Fucked A Skinny Asian Bottom With My PA

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Last week I was chatting up this Asian guy on BBRT. He was out of town but said he was planning on coming to NYC the next weekend. All of a sudden he said…

So I just confirmed my trip to NYC this Friday-Sunday. When can we meet? … It was your PA that made the decision point.

From the sound of it he was coming into town specifically to get fucked by me and my PA. In one way it’s nice, in another it sorta obligated me to hookup with him. (If you’re reading this and thinking of doing something similar – don’t do it – chances are I will not be able to hookup with you).

His pics were just so-so and I wondered what I had just gotten myself into. On the other hand, he wanted to get fucked with a PA and it had been a while since I did that and there were things about him that looked interesting… He was Asian and I like Asian guys. He seemed like he was in reasonably good shape, but not great shape, but good enough. And the part that was most curious was that his profile didn’t just say he was neg, but in his profile text he listed the date of his last test. But he asked me no questions and his “looking for” status was “no preference”. Combine that with his wanting to get fucked by a PA that would probably tear him up a bit and he seemed like a bit of a hungry pig – that much I knew I was going to like.

We exchanged texts and set up a time. I really did get the sense that he came into town specifically to get fucked by me and my PA – it was sorta weird. Friday evening I had a barbecue at a friend’s place in Jersey, so we arranged to meet Saturday afternoon.

That morning I decided I’d take a hot bath, try to stretch my PA and get my 0 gauge ring in. It didn’t happen – I didn’t get the 0 gauge ring in until the next day. But I thought it would be cool to  fuck with the additional weight of the 0 gauge. In hindsight it was good it didn’t go in. The 0 gauge has been a little painful as my hole stretches to adapt to it. Probably would have been a really bad idea to fuck with it a few hours after going up to the bigger size. As it turned out this was the last fuck with the 2 gauge – seems appropriate to fuck with it the last day it was in – sorta like a going away party for the ring – lol.

Now my next issue was that my PA is sorta distracting. I don’t fuck with it (very often) ’cause when it’s in I don’t perform as well. So knowing he wanted to get fucked with the PA was a bit of a complication. I decided to do both my herbal stuff as well as a little Viagra. So first thing in the morning I took some of the herbal stuff and then a couple hours before I was supposed to meet him I took about a 1/3rd of a Viagra (maybe a little less). I just hoped it would work well enough…

You’d think if he was coming into town specifically to get fucked by me he’d pick a hotel that was easy for me to get to. Instead he picked one down near Wall Street. And then on top of it there was track work and I wound up having to go all the way to Brooklyn double back to get to him. It took a bit over an hour for me to get there. I did feel the Viagra kick in when we got to 59th Street, but by the time I was finally approaching his hotel I was thinking “I hope he’s worth it…” Oh yeah – and the temperature was in the 90’s with high humidity…

Then I get into the elevator at his hotel and realize you need a key card to get up to the guest floors. I texted him to come down. When he got there I was shocked – he was totally cute – unlike his pics, he was quite thin – so thin I’d call him skinny. And his face was so much more adorable than his pics – he looked like a bit of a nerd in his pics. He real life had this hot faux hawk and was 110% my type… Not perfect, but I don’t expect perfection – but he was damn close to it. Needless to say I was glad I bothered to hookup with him.

We get to his hotel room and strip down. He was totally into me (which I always find odd coming from guys who have great bodies), and as I’ve said I was totally into him. I had forgotten that he told me he liked to party. So it turned into a 3way with Tina/Chrissy… But oddly, he did it 3 times while I was there and the interaction with him was completely normal – like he wasn’t doing anything at all. Again, I lucked out… There wasn’t even the weird odor I’ve smelled when guys smoked up before sex – I wonder what it was that he was doing – maybe it wasn’t Tina… Anyway, a minor distraction, but not a problem.

