Embarrassing Hookup – Didn’t Remember A Hot Bottom

5 November 2009 | 3 Comments

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Well, just got done with a bit of an embarrassing hookup. A really hot bottom came over and before we started he said I’d fucked him before and for the life of me I couldn’t remember him. I did finally remember his story when we got to talking after sex, but it’s taken me a little while to figure out who he was and he was the guy I whipped really hard early this year. I mean I whipped him pretty hard and then forgot who he was. That is pretty awful, but in my defense he was hooded when I hooked up with him last time so I didn’t really have that much “face time” so to speak.

OK, so this time he hits me up on Adam4Adam and his profile says he’s “neg” and into “safe sex only”. That might have also thrown me off – his profile name last time contained “BBBottom”, had pictures of his gaping hole and him in a jockstrap with “SLUT” written on his lower back and other ones of him blindfolded and in a sling – so a VERY different profile than last time. I ask if he’s up for getting fucked raw and he said ‘no problem’. He wasn’t going to be available for a little over an hour so we set up a time for him to come and I hope that he doesn’t flake out on me.

The time sorta came and went and I was wondering if he was actually going to show up. There were other guys online who wanted to come over, but then he called and said he was a few blocks away. He shows up and we head to the bedroom. He mentions at that point that we hooked up before and indicates it was at my old place. As I mentioned for the life of me I didn’t remember him. He takes off his clothes and then he asks what I want him to do. Of course I didn’t put two and two together and had no clue he’d be up for BDSM, and I don’t go in that direction unless I know a bottom wants it. I went to kiss him and he seemed really reluctant. He wasn’t jumping to his knees so I didn’t tell him to suck my dick. Instead I turn him around and he takes the hint and bends over and I start rimming him.

While I’m rimming him I start playing with his dick – which was HUGE. I lightly jack it and it gets pretty hard and it was an easy 11 inches, if not bigger and pretty big at the base with a nice foreskin. If I had been a bottom I would have been in heaven right then… His hole tasted nice and clean. It was a little hairy and his butt was pretty muscular. His body was generally pretty lean. As I was eating out his hole I was wondering how in the hell I had forgotten him – I mean he’s totally my type.

But with a hot ass in front of me that was now well-lubed with spit I wasn’t going to let my embarrassment stop me from fucking him, so I stood up, put a little spit on the head of my dick and shoved in. His hole was wet. He either had other loads in there or he had lubed or it was just naturally that way. One way or the other it felt really wonderful. The sensations like wetness are what the guys with condoms never get to feel… This is a good case of why barebacking is just better sex.

I pushed him face down on the bed and I knew with how great his hole felt that it wouldn’t take me long to cum, but at the same time I wanted it to last, so I took it easy trying to delay my orgasm. It goes without saying I came in his hole not long later.

I wanted to keep fucking him, but my dick was pretty sensitive, so I pulled out and went down and started rimming/felching his cummy ass. Tasted VERY good! He didn’t push any out or anything like that but there was plenty of cum on his ass. Then when that was cleaned up I pushed back in and kept fucking him. That’s one of the things I like about taking pills – I can keep fucking after I cum. I took it pretty easy, but at least he got a longer fuck. Then I rolled over and kept my dick in him and slowly fucked him while we spooned.

He was a little awkward. I think it was a bit vanilla for him and he’s a bit timid when it comes to sex – liking the top to take charge. But we talked a little. He just moved pretty close to me – so hopefully we’ll hookup more in the future. When I asked what he did is when I remembered fucking him – or at least fucking a guy with a similar story.

We wrapped things up after a bit and he was on his way. I sorta wish I had remembered his details – would have been a very different fuck. But at least this time I saw more of his face – it’ll be better next time…

The other issue in all of this is his “neg, safe sex only” billing on Adam4Adam. There’s a reason why I stopped believing what people put for their HIV status. I’m not saying he’s poz, but he’s a clear case of being into a lot more than his profile would suggest – so who knows what’s true and what’s not about him?

