Videotaped A Fuck With A Neg Sub Bottom

28 June 2013 | 1 Comment

Load 2013-25

There’s a sub bottom who’s been hitting me up for a while now. Finally yesterday things worked out and we were able to fuck. What put a smile on my face was he asked if I was going to videotape it. I figured “what the hell… I really should be videotaping more of my fucks”, so I said yes and got things ready.

He had hit me up via text, so I hadn’t gotten a chance to study his profile before he got here. All I remembered was that he was really sub and he’d be up for S/M. He did mention that he wanted to be hooded for the video, so I got out a hood for him and for me as well as puppy mitts for him.

I put a hood him while he was stripping down and then put mine on and turned on the camera. He started by sniffing my pits, and licking me a bit. I had sweat when I did a little tanning before he got there, so I was probably a bit musky – but in a good way (I think). He seemed to get into it.

My intention was to lay back and let him suck me and get me hard, etc. I had gone out to jockstrap night at the Eagle the night before and was still a bit hung over. I really wasn’t sure how I was going to perform. But when I told him to get on the bed he got on all fours with his ass up. That always gets me going, so instead of him sucking on my dick, I sucked on his hole.

Rimming a sub bottom

And of course once I had his hole lubed up with spit the next logical thing was fucking him. I was just shooting with natural daylight so I had to reposition a bit. And I probably should have used some lube, but I just went with spit. There were all these things I wasn’t doing as planned, but it felt right in the moment.

Fucking a sub bottom

One thing I did know was that he was neg as of a test a couple months ago. So I was pretty verbal with him about raw fucking his neg hole. At one point I even said “You want my dirty load up your neg hole boy?” And he came back with “Yes SIR” – like a good sub should always answer. Even though I’m neg it’s always hot breeding neg guys. I love the risk they take getting fucked raw. (But more on him being neg in a bit…)

Even though I’ve been wearing my big Prince Albert lately I took it out to fuck. Guys were tugging on it all night at the Eagle the night before and it was rather sore. And as it turned out it was good I did take it out. Typical for me I came pretty quickly and he got a HUGE 5 or 6 day load. But then when I pulled out I figured out he was dirty. UGH! For being dirty it wasn’t too bad – didn’t get on the sheets or anything. But just imagine if I had been wearing my PA – it would have been covered in shit right then. To complicate matters I had to get the puppy mitts and hood off him while standing there with shit on my dick. Needless to say I did it as quickly as possible.

Don’t get me wrong – “shit happens” – I wasn’t upset with him or anything. It was just a complication. We went to the bathroom and I washed off my dick and gave him a portable douching bulb which he used to clean out some more. Meanwhile I went back to the bed, laid down and jacked my dick a bit.

When he came back I hooded us again, turned the camera back on and we got back down to business. While it was a bit backwards it was at this point we did some foreplay. (Is it still foreplay if it happens after you cum?) He sucked my dick a bit, and licked my pits, etc. As he was licking my pits his cock was rock hard and pushing at my hole. He wasn’t getting in my hole, but he did manage to make it clear that, if SIR wanted to get fucked, it was an option.

Then I moved him around into a 69 position to rim him. Usually guys suck on my dick in this position – and he did a little, but what we was mostly interested in was rimming my ass…

Reciprocal rimming

For a sub bottom he had a rather big top streak in him 😉

After a while I got a bit of a second wind and I put him on his belly and fucked him a bit more. Thing was I had already cum, so it wasn’t the most intense of fucks and I didn’t cum – it was more of a play fuck.

Fucking a bottom on his belly

You can tell in that pic (and one I posted on Twitter) that, while I’ve got a ways to go to be “in shape”, I’m in way better shape than I was a year+ ago. I’ve been a little frustrated since I haven’t lost weight since Thanksgiving, but I do want to get back to the gym in a few weeks with the goal of being a lot closer to “in shape” by MAL in January.

Anyway, getting back to the hookup… We then cuddled a little bit, then finally turned off the camera, took off our hoods and laid there a little more talking, etc. At one point I got hard again and fucked him a bit more (off camera). While I had my dick in him that last time I asked “So I see in your profile you’re neg, but you’re taking raw dick…” He said I was the first guy to cum in his ass in a long time (years) and prior to that he had only gotten bred by boyfriends. There was only one regular fuck buddy he’s been seeing for years that fucks him raw and the guy pulls out when he cums. I was a little shocked – usually I think of barebacking as a one-way street – once you do a bit of it you want more, and then a little more, and a little more, etc. But here was someone who didn’t do that. He said he trusted me because he’s been reading my blog for years and I seem honest – and I’m on PrEP so he was pretty sure I really was neg.

Still, he’s a sub bottom who pokes his rock hard cock at your hole. And he’s a bareback bottom who’s managed to say ‘no’ to more barebacking (at least taking loads). And he’s in a really femmy profession but not femmy himself. He’s definitely got some unexpected elements to him.