We made out and I felt up his body for a little while. Then he sucked my cock for a few minutes. Then he got on all fours on the bed and I started eating him out. He had told me he took a load earlier in the day, but it was in there pretty deep (or he had cleaned out) ’cause I didn’t taste anything. He had a great ass and I finally got totally hard.

I stood up and started pushing my PA and cock into his ass. It’s always a little tricky getting such a big ring up some guy’s ass without hurting him or me in the process, but I did finally get it up there. I fucked him doggy style for a while, but every time I’d hit bottom in his ass it was a little painful for me as the ring would double back. So I pushed him onto his belly thinking maybe I wouldn’t get as deep in his ass that way.

With him on his belly there was still a little pain but not so much, but what I really noticed was hot small he was underneath me. He felt good… really good… There was something about his body where his hole was just in the perfect place for me. As you might guess, it wasn’t long before I was blowing my load in his hole. Between the Viagra and the herbal stuff I stayed hard after cumming and kept fucking his cummy hole (more slowly) for a while.

Finally I pulled out and he cleaned off my dick (it’s sorta surprising how many guys are into ATM these days – it seems everyone wants to clean off my dick after it comes out of their ass)… And given that my big PA digs up shit even in “clean” bottoms it said a lot about his ability to clean out that he could suck the dick right after it fucked him. Then I got behind him and started eating out his cummy hole. It tasted great… It’s sorta weird tasting my cum when I’m rimming a guy. I had fucked him enough after cumming that he had a fair amount of cum outside his ass – I didn’t have to work too hard to get my fill of cum.

We then laid around for a bit and chatted, cuddled, sucked each other’s cocks, etc. After 20 minutes or so I got hard enough for round two, but I wasn’t totally hard. In the past I’d noticed that my ring would hold my semi-hard cock in a guy’s ass, so I pushed the ring in and fucked him. I wasn’t totally hard and it was sorta an odd fuck. Seemed it was pretty intense for him – probably because my ring wasn’t as deep in his ass and when I’d pull out a bit the ring would stretch his sphincter. For me it wasn’t the greatest of fucks, but he seemed to like it because the PA was causing some pretty intense sensations.

I wasn’t going to cum, so eventually I just pulled out and we went back to cuddling, talking, sucking cock, etc. At this point I asked him what was up with him since he put the date of his last HIV test in his profile but then had “no preference” in for “looking for” status. He misinterpreted what I said and before I got “no preference” out he said “‘don’t care’ – did I forget to change that?” In other words before his test his HIV status was apparently listed as “don’t care”. Anyway, his answer was pretty simple – he had gotten into barebacking, loved it, never wanted to use condoms again and knew he’d eventually become poz. That still didn’t answer my question as to whether putting his HIV test date in his profile was there to attract neg tops or attract gift giving poz breeders. Either way, I didn’t get the sense he was bug chasing so much as just aware it would happen sooner or later and enjoying life in the process.

I seem to get a fair number of guys assuming I’m poz. I wonder if his coming to NYC paying for transportation and hotel mostly just to get fucked by one top wasn’t because he was thinking that being fucked with a big PA would be a memorable way to get pozzed. Thing was, even when we were discussing his status he didn’t ask questions about mine… He clearly just didn’t want to know. There are times when I wish I could be a mind reader…

When we went to fuck the third time I took my ring out. It was a big enough distraction I knew I’d do better without it. I rimmed him little before I started, but by this time his ass was pretty musky from all the fucking and cum, so it really wasn’t that big of a turn on. But when I went to fuck him it was a good fuck. Once again we started with him on all fours. He was jacking his dick, which usually I don’t like, but it wasn’t interfering with anything. Then he stopped and I asked if he had cum – he had. He didn’t ask me to stop, so I pushed him onto his belly and kept fucking him. There was something about his hole that felt incredible. It was cummy and I was going in at just the right angle, and of course like before I could feel how small he was under me. I almost came a second time. In all my preparations for that day I had forgotten my cock ring. Had I remembered it my dick might have been a little thicker and a little more sensitive and I just might have cum the second time. For me it was probably my favorite fuck of the day – even though I didn’t cum.