Turned A Bottom Onto A New Fetish

24 August 2009 | 1 Comment

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[I’m really behind on writing things up. I’ll try to catch up over the next couple days…]

There’s a guy who has bee hitting me up on Adam4Adam for over a year – probably closer to two years. It was mostly a scheduling thing, but I also just didn’t get a clear vibe off his pics and profile and while I thought he’d probably be a good hole, I wasn’t sure if he was someone who was worth going out of my way for…

Well, we finally hooked up Saturday afternoon and I should have gone out of my way a long time ago… 😉  Initial impressions were that he was attractive, thin, and sorta preppy. We got undressed he had a great body – better than his pics. He got down and sucked my cock briefly, then I bent him over and rimmed his smooth hairless hole. He had the type of hole that looked like it was “experienced” but well maintained, if you know what I mean. He was perfectly clean and it was fun to eat out his hole…

Then he made it clear that he was up for more than just fucking. I forget exactly how he said it, but I remember him mentioning hoods and a few other things. That wasn’t what I was expecting, so I sorta had to scramble a bit. Went over to the chest by the side of the bed where I had my “toys” (the ones that aren’t in storage). He was laying on his belly on the bed and I just pulled things out and put them on him… collar, wrist restraints (locked together with a heavy lock), ankle restraints, a spreader bar between his legs, and a spandex hood over his face.

Even though he was all hooded and bound I wanted to start with just fucking him. I haven’t used my spreader bar in a long time. The thing I like about it is that I can have the bottom’s legs up in position that is easy to manage. I can either hold the bar with one hand or if I lean forward I can control it with my shoulders. Honestly I feel like I’ve become a one trick pony lately in that I always cum with the bottom on his belly. I was surprised how good it felt using the spreader bar. I mean the guy had a great hole, but it was rubbing my dick better than it usually does when the bottom has his legs in the air. I think part of it is that I can control the height of the guy’s hole by controlling his legs.

Anyway, felt good, but finally I flipped him over, legs still spread with the spreader bar, and fucked him. Given that he had a hood on it was pretty impersonal – like he was just a piece of meat. But I like it like that. One thing I have gotten into is fucking a guy from an angle. It feels different and on some guys it feels really great. It wasn’t all that long before I blew my load up his hole.

After I came he told me he wanted to clean off my dick, which is exactly what I had in mind… Then he wanted me to use my finger to get cum out of his ass and feed it to him, but I had been thinking before he got there that my finger nails needed trimming, so I didn’t really want to try that. I felched his hole a bit and then stuck my finger in but gave up quickly – afraid I was going to rip his ass with my fingernail.

So in terms of fucking I was sorta done, but I had a hot guy in restraints ass up on my bed so I couldn’t just stop there. I went over to the toy chest and pulled out a butt plug, spit on it and shoved it up his cummy ass. I then pulled out a small rubber paddle and a small wood paddle and tried them on him. But I could tell by the way he was reacting to them that it wasn’t pleasant for him. I don’t know what made me think he’d like flogging if he didn’t like paddling, but I figured I’d try. I think part of it was just me being insistent. So I got my softest flogger (made of deer skin) and started trying to flog him.

Flogging him was a little tricky given his position on the bed. I was having a hard time with my aim. Then when I figured out the aim part the flogger started sticking to the sweat on my back, so I had to grab my t-shirt and put it back on. Then I was able to get in a groove and did pretty well with landing the flogger where it was supposed to go.

At first he was pretty quiet and didn’t really react one way or the other. Flogging is partly about endurance. The experience changes as time goes on. I kept checking in with him and he seemed to be fine with it. Then there was a point at which I could tell he was more than “fine” with it – he was actually enjoying it. I was hitting him harder and harder with the flogger and if anything his reaction became more and more positive. Finally I was hitting him about as hard as I could with that flogger so I asked him if he wanted to step up to a different flogger that might hurt more. He seemed game for it, so I started light with that one.