Since he’s up for video hopefully we’ll hookup pretty regularly. When I get a chance I’ll edit the video and put the full version on and a shorter clip on

Oh yeah – there’s one hookup (with another neg bottom) that I haven’t written up yet. I think there’s going to be a part 2 to that hookup, so I’ll write it up then.

The Twink Who Was Supposed To Be My Boy @ MAL

15 January 2013 | 2 Comments

Load 2013-1

The gangbangs at MAL were a mixed lot this year. I didn’t have time to write them up while I was there, so I’ll go through them now and give some highlights…

The first two gangbangs were centered around this twink who was supposed to be my boy for the weekend. He was a mid-20s, tall, sk8r twink. He had bottomed at one of my gangbangs 2 years ago, and at that gangbang he got freaked out and left early (after getting 7 loads in his ass). This past fall he mentioned to me that he wished he had gone through with the entire gangbang, so I figured he was now in a mindset to do it again and I offered that he could stay with me for the weekend and we’d see how many loads we could get in his ass.

Well, Thursday I left NYC 2 hours later than I had wanted to, which meant I got into DC later than I wanted to – just a couple hours before the gangbang. As I was arriving I texted the twink and asked what his ETA was. He said he got off work at 5pm. I knew it took him over an hour to get there, and then he’d need time to clean out. Problem was, the gangbang started at 5:30. And the second problem was he was the only bottom I had scheduled. Over 140 tops had signed up for the gangbang, so at 1/3rd show up rate – that meant up to 50 tops were arriving and there I was 2 hours before with basically no bottoms for them to fuck.

So I sent out the room number to the invited tops, but given that it was only 2 hours before the gangbang I knew that meant I’d have some drop off on attendance. Then I scrambled to find bottoms. One bottom said he could come, but had to leave early – that was fine with me – I just needed coverage. Then two other bottoms agreed to come.

The bottom who had to leave early showed up first, and I fucked him before the gangbang started. His hole felt really good and I blew my load in him. It helped that he was very much my type – shorter, thin, Latino…

I started the gangbang with him and then the other two bottoms showed up. They were both pretty good, but since I’d cum, I couldn’t give them the best fuck or a load. One of them drank my piss, which was cool. @PortaUrinal had the adjoining room and helped immensely with all the gangbangs over the weekend. But, despite his experience he gave up on that first night trying to drink my piss – saying it’s some of the strongest piss he’s ever had… So it’s saying something that the bottom drank it down without hesitation… 😉

The sk8r twink did finally show up, and then it took him a while to clean out. When he finally came out it was almost funny to watch – I think most of the tops knew he was the neg bottom in the room and they circled him like sharks going in for a kill. Like a good dutiful bottom he put on a blindfold and was taking anonymous cock at both ends. One top in particular was this poz muscular ex-Marine Latino – he loved fucking the twink. During the gangbang I actually got my dick up the ex-Marine briefly… I figured it was my gangbang and I could fuck who I wanted to fuck.

Then all of a sudden it was announced that the twink wasn’t quite clean he needed to clean out some more. Unfortunately he had taken a couple loads and they got washed out in the process. After re-cleaning the twink said he was actually clean – he thinks what they saw was blood, not scat. He then went back to bottoming, but the thrill of the chase was gone for the tops. I think he got one more load and that was it. But a bigger problem cropped up – he tightened up and couldn’t really take dick. I tried several times to get in him and he’d resist and not let me fuck him. I knew then that he probably wasn’t going to last the weekend.

When all was said and done only 27 tops showed up (not including me), and only 11 loads were given (including mine). That’s a pretty lame tops-to-loads ratio. The early bird got the worm – the hot Latino who I gave my load to got 5 loads. One of the other bottoms got 1, the other got 2, and the twink got 3, but at least two of those got washed out when he did his re-cleaning.

So a decent gangbang for the Latino who got 5 loads, but overall not the best gangbang.

PortaUrinal, the twink and I then went out to a bar that was doing free drinks. The ex-Marine top had told us about it. The twink dressed in his sk8r ware and was really cute. We talked a bit at the bar – bottom line he still just wasn’t ready. He had lied about how much sex he’d been having – he hadn’t gotten fucked in months when he said he was taking loads all the time. And on top of that he was scared of becoming poz. He lives in a rural area where people aren’t cool with guys being poz. A guy he has the hots for just dumped a guy for being poz… When I heard all that, all I could say was “well, you need to decide whether you want to go through with this or not…”

The twink stayed the night and there was a gangbang the next morning. There are only some of us who like morning sex, 7 guys showed up, and 6 loads were given (a much better ratio of tops to loads). There were two bottoms – the sk8r twink and a beefy muscle cub. The twink basically shut down and didn’t get fucked. Which meant the cub got all 6 loads. Before the gangbang was over the sk8r twink dressed and left. There was no point in him staying if he wasn’t going to get fucked – that was sort of the deal.

A Threeway That Didn’t Go So Well

20 November 2012 | 3 Comments

So between fucking the little muscular Latino those two times there were two weeks when I either couldn’t have sex or just wasn’t really in the mood to have sex. NYC got hit with  hurricane and we had a bunch of people from “SoPo” (South of Power) staying with us. Between that and the subways not running most of that time, hooking up was pretty much impossible. Then there was a week where I didn’t really feel like fucking.