Afterwards we cuddled and he actually fell asleep in my arms for a few minutes. Eventually I had to go. It had been a busy 2 hours and I needed to get home.

All in all an excellent fuck…

Simple Fuck With An Old Fuck Bud

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Load 2010-23

Last Thursday I hadn’t cum in 6 days and just needed to blow a load. I had a really short window to actually hookup and I was busy and didn’t have hours to spend finding a bottom. I wasn’t having much luck and then I noticed a Latino online who I’ve been fucking since 2004. I actually didn’t write up the last time I fucked him (back in December) ’cause I videotaped it and never got around to editing the video. (Yeah, I know… I need to get off my ass and get it done…)

The problem was if I’m going to take my new Viagra prescription I need to do it 90+ minutes before hooking up. Things sorta happened at the last minute, and 90 minutes out I really didn’t know if it was going to happen, so I just took a little – about 1/3rd of a pill (maybe less). As I went to his place I felt my hands get all tingly so I knew it was kicking in, but wasn’t sure I had taken enough…

I get there and like always he’s on all fours on his bed just inside the door. He likes things pretty anonymous even though we’ve gotten to know each other a bit over the years. I had asked him not to lube his hole, ’cause it tastes funny and I like to start out rimming him (since he’s not looking to suck cock at the beginning). I get down on my knees and start eating out his ass and gradually start getting hard. The Viagra really isn’t helping all that much – I think I took too little or something. He said he had taken another load before I got there, but I didn’t taste any cum (too bad).

I finally got hard and started fucking him. Since he hadn’t lubed his hole, and didn’t have any lube available I was more or less just spit fucking him and there was a lot of friction. Lately I’ve noticed a huge difference in how good a fuck is based on the lube that’s used. This fuck was pretty dry and it wasn’t working all that well for me. Unfortunately the load he had taken before I got there wasn’t lubing his hole.

I pushed him onto his belly and gave him a decent fuck, but eventually got overheated and had to stop before I’d cum. I laid there for a while. We talked, he sucked my dick – and we basically just hung out for maybe 10 minutes. When I had cooled down and caught my 2nd wind, I went back to fucking him.

This time it still didn’t feel all that great, but I did manage to cum but it took a lot of effort. Given that I hadn’t cum in so many days I think it was a pretty big and thick load. He had a guy coming after me – that guy probably had a much better experience than I did ’cause my load was big enough to make his hole nice and silky.

I washed up and ran downtown to meet my bf at Boxers for drinks. After leaving his place I realize I forgot to wash my beard and it smelled like ass… I was glad I didn’t see anyone I had to kiss when I got to Boxers. I ran to the bathroom and took care of that problem and then had a few beers.

So the take away is #1 – take at least a 1/2 pill of Viagra and #2 get a small pocket sized bottle for lube and take my own to hookups.

Sorta A Forgettable Hookup…

18 July 2010 | 4 Comments

Load 2010-22

Had sorta a weird hookup the other day… This guy hit me up on BBRT and despite my effort to get to the point and hookup, he was asking all these other questions. Finally I had to ask – did he want to fuck or not? If he wasn’t really into it I’d move onto someone else. He said yes. We agreed on a time and he came over.

I should backup and mention that my doc gave me a prescription for Viagra this past week and this was the first time trying it out. I cut the pill in two and took the small half – probably about a 40% dose. I was curious to see how it would work. An hour went by and nothing. Then at about and hour and 20 minutes it started kicking in. I felt really hot and flushed – uncomfortably so. I remember feeling the same way the first time I used the herbal stuff I normally use.

When I answered the door I had this raging, rock hard hardon in my pants. I’ll give Viagra definite points for hardness.

When we got to the bedroom he was pretty submissive. Didn’t do anything without being told. I was sorta expecting that since he had said he wanted to be tied up and used. I told him to get on his knees and he started sucking my dick. I put a collar on him as he was sucking my cock and then when he stood up and I took off his clothes, I put on wrist restraints which I locked together with a nice heavy lock.