As I hit harder and harder he just got more and more into it. At one point he said “I’m afraid to say this, but I’m actually really loving the pain”. That’s just what I wanted to hear. I love inflicting pain (if the bottom likes it as well), so I hit him harder. 😉  That got me sorta hard, so I pulled out the butt plug to fuck him. As I did this squirt of cum flew out of his ass and landed on my fingers. Of course, I licked it off my fingers – couldn’t let it go to waste! But when I went to fuck him I wasn’t really ready to fuck, so I stopped pretty quickly and went back to flogging.

I figured if he liked getting his ass flogged he’d like getting his back flogged. So I removed the spreader bar, took some art off the wall and had him stand up and lean against the wall. But he didn’t really like having his back flogged. Said he was very anally oriented and just wanted his ass flogged, so I put him back on the bed with his ass up on the edge of the bed. It was a pretty sight seeing his puckered fuck hole exposed like that. Later he told me he liked having the butt plug in ’cause every time the flogger it the butt plug would send the force deeper in his hole. But personally I liked seeing his hole winking at me.

I could tell he was really getting into it so I was hitting pretty much as hard as I could and making the sets longer and longer. The harder I hit him and the longer it went on the more he seemed to like it. After a while though I knew that if I kept going I’d stop enjoying it, so I wound it down and laid down beside him. We talked a bit and I could tell he was hungry for more, but I was sorta at my limit, so we talked.

At one point he was telling me how his ex used to fist him all weekend long – to the point that his hole would get sore and he couldn’t take anymore at which point his boyfriend was frustrated and wanted more, so they’d have guys over and sometimes his boyfriend would get fucked  – which is one of the messages I remember getting from him last year – wanting me to come over and fuck both of them… He asked me if I was into fisting and I said I’d never gotten into it ’cause I have really big hands. He didn’t seem to think that would be a problem and said his hole is really good about guiding a top’s fist… So maybe next time I’ll get to fist someone for the first time!

That discussion got me hard and so I lifted up his legs and just started fucking him again. It went on for a little while, but then that also wound down. We talked a little more and then I sorta wrapped things up. I could tell he could have gone on and on, but my bf was out in the living room and it had gone on pretty long (for me).

Oh, and next time I think he’ll be up for me videotaping it. Should be fun!

Gave A Load, Took Two

12 July 2009 | 8 Comments

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Well, the photoshoot yesterday didn’t happen. It’s been a bit of a learning experience trying to coordinate a shoot. Solos are a lot easier – you just need one guy to come. But with sex scenes it’s the worst of trying to hookup online multiplied many times over. First you have to get guys who are more or less into each other. Then you have to coordinate their schedules. Few guys want to commit to anything. Some don’t want to show their face, some only want to work with neg guys, etc. My take away is to treat it like a sex party where I set the date and time and see who can show up at that time. But I didn’t learn that lesson in time for yesterday’s shoot.

I had actually put a lot of work into trying to find models, etc. so I was in a pretty bad mood and that got my bf and I to fighting. Bottom line – he saw the trip as a vacation, I saw it as work with some down time mixed in. We finally patched things up and went out for a nice dinner then came back rested and headed out a bit later on (had to wait for the torrential rains to subside).

We went to Campus, one of the stripper bars, and a black guy who had been all over me the night before was on stage doing his non-nude dance. Now, the guys are generally pretty aggressive at the stripper bars, but most of them are straight. I had seen this guy hanging all over a bear, so when he came up to me and started doing the same thing I knew it was more than the regular aggressiveness. His type was hairy white bears with facial hair. He must of spent 30 minutes with me and it was really pretty intense. I wasn’t in the mood that night to go have a dance (plus they’re a complete rip off, so I just tipped him a bit).

