft dick. Gradually it did get to half mast, and then more or less hard. One thing he did that was a little distracting was he wanted me to play with his nipples while he sucked my dick. I did it, but only half heartedly.

The other thing that came out during his cock sucking was that he literally worshiped me. It was one of the reasons why I put up with the whole grimy surroundings. You could tell he was a kid in a candy store and I was his candy. As odd as it sounds, he seemed to be treasuring every moment. Given that he was clearly dirt poor, dark skinned black, and a complete worshipful sub there were overtones of slavery. I could envision some white slave owner going to the shack of one of his field slaves and having the boy worship his dick and then fuck him… I didn’t “go there” with him – not sure if he’d see the situation the same way I did, but the thought kept going through my head.

The guy was also a bit hyper – sort of too eager to please. When we finally got to rimming and fucking he kept suggesting different positions. But to his credit he did finally just quiet down and bury his head in his pillow once he knew I was in a groove.

When it came to fucking I tried to push in with my PA, but he had warned me he was tight and it was no joke. His ass was a bit like a vice, so the PA had to come out. When I did finally get into him it hurt him and he wanted me to pull out, but I just held it in and told him to get used to it. I knew 15 seconds later he’d be fine and indeed he was.

Given that I had a 10 day load in me it only took 2-3 minutes of fucking before I blew my load – and that was with me trying to stretch it out a bit. When I came my dick felt like a garden hose and I could feel this big thick stream of cum jetting out of my dick – and it just kept going for a while. He got a BIG load…  🙂  After I came he wanted me to lay on top of him.

When I pulled out I had him clean off my dick. Then he wanted to go back to sucking my dick. I had to have him go slow – after I cum my dick is really sensitive. And my dick started deflating pretty quickly, but he just kept sucking my soft cock – he really didn’t seem to mind it being soft at all. After a while he put me back on the chair and I just sat there while he worked my dick. He did keep wanting me to play with his nipples and by now that was getting a bit irritating. I sorta just wanted to go. I mean I had blown my load, and I was past the wind down period.

Finally when I thought I had been polite enough I said I needed to go. I started getting dressed and he kept trying to suck my dick while I was getting dressed. Then he offered to get me a glass of water and he ran downstairs (into the common area of the building) stark naked. I wasn’t quite sure where he was so I went downstairs – I wanted to say goodbye and leave.

Then he wanted to walk me out or something so he ran upstairs and put on a different pair of track pants – these were pink and he threw on a t-shirt shoes some sunglasses. I have to say he looked really hot dressed like that. But then he realized I wasn’t walking to the subway, so he didn’t wind up walking me.

In hindsight, I’ll never go to his place ever again. It was just a bit too weird and disturbing for me. But I’d definitely fuck him again.

Woof! Gave My Load To A Hot Little Muscular Latino

22 September 2011 | 9 Comments

Load 2011-19

There’s something really hot about a super hot masculine, muscular little Latino going around and taking loads (especially when their profile says “Neg / Safe Sex Only”). This guy hit me up on Adam4Adam and he looked hot, so I was game for fucking him, but the timing didn’t work out the first couple times we tried to make it happen. Well, the planets were aligned this morning and he hit me up right when I was looking.

The apartment was a mess so I vacuumed a little to try to get some of the major dust bunnies taken care of, but it was still pretty much a mess when he showed up. (If anyone in NYC wants a cleaning job – let me know). Anyway, as soon as he came through the door I recognized him – we’d fucked before. He’s one of those guys who I’d fuck every day of the week if I could…

We went to the bedroom and started stripping down. Then he wanted to kiss and make out. He’s little – maybe 5’4″ (though his profile says taller), so there’s a pretty big height difference. I like little bottoms, so that was sorta hot… He was really passionate – loved kissing and then he wanted to suck my dick. Usually my dick doesn’t really respond to blowjobs but it responded pretty well with him (sort 90% of full hardness). He really got into sucking my cock – he was a very enthusiastic cock sucker.