I then told him to get on all fours on the bed. He was bit beefier than I usually hookup with, but I wanted to rim his ass. When he got on all fours I noticed his ass crack was darker than the rest of his ass (why are some guys like that?) and he smelled a bit funky. Not horrible, but a bit too far from squeaky clean for me to really get into rimming him. Needless to say I didn’t rim very enthusiastically and ended it pretty quickly.

I then pulled out the Wet Platinum, lubed up my dick and went to fuck him. He was 3 or 4 inches taller than me and bent over  on the bed his hole was 6 to 8 inches above my dick. There was no way I was going to be able to fuck him like that. I pushed him forward onto his belly and shoved my dick in. He was beefier than the guys I usually hookup with, but I found that if I was at a bit of an angle his hole felt pretty good on my dick.

This whole time he never really gave any positive feedback. It was like he really didn’t care who I was, and probably didn’t care if he even got fucked. It was like he was getting fucked to pass the time. He seemed sorta bored or like his his head was off somewhere else thinking about something. All in all he was sorta ‘vacant’ and ‘absent’. Add to that bad breath that I could smell when I was on top of him fucking him (I gotta remember to get guys with bad breath to go gargle with Listerine so I don’t have to smell that).

Then, on top of everything else, he asks for more lube, and when I pause for a second I realize I’m actually about to cum. If I pull out to get more lube I’ll cum while I’m out of his ass. I hadn’t even been fucking him for very long, but I had a 6 day load built up and could have cum in any decent hole that day – and his hole was doing the trick. So I paused, tried not to cum, spit on his hole a couple times and resumed my fucking. I knew it wasn’t going to go on for much longer.

As I was about to blow I was thinking about the fact that his profile said he was neg, yet he had asked no questions and here he was laying there like a piece of meat about to get my load – and totally disconnected from what he was doing. I would have loved to know what he was thinking at that moment. It was like he didn’t care, but there was more to it and I couldn’t tell what that more was…

I blew a decent load up his ass and kept fucking him for a little while – told him I wanted to keep going and give him a second load, but then the Viagra started to fail me and so I pulled out.

It had only been a few minutes at this point. What was I going to do with him? I had him clean off my dick, which given that his ass was a bit musky coulda been a bit disgusting, but he cleaned it right off like it was perfectly clean. I had him suck me some more, but I wasn’t really all that hard, so I stopped.

I asked him if he was into flogging. No. (Forget about asking about whipping if they’re not into flogging). I asked about padding. No. I was staring to run out of options. I played with his nipples and when I sucked on one of them he reacted positively (a first). I could tell he liked that. So then I searched for the suction cups I have for nipples, but couldn’t find them. I got out my nipple clamps and he indicated that he didn’t know if he could take them. I tried to use them gently, but you can’t really use nipple clamps gently – they kept slipping off. I was out of s/m tricks.

The whole time he was jacking his dick, which was a bit distracting. But it wasn’t like he was jacking it ’cause he was turned on – he was jacking it ’cause he seemed embarrassed about having a soft dick. Finally he got hard and stopped jacking. It was like a dog presenting a hard bone to his master – it was sorta cute. Thing was, he was a bottom – I didn’t really care about his cock.

I felt up his cummy ass and thought about fucking him some more, but my dick wasn’t really cooperating. Finally I just wrapped things up by taking off his collar and wrist restraints. He got the hint, got dressed and took off. We did talk a little as he was getting dressed. It wasn’t completely awkward, but I still have no clue where his mind was while we were having sex…

As a first time using Viagra it was a bit disappointing. It did get me rock hard, but it didn’t last very long. In some ways I like the herbal stuff I use better. I don’t get quite as hard with it, but I get thicker. I think I’ll use Viagra when I’m not completely horny (’cause that’s when the herbal stuff isn’t sufficient) and I’ll use the herbal stuff when I’m good and horny and just need a boost to make my cock bigger and more sensitive.