Anyway, when he was done with his dance he came up to me and asked if I’d be his fluffer. I wasn’t sure if he was serious, so I said ‘sure’, but didn’t know what would come of it. But a couple songs later he came back around and said the management wouldn’t mind ’cause they keep telling him he needs to get completely hard and it’s hard for him to get hard when it’s not with someone else. And I should mention he didn’t ask for any money. So the song before his dance started and we found a booth and I gave him a blowjob and he got nice and hard. He really was into bears – ’cause he’d stop me and make out, etc. It didn’t last long ’cause his song started and he had to rush on stage. Even though his dick is pretty big it doesn’t show as well as some ’cause it’s pretty bent – downwards – so it doesn’t stick out from his body.

So that was an interesting start to the evening. My bf was a bit jealous, but later in the evening he had plenty of attention from other guys, though none as intense and sincere.

I stayed there for a while and then went out to GI Joe – one of Montréal’s raunchier bathhouses. Just went by myself – my bf went out dancing with a guy he met who lived in NY. I should back up a bit and say I had forgotten to bring my pills on the trip and my libido was pretty low given all the stress I was feeling from things falling apart with the models, so I asked how much for the stuff they were selling and was told one type was $20 and another was $25. The guy said the $25 ones (“Forta”) were much better according to the customers who bought both. There were only two in the package and you were supposed to take the 2nd 3 hours after the first. Well, I’ll just say now, what they sold me sucked – my pills are WAY better than those (at least for me).

So I got undressed, and look around to see what’s up. There were a few bottoms on their bellies (what I look for), but not that many. I went to the basement where they have a big room with some glory holes. This attractive hairy bear came onto me. Long story short we got into a corner and I got down and gave him a blowjob. He was pretty horny and it wasn’t long before he was about to blow his load. He pulled out and turned away and I just grabbed his dick and went back to sucking it. He liked that and blew a big load in my mouth. So that was load #1.

After that I walked around a bit more and there was a guy on the top floor who was on all fours. I  went in and he barely looked at me – just kept his head down and his greasy ass up. I rimmed him a bit, got hard, and fucked him for a while. As I fucked him his ass went from greasy to wet – and in particular wet with loads he had taken earlier (it just feels different than lube). He seemed to have a lot of loads in there, so a couple times I got down and felched cum out of his ass – it was literally running out of his hole he had so much in there. Tasted good 🙂

I didn’t want to cum so early in the evening. It was at that point I thought I’d see how many holes I could get my dick in. I said that and believed it for a while, but also didn’t take it too seriously – there were willing holes I didn’t fuck.

Anyway, I went back down to the basement and in one of the pitch black glory holes there was a bald (or shaved head) cocksucker. I was feeling him up and felt his ass an it was dripping with cum. The glory holes there are big enough that they’re good for fucking. So apparently he’d been there a while and had spent plenty of time with his ass pushed up against the glory hole letting complete strangers he couldn’t see fuck him and dump their loads in him.

Needless to say I wanted to fuck his cummy ass. I had to get on my tippy toes to do it, but I fucked him for a while. Oddly he didn’t seem to want it to go on for long and he stopped after a few minutes. So I kept walking around.

When I was in my room I saw one of the models who contacted me about porn walk past. He’s a hot, ripped muscle daddy type who had wanted to do a leather scene. I stopped him, told him who I was and apologized things didn’t work out. It was then I realized he was up for doing more than I realized and it might have worked out with him (another lesson learned). Anyway, it was good meeting him and we kept seeing each other all night… [As a bit of an update – once again I misread him and today he tells me I should have fucked him at the bathhouse…]

Up on the top floor again a few doors down from my room and in the room next to the first guy I fucked there was this hot, lean, upper 20s guy laying on his belly. He looked a bit like a Euro boy type. I went in and started rimming him but my dick wasn’t cooperating, so I stopped and told him I’d be back. I don’t think he believed me, but I went to my room and jacked my dick until I was hard and then went back to his room and went straight to fucking him. I knew he was the guy who was going to get my load and I didn’t hold back fucking him. And yes, he did get my load and he wanted me to come back for more…

I knew I needed a little downtime and I was hoping I’d have a second wind, so I laid in my room and tried to recharge. I was playing with my iPhone (I’ve gotten addicted to playing solitaire on it), and I snapped a few pics of myself in the mirror over the bed… [And yeah, I’m heavy – I’m a bear – if it bothers you just get over it…]

rawTOP laying in a bed at a bathhouse

The stuff I had taken was making me sweat like crazy, but after a while I figured I was as ready as I’d ever be. (They really did suck – I should have been rock hard after a 20 minute rest – oh well). So I looked around again and wound up in the basement again.