What I really wanted was his hole, so I got him on the bed on all fours and got down and started eating him out. He was a bit musky, but he was so hot I didn’t really care… He started reaching back trying to tweak my nipples… Definitely an eager, active bottom – but sub at the same time…

I then ran around the bed to grab the lube, and came back and rimmed him some more while I lubed up my cock. Needless to say I was 110% hard by now – I mean I was about to fuck my all time favorite type of bottom – a little muscular Latino. Then I stood up and eased my dick into his ass… Felt good…

After a few strokes I pushed him forward onto his belly. He’s got this muscular bubble butt which generally I’m hit or miss with (I do better with flat-assed bottoms), but with him the head of my cock was right in the beginning of his ass as I’d withdraw and then it would go deeper as I pushed in. It felt really good. Tight, but not too tight – like a snug fleshy ring on my cock.

He liked that position – he’d turn his head and we’d make out while I fucked him. I didn’t last long though… A few minutes later I blew my load in him. It had been a few days since I’d cum but the load didn’t feel all that big…

I then rolled him on his side and pumped his ass a little more while we continued to make out – he’s definitely a passionate little fucker. He had a long thin uncut dick and was totally hard, but had no interest in even jacking it. He did clean off my dick and then we went back to snuggling… After a bit he was done and he got up dressed and left (after a little more kissing). BTW, he was wearing sweat pants and no underwear… So his dick was sorta tenting the pants and when my load starts leaking out he’ll have a wet spot…

All in all a great fuck.

I’ve got 3 other hookups to write up – one of them was particularly interesting – will try to get to those soon…

Disappointing Night @ GI Joe Montreal

20 August 2011 | 11 Comments

GI Joe bathhouse Montréal

My bf and I are in MontrĂ©al this weekend. The weather is perfect, and we’re staying at a great B&B that’s in the middle of everything gay. So last night I wanted to go to a bathhouse, while my bf wanted to go dancing – so after dinner and some stripper bar bar hopping we split up.

GI Joe has been great in the past so I went there again. I had heard that there was new management, they had upped the prices, and it wasn’t as good as it was, but I didn’t want to go to the twinky one or the old troll one down the street, so I went and hoped for the best.

Even though I was there pretty much at prime time (Friday night between 11:45 and 1:30) the place was dead compared to how it used to be. There were guys there, but not as many and the guys who were there were more inhibited than I remember from before. I only saw three bottoms laying on their bellies and one of those just wanted to suck.

So starting from the beginning… I got there, took a shower, and checked the place out. They had pretty much gutted the fun playroom in the basement that had fuck-sized glory holes where guys used to back up their asses and take dick from guys they never saw. Also none of the rooms down in the basement had anyone in them. On the upper floors there was a little going on – in fact the guys there did seem to be into public sex – but it was mostly oral or after a while you realized the guys who were fucking were couples  who wanted to fuck with an audience. So there was a lot of voyeurs, but not many people engaging in anonymous fucking.

At one point a guy was sucking dick near the sling on the top floor. I was standing by jacking my dick and he finally noticed my dick (and said “nice dick”). When I felt up his ass it was well lubed. He was actually carrying a bottle of lube with him. He backed onto my dick, but it was crowded and he was standing up so it wasn’t a good position for fucking and my dick kept slipping out of his hole. Then he backed onto this other guy’s dick and they fucked a while. Then I fucked him again – this time with him bent over. It was a better fuck, but not one where I’d be able to cum, so I pulled out after a while and walked around some more.

Then I tried this beefy Asian guy who way laying on his belly (head facing the door), but he only wanted to suck dick.

Time went by and one time this BIG muscle boy came into my room, but he “had issues” and wasn’t really comfortable being there – very fidgety and finally he just left. All he was up for was a little cock sucking.

I was getting a little bored. FINALLY I saw a bottom on his belly in one of the big rooms. He wasn’t exactly “hot” but he wasn’t unattractive either. He looked like the type who spend 3 or 4 nights at the bathhouse getting fucked. I went in and positioned him so I could rim him. He was pleasantly surprised at that. Then I just pushed him forward and used him as a hole – I just needed to cum – and I did.