Thank God For Slutty Poz Bottoms…

8 July 2010 | 2 Comments

Load 2010-18

Today was a frustrating day that at least ended well…

I started looking for someone to hookup with fairly early this morning. The first three guys who said they’d come over happened to all say they were neg in their profiles. One canceled right after I gave him the directions on how to get here. Another canceled when I asked for his address. Another one said he was leaving and never showed up. And then a fourth bottom who’s status was listed as “don’t care” wouldn’t tell me when he was going to get here – he just kept saying “yeah, I’m definitely coming”.

As a result I’m the #1 most viewed profile on BarebackRT today – which is not something I really wanted to accomplish ’cause as soon as you’re on their most viewed list you start getting e-mails from all over the world. I don’t want e-mails from all over the world. I want bottoms who are local who want to get fucked. Oh well.

Anyway, FINALLY this bottom hits me up. He describes himself as “sleazy” and he doesn’t list his status (= poz). By that point I was so fucking sick of neg bottoms and their indecisiveness I was actually looking forward to a good poz bottom. I mean fucking neg hole is fuck, but getting it to show up and take the load is a pain in the ass sometimes (like today).

This guy’s pics were horribly obscure – I honestly had no clue who was going to show up at my door. Then, he was a half hour late. I was thinking he too was going to flake on me and then the buzzer rang. Thank god! What showed up a minute later at my door wasn’t at all what I was expecting, but he was still attractive so I didn’t really care. His profile said he was early 40s. I’m guessing that was 7 to 10 years off, if not more. He was this older Latino with sexy graying hair. It was sorta hot actually, but more of a short thin daddy vibe and the daddy part wasn’t what I was expecting.

We went to the bedroom, he got down on his knees pretty quickly and started sucking my dick, but I was completely soft. I’m a grower not a shower, so soft is small in my case. And for some reason blowjobs are doing next to nothing for me these days. He tried for a minute or so and I didn’t get hard at all. I stopped the blowjob, had him take off the rest of his clothes, and get on the bed on all fours. I got down and started rimming his ass.

The guy had a great hole. Let’s just say it was an “experienced” hole and he knew how to control it for maximum effect. He was pushing his a sphincter in and out to match me in my rimming. I knew it was going to be a good fuck – anyone who has that much control of his ass always is.

I rimmed him for a little bit and then grabbed for the lube. There was a big bottle of Gun Oil close to me, but nothing came out when I squeezed it. Then I remembered I really wanted to use Wet Platinum ’cause every time I’ve used it I’ve had an easy time of cumming, so I grabbed the Wet Platinum and squeezed some in my hand. Too much came out so by the time I was done my dick was really slick with lube.

I stood up behind him with him on all fours on the bed. I really just needed to fuck and unload in a hole. It had been 6 days since I last fucked anyone and I’d been good and hadn’t cum the entire time. With this fuck and the one before I’m finding it’s really easy to fuck doggy style standing up. Sometimes the hole doesn’t feel right, but lately it’s been feeling great. I just kept this steady, sorta insistent pace – pretty steady. I think some guys think it’s a little boring ’cause it’s so consistent, but it was working for me.

I could tell I was going to cum fairly quickly. I didn’t cum right away – it took a while to build, but when I came it was like last time – it was an ENORMOUS load that just kept cumming and cumming. I wish I could have been inside his ass watching it come out. It felt like I dumped a gallon of cum in him. I had been silent the whole time I was fucking him, but was groaning as I came. When I was finally done he curled his feet around my legs and tried to hold me inside him. I fucked him a little, very slowly and finally pulled out. He jumped down off the bed and cleaned off my dick.

I thought about felching him, but then didn’t really feel like it when the time came.

The thing about doggy style is that it’s a lot less intimate. When I fuck with the bottom on his belly I wind up collapsed on top of him when I’m done. With doggy I never even get on the bed. It’s much more “slam, bam, thank you ‘mam” and when you’re done I’m standing up, refreshed (since it takes a lot less effort).