For some strange reason guys were really into me. Problem was some of the guys who were all over me I wasn’t into at all. Finally I found myself in a dark corner (by the 2nd guy I had fucked) and there were two reasonably hot guys competing to service me. One kept feeling up my butt wanting to fuck me, and the other spent a lot of time on his knees sucking me. Oh, I should mention there was this other guy who was back there who was a hot little hairy muscle guy with a pierced uncut cock – very hot, but he left.

Long story short I figured I might as well suck some dick since it didn’t look like either of them wanted to get fucked. So I got on my knees and the top who had been feeling up my ass had this cock that was thin and curved up and to the left. (Weird that it was the 2nd seriously curved cock I had sucked that night). He was trying to face fuck me pretty hard – forcing my head down on his dick – that never sets well with me and I resisted and sucked the other guy’s cock as well. The other guy had a uncut dick with really long foreskin that was leaking like crazy.

Long story short the guy with the uncut cock blew his load in my mouth and before I could even swallow I went back to sucking the other guy. Given how rough he was and the fact that I was squatting and my legs were going to sleep I stopped it after a bit and stood up. At that point he got down and sucked me until he blew his load. So I didn’t get that load, but did make a guy cum…

After that I knew it was time to go, so I got dressed and caught a cab…

Fucked A Hot “No Limits” Bottom

3 February 2009 | 8 Comments

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I know I haven’t been very good with fucking bottoms this year. That is what it is, but I’ve been really horny lately and feeling the need to fuck. Yesterday I was on BarebackRT and I was wondering whether or not I was actually going to get to hookup. But it always seems like it goes from drought to too many offers and I had a couple offers, but this one guy was super cute, hot body, 20-something Latino. His pics were pretty kinky so I knew hooking up with him could be pretty fun…

I was sorta wondering whether he was actually going to come over, but then he confirmed he was on his way. When he showed up he really was adorable. He seemed a little hesitant at first, but then he seemed to just go for it – put down his bag and started getting undressed.

Some of his pics showed him in leather gear so I asked if he was up for it. He said “whatever” (in a good way, not in a sulky way). So I dug around and got out a hood, some restraints and a few paddles. When I was ready he had stripped down to his underwear which was a stripperish bikini with studded leatherette in the front, and fabric in the back.

I put some puppy mitts on him, since he hadn’t worn them before I made sure he knew to keep moving his fingers around. Then I hooded him, and locked his hands together with a heavy padlock. I wasn’t really sure what his him limits were and didn’t want him to have a negative experience and not come back. I played with his body a bit and then had him take a few steps forward and bend over the bed.

I pulled down his underwear and went to rim him when I noticed it – a HUGE uncut cock swinging between his legs. But he was here to bottom, so I mostly paid attention to his hole. Every now and then I’d pull back his dick and give it some attention, and I did feel it up a bit. His hole looked like it had seen some serious action/abuse. I was getting the feeling I could do pretty much anything with him, but still didn’t know where his limits were.

When I got his hole wet with spit, I stood up and shoved my mostly dry cock up his ass. I figured if it hurt he wouldn’t mind much, and given what I saw of his hole I knew he’d adjust quickly enough. It felt good being inside him – it had been way too long since I had fucked.