He cleaned off my dick when I was done and I felt the urge to piss. I asked him if he drank piss and being French I don’t think he quite understood what I meant, but he did seem to understand piss and he turned around and presented his ass to me. Wasn’t what I was expecting, but OK… So I shoved my dick in and tried to pee. It’s not easy pissing in a guy’s ass ’cause the ass can be tight and cut off the flow of piss, but I did manage to get some piss in there.

I went to the bathroom to finish pissing and there was a cup sitting in the urinal. Not sure who the piss pig was, but put a little piss in the cup and then cleaned the lube off my beard.

I laid around trying to get my second wind, but it just wasn’t happening. I walked around a bit and did see one more bottom on his belly but he was much older than me and wasn’t someone who could get me hard when my dick wasn’t totally cooperating.

So I called it a night and went back to the B&B.

Pump-N-Dump With A Poz Muscle Guy

31 October 2010 | 6 Comments

Load 2010-34

Just looking over my stats for the year… Surprisingly this year is turning out better than last year. If things continue as they’ve gone so far I’ll give 41 loads this year (plus the ones where I can’t quite tell if I came). Last year I only gave 31 loads, so that’s good. And last year 16 of the loads went to guys who had never gotten my cum before. This year it looks like I’ll give my load to 28 new guys… Mind you that’s still down substantially from 2008 and way below where I’d ideally like to be. I think next year will be like this year – so maybe 2012 will be the year when I really get back into the swing of things…

Anyway, in an effort to get these posts up quickly I just got back from a good fuck…

There’s this poz muscle guy guy in Harlem who I’ve been wanting to fuck for a while now. I think he was out of town or something this summer, and I’ve been busy/traveling/sick since he got back. Well, tonight was the night… I really should have hooked up earlier in the day. I was so horny today I didn’t get much of the work done that I needed to get done. I should have just fucked and gotten it over with. It’s actually a bit of a long story featuring an extremely hesitant neg bottom who I kept trying to talk into hooking up…

So tonight I saw the muscle guy online and he was looking to hookup. I really just needed to get off. He wasn’t convenient to get to (transfer to a local train + a long walk), but I needed to fuck someone so I told him I’d come over.

After a little confusion getting into his building I ring his doorbell and hear a voice say “come in”. I open the door and he’s bent over a bench just inside the door. The pig wanted an anonymous pump-n-dump, which was great by me… But I saw a bit of a problem – he had long legs. I have fairly short legs and so it was going to be a bit of a challenge to fuck him when he’s just bent over a stool.

I got down on my knees and started eating out his ass. His ass had a bit of hair on it, but wasn’t overly hairy or anything. For a while I didn’t even touch him other than eating out his hole. Then I started feeling up his legs and really liked how tight and muscular he was…

I stood up and went to fuck him – had to push his ass down a bit to avoid being on my tippy toes… He sorta got the hint and instead of bending over his stool he laid on it, which put him at a better height. But it took him a while to do that… Then at one point he asked if I wanted to eat his ass again and I said sure. When I pulled out this spurt of liquid came out with my cock. I wondered if he had other loads in him (but learned later he didn’t). Then after eating him some more I went back to fucking him. Then he asked if he could suck me, so he did that for a while (he was clearly into ATM – liked cleaning his ass juices off my cock) – and then we went back to fucking.

I should back up a bit and say I had taken a pill in the morning and had been rock hard and thick all day long so fucking him was no problem. But I had noticed during the day that even though I was horny and hard I never really got all that close to cumming when I jacked my dick during the day. I knew it was going to be easy for me to fuck and stay hard, but might be hard to actually cum. Standing up just wasn’t doing it for me – I needed to get him on his belly. I asked if there was a bed we could use and he led me into his bedroom and threw a sheet on the bed…

He got on all fours and I just pulled back his feet to get him flat on his belly. It felt better this way than it did standing up. I still wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to cum, but finally I thought I might be able to. It took forever but finally I felt the first spurt, so I stopped and let the others come… It had been so long since I’d fucked I really needed it…

I pulled out and tried to felch him, but I had cum too deep – didn’t taste any cum. He then turned around quickly and cleaned off my dick (the guy really likes ass-to-mouth). I took a few more strokes in his hole and then pulled out, zipped up and left…

I gotta say after spending way too much time trying to talk a neg bottom (who really wants my load, but is hesitant) into letting me fuck him – it’s nice to fuck a poz bottom. They “get” what it’s about – just bend over and take the load – no questions asked…

Fucked A Skinny Asian Bottom With My PA

26 July 2010 | No Comments

Load 2010-24

Last week I was chatting up this Asian guy on BBRT. He was out of town but said he was planning on coming to NYC the next weekend. All of a sudden he said…

So I just confirmed my trip to NYC this Friday-Sunday. When can we meet? … It was your PA that made the decision point.