I knew this bottom wouldn’t have a problem with a pump-and-dump, so I sorta just ended it there. I mentioned that he got a HUGE load, he thanked me, we got dressed and he left.  The total hookup was 15 minutes, if not less. Hell, I’ve done 7 minute pump-and-dumps before – this felt pretty close to that only we took the time to take off our clothes. My bf was a little surprised that it ended so quickly and wasn’t a bad hookup. He asked if the bottom was OK with leaving so soon and asked if the bottom had cum. I was pretty sure the bottom was fine. He got what he was looking for and left with an ass that was flooded with cum.

I’m liking not cumming between fucks. It really lets me give the bottoms much bigger loads. Gotta go put my PA back in to make sure I don’t cum tonight… 😉

Suprisingly Good Hookup With A Beefy Asian

5 July 2010 | 2 Comments

Load 2010-17

Well, wearing a PA to avoid cumming worked – possibly too well. About 3 days after the hookup with the black fuck bud I tried to hookup, but had “some problems” making it happen, then life got busy, and then at about day 6 or 7 I sorta felt run down and not up for fucking (which is weird ’cause I had similar symptoms about 2 weeks after fucking the black guy last time). I wasn’t totally run down – just sorta.

I felt good enough to give it a shot and on day 7 had my Brazilian fuck bud over. He sucked my cock with my PA in, which was probably a mistake since it was sorta distracting when I wasn’t feeling 100%. I tried to make fucking happen, but it just wasn’t happening, so we both gave up.

Two days later I had a huge 9 day load in me and needed to unload. This “Asian / Pacific Islander” hit me up on Adam4Adam. He didn’t have a face pic, had a fuzzy torso shot, but had a nice butt pic (but even it was a little on the beefy side). I just had to cum so I said yes even though I really didn’t know who was going to show up at my door.

Before he got here he said he was looking for an anonymous hookup. I told him there’d be no taking then and I asked him if he’d be up for a hood or blindfold, he said yes, so I got my leather blindfold ready. His profile said he was neg, but didn’t say anything one way or the other about safe sex, and he asked no questions. I didn’t really know what to make of that – sorta guessed he was poz, but not public about it…

When he was a block away he texted saying he wanted a hood, so I scrambled and pulled out a hood for him, though I really wanted him blindfolded. He showed up and 1) he was a lot cuter than I thought he’d be, and 2) he was a lot heavier than I thought he’d be. I wanted to put the hood on him at the door and lead him back to the bedroom, but he made it clear he wanted to see his surroundings first.

When we got to the bedroom he got naked and honestly I wasn’t sure how the hookup would go. He was ADORABLE, but his body was really beefy. Imagine a stereotypical Samoan warrior (he’s not Samoan, but he looks like he could be), take away 99% of the tattoos, take 10 years off what you’re thinking, and you’ve pretty much got him. So he looks like a cute Pacific Islander muscle cub – which is not typically a type I do well with, but he was there and I had a 9 day load in my balls that needed release.

I went to put on the hood and realized I picked one with eye holes which was sorta dumb if it was supposed to be anonymous (but it was a last minute choice). I didn’t want to mess up the vibe by looking for another one, so I just went with it. It took a little work to get it over his head, but I finally managed.

I then told him to get on all fours on the bed. If it was going to be anonymous, I didn’t need a blowjob – we’d go right to anal. I pulled his ass cheeks apart and started rimming him. As soon as my mouth touched his ass I knew I was in luck. His whole body was silky smooth and his hole was just as smooth. I took my time eating his ass, though I don’t think he enjoyed it as much as I did – he just sorta laid there and didn’t react one way or the other.

I was jacking my dick the whole time I was rimming him. I had taken my PA out before he got there ’cause I didn’t want it to interfere this time. His hole was so good I had no problem getting rock hard.