To make a long story short(er)… Fucked him with his legs in the air a bit then rotated him around and got him on his belly. Hoods on cute guys are a weird thing – it makes the guy into this piece of meat – a total hole, not a person. I hadn’t cum in days and knew I wasn’t going to last all that long. Since he was just a piece of meat I fucked him however I felt like fucking him – I knew he wanted something pretty intense, but right then I just needed to fuck and blow my load up a hole. Eventually I came and gave him a nice load.

I had taken part of a pill and had no problem staying hard, so I just kept pumping his ass. Then I pulled out and felched my cum from his hole – didn’t go too deep – there was plenty of cum on his ass since I kept fucking him after blowing my load. Then I fucked him a little more and then felched a little more…

My cock was sorta getting “done”, so I put this small butt plug like thing in his ass and I figured I’d switch things up a bit. I started with something light – a cock and ball whip on his ass. The way he had been put down on the bed his dick was pointing down between his legs, so I started using the cock and ball whip on the head of his dick – lightly (didn’t know his limits), but I could see him getting harder as I did it… Then I switched to normal paddles and paddled his ass.

At one point I laid next to him and mentioned that I didn’t really know his limits. He said “I don’t have limits – you can do whatever you want”. My mind immediately jumped to the whip I picked up at IML (the one I have a video of me using). So I asked if he liked pain. He said something indicating that he did in fact have limits when it came to pain, but was game to try. I went over to my “toy chest” and rumaged around and found the whip.

That whip hurts like hell – I know, I’ve tried it on myself. It’s homemade – just wires with knots in them. The wire is thin enough that it really burns when it hits, and then the knots make it even more painful. I started a little light on him, but pretty quickly moved to full pretty painful strokes. I couldn’t tell how far I could go so I asked him and he said the pain was about a 5 out of 10 which gave me license to really go full out and whip him pretty hard.

As I whipped him I could see the red marks forming. I wasn’t hitting as hard as I could but still pretty hard. When I’d feel his ass between rounds I could feel the whelts forming – they were raised and his ass was starting to look like tenderized meat. My goal wasn’t to take him too far, just give him a good ride.

Eventually I stopped. We laid next to each other and I took off the leather hood. He really was so adorable and you can’t tell that when he’s got the hood on. We kissed and talked a little. I forget what we talked about but I remember his lips were really full and it was cool kissing him. Eventually I got hard again and went back to fucking him. While we were intimate a moment before I could tell when he’s getting fucked he just likes being a hole. He never really looked back – he just took the dick.

Things gradually wound down and we started talking. He had graduated recently from a really good school and has a killer internship coming up that will really jumpstart his career. The kid is going to go places. It’s sorta funny – he’s not the first no limits bottom who’s is (or will be) really successful. There’s something about people who enjoy being abused – in the right combination with other attributes they can be incredibly successful.

I hope we can meet up again. I’m wondering if he doesn’t prefer PNPing. He was telling me about a top who “got him fucked up and then fucked him and used him in a sling”. It was rough enough that he went home with a cut on his face. I’m not going to do the PNP thing, and wonder if he enjoys it as much when he’s sober. Great guy though. I really am hoping we hookup soon.

After the hookup I was SO relaxed. Felt really wonderful. I had wanted to get a little more work done, but just relaxed and watched action movies on FX instead.

“Afternoon Delight” With A Tall, Smooth, Skinny Guy

14 October 2008 | 6 Comments

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A guy contacted me yesterday, said he saw me on XTube and wanted to hookup with me. The pics he sent along matched his stats – upper 20s, tall and thin… Pretty much just my type (except for the tall part, and he wasn’t that much taller than me)…

So we set things up so he’d come by today. He shows up, and is just like his pics – looked like he’d be a good fuck. We go into the bedroom and get down to business pretty quickly. He sucked me a little, I sucked on his nipples and then on his cock, and then rimmed him for a while. He was pretty much completely smooth and he had a great hole, so rimming him was pretty excellent…

After I had him lubed with spit I tried to just push in, but he was pretty sensitive, so I grabbed some lube and things went a little better. He still had a little trouble taking me, but I figured if he wanted to hookup with me after seeing my videos, then he didn’t expect me to be all that gentle – so I just kept fucking him and he got used to it pretty quickly. While it was hurting him he was pretty vocal and loud. I was a little worried the neighbors would hear since the bedroom is right next to the hallway, but after a while he got a little quieter.