From the sound of it he was coming into town specifically to get fucked by me and my PA. In one way it’s nice, in another it sorta obligated me to hookup with him. (If you’re reading this and thinking of doing something similar – don’t do it – chances are I will not be able to hookup with you).

His pics were just so-so and I wondered what I had just gotten myself into. On the other hand, he wanted to get fucked with a PA and it had been a while since I did that and there were things about him that looked interesting… He was Asian and I like Asian guys. He seemed like he was in reasonably good shape, but not great shape, but good enough. And the part that was most curious was that his profile didn’t just say he was neg, but in his profile text he listed the date of his last test. But he asked me no questions and his “looking for” status was “no preference”. Combine that with his wanting to get fucked by a PA that would probably tear him up a bit and he seemed like a bit of a hungry pig – that much I knew I was going to like.

We exchanged texts and set up a time. I really did get the sense that he came into town specifically to get fucked by me and my PA – it was sorta weird. Friday evening I had a barbecue at a friend’s place in Jersey, so we arranged to meet Saturday afternoon.

That morning I decided I’d take a hot bath, try to stretch my PA and get my 0 gauge ring in. It didn’t happen – I didn’t get the 0 gauge ring in until the next day. But I thought it would be cool to  fuck with the additional weight of the 0 gauge. In hindsight it was good it didn’t go in. The 0 gauge has been a little painful as my hole stretches to adapt to it. Probably would have been a really bad idea to fuck with it a few hours after going up to the bigger size. As it turned out this was the last fuck with the 2 gauge – seems appropriate to fuck with it the last day it was in – sorta like a going away party for the ring – lol.

Now my next issue was that my PA is sorta distracting. I don’t fuck with it (very often) ’cause when it’s in I don’t perform as well. So knowing he wanted to get fucked with the PA was a bit of a complication. I decided to do both my herbal stuff as well as a little Viagra. So first thing in the morning I took some of the herbal stuff and then a couple hours before I was supposed to meet him I took about a 1/3rd of a Viagra (maybe a little less). I just hoped it would work well enough…

You’d think if he was coming into town specifically to get fucked by me he’d pick a hotel that was easy for me to get to. Instead he picked one down near Wall Street. And then on top of it there was track work and I wound up having to go all the way to Brooklyn double back to get to him. It took a bit over an hour for me to get there. I did feel the Viagra kick in when we got to 59th Street, but by the time I was finally approaching his hotel I was thinking “I hope he’s worth it…” Oh yeah – and the temperature was in the 90’s with high humidity…

Then I get into the elevator at his hotel and realize you need a key card to get up to the guest floors. I texted him to come down. When he got there I was shocked – he was totally cute – unlike his pics, he was quite thin – so thin I’d call him skinny. And his face was so much more adorable than his pics – he looked like a bit of a nerd in his pics. He real life had this hot faux hawk and was 110% my type… Not perfect, but I don’t expect perfection – but he was damn close to it. Needless to say I was glad I bothered to hookup with him.

We get to his hotel room and strip down. He was totally into me (which I always find odd coming from guys who have great bodies), and as I’ve said I was totally into him. I had forgotten that he told me he liked to party. So it turned into a 3way with Tina/Chrissy… But oddly, he did it 3 times while I was there and the interaction with him was completely normal – like he wasn’t doing anything at all. Again, I lucked out… There wasn’t even the weird odor I’ve smelled when guys smoked up before sex – I wonder what it was that he was doing – maybe it wasn’t Tina… Anyway, a minor distraction, but not a problem.

We made out and I felt up his body for a little while. Then he sucked my cock for a few minutes. Then he got on all fours on the bed and I started eating him out. He had told me he took a load earlier in the day, but it was in there pretty deep (or he had cleaned out) ’cause I didn’t taste anything. He had a great ass and I finally got totally hard.