Then I stood up and shoved in. Oh. My. God… His hole was incredible – it was silky and literally gripped my dick. I was either the best hole I’d ever been in or the 2nd best (the other being the Peruvian guy I fucked last year – who I still need to fuck again soon)… Usually doggy position isn’t a great position for me, but I knew I shouldn’t mess with perfection in this case – there was just something about his ass in this particular position. It also had the advantage of being a position that didn’t require a lot of physical exertion on my part. Part of my problems with other hookups is that my favorite position is with the bottom flat on his belly. In that position I have to repeatedly lift my entire body up and down (all 240 pounds of it) – that gets tiring pretty quickly, but in doggy there’s almost no physical exertion – which was good ’cause it was a border-line hot day and the fan in the window was barely cutting it – it would have been really easy to overheat.

As you can imagine – 9 day load + an incredible hole meant it wasn’t long before I was cumming in his ass. The orgasm was incredible. First I could feel the cum start leaking out pretty rapidly. It was like a bucket that was too full and sloshing it’s contents all over the place. That lasted so long I started wondering if I was going to cum for real, but I realized even if it stopped there I would have given him a nice size load. Then the full orgasm came and I started really blowing cum in his ass. That went on and on… It felt like I was giving him a gallon of cum up there – spurt after spurt after spurt. Finally it subsided.

I hadn’t said a word the entire time I was cumming. I was a little embarrassed how quickly I had cum and didn’t want it to end… The pace changed after that – I fucked him a bit more slowly, but I just kept fucking him and fucking him. His hole felt wonderfully wet. At one point I stopped and went to felch him, but while he was clean, he wasn’t squeaky clean, so I gave that up immediately and went back to fucking his cummy hole.

After a while he went from being on all fours (with his head down) to dropping upper torso down onto the bed. When he did that his hole changed completely and it felt just like a loose cavity – the incredible feeling pretty much stopped. So I figured it was time to change position, so I pushed him on his belly, but like so many cubs/bears that position just didn’t work at all, so I start winding up the fucking by whispering in his ear how big of a load he had taken and how wet his hole felt.

I pulled out and went around to the other side of the bed and had him clean off my dick with a little ATM. As he was sucking me I started feeling up his smooth body and sorta petting his head. When he stopped sucking me (since I was getting soft), he just buried his head in my crotch and never looked up at me. It reminded me a lot of playing with the puppy at MAL – I liked it a lot – it showed that anonymous sex can actually be very tender and intimate.

I pet him for quite a while and then laid down next to him at which point he started caressing me as I was caressing him. I’m not sure what he was going through in his head, but it seemed he needed both to be fucked like a cumdump and held tenderly – all without even talking to me. It was a really wonderful mix I don’t get very often – complete submission but tenderness too. I liked that.

Eventually we started talking a little bit. I asked if he liked puppy play and wound up having to explain it to him, and we talked about where he was from, his job, stuff like that…

Then, after a while I got hard again. This time he climbed on top of me and rode my cock. Once again, it felt incredible. It was like he was using my dick to give himself a prostate massage and was loving every minute of it. Besides rubbing my dick perfectly his hole just felt wet with all the cum.

When that was over we talked and caressed a bit more. If I didn’t have a boyfriend in the next room I would have kept him there longer and I know he wouldn’t have left. But I was hungry and needed to pay some attention to my bf, so I gradually wrapped things up and he left…

This is one of the few cases his having crappy profile pics was a good thing. If I had seen an accurate pic of his body I probably would have passed and missed a really good fuck.