His hole felt really good and I knew I could cum pretty easily, but didn’t want to cum too quickly so I held back a little. Then I flipped him over onto his stomach and kept fucking him. It felt better this way (usually does with skinny guys), and after a while I figured I’d just fuck him as hard as I wanted to. By this point he was taking it really well and seemed to like me wailing away at his ass, though you never can tell sometimes what they’re thinking.

The funny part was when I was finally ready to cum, I couldn’t cum all that easily. It took a while of really pounding his ass. I kept feeling like I was right on the verge of cumming, but didn’t want to slow down unless I knew I really was going to cum. Finally I could feel it boiling up in my balls, so I stopped and a few seconds later blasted a pretty big load in his ass.

He had one of those smooth, clean asses you want to felch, so I pulled out pretty quickly and his ass was a beautiful sight… He had this dribble of cum leading from his hole to his balls and about to drip off his balls. I dove in and licked it clean and then sucked a bit on his cummy hole. Damn it tasted great felching my cum out of his ass, though I did leave most of it in there.

I then laid next to him. He reached down, got his fingers all cummy and licked them clean. Then we sorta had a nice quiet time where we chatted (he asked me my name), and I sorta felt him up for a while, before it was time for him to go and he left.

He did mention that he sorta wanted to get filmed. I had thought of asking him, but then forgot. So hopefully he’ll come back next week and we’ll do it again and put it up on XTube for all to see…

Hookup with a hot, tattooed, skinny guy

2 September 2008 | 3 Comments

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It’s a good thing opposites attract, ’cause I really like skinny guys. Woke up this morning and was sorta horny. Since I had had the pill yesterday it was really easy to pop a woodie. Didn’t think I’d find anything, but I logged into BarebackRT and Adam4Adam and there were two guys within sorta a long walking distance, surprisingly both wanted to hookup and there were other guys as well who were interested but not as convenient.

One of the guys who was close I’d seen for a while now and wanted to fuck. He has these really cool tattoos and had an incredible body – super skinny with definition…

Long story short, he comes over and when he pulls up his shirt there literally isn’t an ounce of fat on him. He’s got these washboard abs that were just absolutely incredible. I compliment him and tell him I like how skinny he is, and he says he doesn’t like the term “skinny” – prefers “thin”. Whatever – he’s skinny and I’m loving it…

He had told me before that he was into leather, and it turned out he brought a leather vest. I had worn my IML t-shirt, but took the hint and pulled out a leather vest and chaps, but then decided the chaps were too much trouble… I think he wanted more, but I just wanted a quick fuck…

After a little kissing he gives me a blowjob, but let’s just say blowjobs aren’t his specialty, so I bent him over the bed and rimmed him. Great ass – his waist must be like 27 or 28″… After a little rimming I got him nice and wet, spit a little on my dick and shoved in. Wasn’t sure how he was going to take it, but he did just fine.

We fucked a bit and it would have been so easy to cum, but I held off a bit. Finally I knew it was pointless to hold back and just came in him – nice and deep. After I came I continued to fuck him slowly. Then rolled him on his side and continued to work my dick in and out of his cummy hole until it finally went soft.

As soon as I pulled out I went down to felch his hole and it was all nice and cummy – tasted good   🙂

We talked a little and he asked whether I had fucked Dawson in a video – I said yes – in Dawson’s 20 Load Weekend. He said he had just watched it a few days ago and I looked familiar. We talked about a few other things and then wrapped it up and he left…

I really liked fucking him – the chemistry was a little awkward ’cause I think he wanted me to be more leather and bondage oriented than I felt like being right at that moment. But I’m hoping there will be repeats and we can work on that!  😉




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