I stood up and started pushing my PA and cock into his ass. It’s always a little tricky getting such a big ring up some guy’s ass without hurting him or me in the process, but I did finally get it up there. I fucked him doggy style for a while, but every time I’d hit bottom in his ass it was a little painful for me as the ring would double back. So I pushed him onto his belly thinking maybe I wouldn’t get as deep in his ass that way.

With him on his belly there was still a little pain but not so much, but what I really noticed was hot small he was underneath me. He felt good… really good… There was something about his body where his hole was just in the perfect place for me. As you might guess, it wasn’t long before I was blowing my load in his hole. Between the Viagra and the herbal stuff I stayed hard after cumming and kept fucking his cummy hole (more slowly) for a while.

Finally I pulled out and he cleaned off my dick (it’s sorta surprising how many guys are into ATM these days – it seems everyone wants to clean off my dick after it comes out of their ass)… And given that my big PA digs up shit even in “clean” bottoms it said a lot about his ability to clean out that he could suck the dick right after it fucked him. Then I got behind him and started eating out his cummy hole. It tasted great… It’s sorta weird tasting my cum when I’m rimming a guy. I had fucked him enough after cumming that he had a fair amount of cum outside his ass – I didn’t have to work too hard to get my fill of cum.

We then laid around for a bit and chatted, cuddled, sucked each other’s cocks, etc. After 20 minutes or so I got hard enough for round two, but I wasn’t totally hard. In the past I’d noticed that my ring would hold my semi-hard cock in a guy’s ass, so I pushed the ring in and fucked him. I wasn’t totally hard and it was sorta an odd fuck. Seemed it was pretty intense for him – probably because my ring wasn’t as deep in his ass and when I’d pull out a bit the ring would stretch his sphincter. For me it wasn’t the greatest of fucks, but he seemed to like it because the PA was causing some pretty intense sensations.

I wasn’t going to cum, so eventually I just pulled out and we went back to cuddling, talking, sucking cock, etc. At this point I asked him what was up with him since he put the date of his last HIV test in his profile but then had “no preference” in for “looking for” status. He misinterpreted what I said and before I got “no preference” out he said “‘don’t care’ – did I forget to change that?” In other words before his test his HIV status was apparently listed as “don’t care”. Anyway, his answer was pretty simple – he had gotten into barebacking, loved it, never wanted to use condoms again and knew he’d eventually become poz. That still didn’t answer my question as to whether putting his HIV test date in his profile was there to attract neg tops or attract gift giving poz breeders. Either way, I didn’t get the sense he was bug chasing so much as just aware it would happen sooner or later and enjoying life in the process.

I seem to get a fair number of guys assuming I’m poz. I wonder if his coming to NYC paying for transportation and hotel mostly just to get fucked by one top wasn’t because he was thinking that being fucked with a big PA would be a memorable way to get pozzed. Thing was, even when we were discussing his status he didn’t ask questions about mine… He clearly just didn’t want to know. There are times when I wish I could be a mind reader…

When we went to fuck the third time I took my ring out. It was a big enough distraction I knew I’d do better without it. I rimmed him little before I started, but by this time his ass was pretty musky from all the fucking and cum, so it really wasn’t that big of a turn on. But when I went to fuck him it was a good fuck. Once again we started with him on all fours. He was jacking his dick, which usually I don’t like, but it wasn’t interfering with anything. Then he stopped and I asked if he had cum – he had. He didn’t ask me to stop, so I pushed him onto his belly and kept fucking him. There was something about his hole that felt incredible. It was cummy and I was going in at just the right angle, and of course like before I could feel how small he was under me. I almost came a second time. In all my preparations for that day I had forgotten my cock ring. Had I remembered it my dick might have been a little thicker and a little more sensitive and I just might have cum the second time. For me it was probably my favorite fuck of the day – even though I didn’t cum.

Afterwards we cuddled and he actually fell asleep in my arms for a few minutes. Eventually I had to go. It had been a busy 2 hours and I needed to get home.

All in all an excellent fuck…




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