Squirmy “Safe Sex Only” Bottom Got My Load

3 June 2010 | 6 Comments

Load 2010-13

This guy’s been hitting me up for a few weeks now on Adam4Adam wanting me to fuck him. He’s a cute 30ish Asian guy who looks a bit boy-next-door geeky in his pics. I wasn’t sure if he was real ’cause he was pretty far away and his profile said “neg, safe sex only”. I get a lot of “neg, safe sex only” guys hitting me up on Adam about half just like my cock and think they’re so special I’ll wear a condom just for them or I’ll just do oral with them. The other half are actually willing to get barebacked and take loads, despite what their profile says. This guy was in the latter group, though I have a feeling he really is neg ’cause I forget exactly what he said, but he did sorta discuss status. I always ask safe sex guys if they’re OK with bareback and I think his response was something like “you’re neg, so it’s OK.”

That response is actually sorta laughable. I’ve jokingly heard that Adam is the cure for HIV – guys who are poz miraculously become neg when they’re on Adam4Adam… So his just reiterating my status back to me and not asking any real questions is not a very effective way of staying neg – at least not if that’s what he does on a regular basis…

Anyway, he was pretty persistent and I realized that he was serious about riding over an hour each way on the subway to get to me. Today things worked out and he came over. The elevator was temporarily out in the building so he had to walk up 5 flights of stairs to get to me. He was pretty winded by the time he got up. We went to the bedroom, he stripped down to his underwear and just fell on the bed face down. It was sorta hot having him like that. He looked sorta vulnerable. I pulled off his underwear and dove into his ass. He was apologizing ’cause he was sweaty, but really there was no musk down there… It was pretty nice actually.

He had a small build – like I tend to like. He was packing a few extra pounds, but not much. It was very boy-next-doorish. While I thought he’d be sorta geeky based on his pics, he was more ‘green’. Later he told me he’d only really started bottoming in the past couple of years – before that he was a top. I’m guessing he was just adapting to the New York sexual marketplace – since here he’s better equipped to be a bottom, if you know what I mean…

His hole was nice. The cool part is he had cleaned out well so I could really eat him out. When I’d get deep he’d like it and he’d pull his cheeks apart so I could get deeper. He also sorta liked it when I’d suck a bit on his hole – which is something I like to do when the hole is really clean (or really cummy).

After rimming him a bit he had caught his breath and we switched to him giving me a blowjob. And we kissed a bit, stuff like that… Then he got on all fours and aimed his ass at me. I misinterpreted and started getting ready to fuck him, but he wanted me to rim him some more. But after rimming him a bit I was ready to fuck.

I pushed on his hole and there was  a little resistance and then I slipped in in one quick motion. I went in so easily I was surprised when he started complaining saying it was painful. I held onto his hips and tried to get him used to it, but he kept complaining, so I pulled out. But then we went back at it and the second time he didn’t have much of any pain at all.

At this point I more or less had him on his belly but the thing was he started squirming all around. Here I was trying to get in a groove and every time I was starting to get into one he’d move. It was sorta irritating, and I was wondering whether this was how he was planning to disrupt things so I didn’t actually cum in his ass – he was a “safe sex” bottom after all. That sorta made me more determined to  not stop until I came in his ass. It seemed like he needed to learn that if you get fucked bareback, you’ll get loads in your ass, whether you want them there or not.

But all his squirming did throw me off my game. The room was starting to get hot and my dick was starting to lose it. So we took a break. He cleaned off my dick, and then gave me a bit of a blowjob, but it wasn’t really doing the trick, so we just laid down for a few minutes. It seemed like we’d sorta stopped, but I was still really determined to do everything I could to give him a load.

When we started back I ate out his ass, got really hard and started fucking him again. This time he just laid there and let me pound him. In all his wiggling around I had discovered one particular position with him that felt better than the others so I got him in that position and just fuck him and fucked him until I could feel my load cumming… I gave him a nice sized load deep in his ass.

It wasn’t long after that my dick popped out of his ass, but he wanted more. Sometimes I get a second wind so we laid there for a bit. He started jacking off and liked it when I’d finger his ass. But he wanted me to finger him deep. Oddly that’s actually a little strenuous. I never realized my finger could get tired from fingering a guy’s ass, but it did. But I put up with it to get him off. He came, I licked a bit of it up and then we talked a bit more and then it was over and he was on his way.




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