Anyway, about a week ago I did a hookup. First one guy wanted to come over – someone I’ve seen online for years and thought would be a good fuck. But then this vers guy from the neighborhood wanted to come over too. The guy from the neighborhood was beefy and I wasn’t sure whether I was really in the mood for beefy… Actually, I hadn’t taken a pill of any sort, and was only sorta in the mood to hookup. But it had been 10 days since I’d fucked anyone and I felt like that was too long and I should fuck someone. Long story short I told both of them to come over. I figured me and the beefy guy would fuck the other guy.

The beefy guy arrived first. We started playing around, and one thing lead to another and then I was rimming him, and then fucking him… He was actually a pretty good fuck – much better than I had anticipated. Then the other guy texted saying he was off the subway and close by, so I stopped fucking the beefy guy and prepared for the other guy.

The second guy wanted an anonymous scene where he was blindfolded. So I put a leather “sleeping mask” sort of thing on the door knob just inside the front door. When he rang I buzzed him in and then watched him discreetly as he put on the blindfold. When he had it on I guided him (carefully) to the bedroom.

I should mention that the blindfolded bottom didn’t exactly look like his pictures. I should have expected as much – the pics he was using were the ones he used years ago. Honestly, he just wasn’t what I was hoping for / expecting. I fucked the blindfolded bottom, the beefy guy fucked him. But the chemistry was lacking. It wound up with me wanting to fuck the beefy guy but there was another bottom laying there expecting attention. The beefy guy was having “performance issues”. I could tell from the look in his eyes he didn’t really want the blindfolded bottom there – he (also) wanted a 1-on-1 with me.

After a while I just sorta lost it and couldn’t get hard enough to fuck, and the beefy guy got the same way. We tried, but it just wasn’t working. Even with his blindfold on, the other bottom got the picture, so he took the blindfold off and we wrapped things up, got dressed and they went on their way.

As they were leaving I started feeling weird. I felt “foggy” – like I couldn’t remember everything I should be able to remember and just a little disoriented. If I focused on something (like the situation at hand), I could get through it, but I just didn’t feel “sharp” and alert – at all. There are a few possibilities… Maybe one of them gave themselves a booty bump and I ingested some of what they had up their butt. When I googled the symptoms I came up with a “Transient Ischemic Attack”. I have high blood pressure and heart-related things are an issue (long term), but that didn’t quite seem right either. Then I realized I hadn’t eaten much of anything. After eating some food I felt better an hour or two later. So who knows what the issue was – but it was a very weird and memorable ending to a not-so-great hookup.

Tagged a bottom with a guy from Breeding Zone

26 September 2012 | 2 Comments

Load 2012-48

Monday MascMountainMan hit me up on Breeding Zone saying he was going to be in town, did I want to go out for a beer? He’s someone I’d chatted with and he had seemed like a decent guy. He’s versatile, but not my type – he’s taller than me and stocky. But I figured he might want to tag a bottom with me. The black bottom from the neighborhood who I fuck pretty regularly likes white guys, so and when he’s in town he’ll come just about anytime you text him, so I set things up to have  3way with the two of them.

The black guy got here first and went into the bathroom to clean up or something. I gave him a thick spandex hood with a mouth opening and no eyes. I just wanted him to be a piece of meat that the two of us shared. I didn’t want the bottom’s personality to come into play. The visitor got here a few minutes later – while the black cumhole was still in the bathroom. It was a little awkward meeting him for the first time and jumping right into sex, but that’s exactly what we did…

I guided the black guy out of the bathroom with his hood on (he didn’t need to see who was fucking him). And the two of us stripped down. The visitor was sporting a thick boner, so he went first. He had the bottom on the edge of the bed and was fucking him pretty rough. It was actually causing the bed to slide across the room.

interracial fuck

He took a break and I took my turn. I had my big 9mm PA ring in (bigger than 0 gauge, smaller than 00). I tried to push the ring in, but it was really hard. Finally I got it in, but it was causing me a fair amount of pain since I haven’t been wearing that ring enough for my piercing to quite get used to it yet. I wasn’t comfortable with the pain, so I pulled out, took out the ring and pushed back in.

I know myself well enough that when I can cum I do. So I just fucked the bottom for a few minutes and dumped my load. I figured the other top would like using my cum for lube. I didn’t dump the load very deep – when I came I had him on his belly with his legs together so his sphincter was massaging the head of my dick. But the load didn’t spill out – so that was good…

I think I was the visitor’s type, and the bottom-du-jour just didn’t do it for him. He tried to get hard enough to fuck again, but it just wasn’t working for him. Later in the evening he told me how he gets into guys with beards, and I think he mentioned that he likes guys who are a little stocky (I was drunk when he said it, so don’t remember exactly what he said – but I remember thinking, ‘So, I’m your type…’) And it sorta fit with how things were going for him in the minute.

black cocksucker

What he seemed to like most was watching the bottom suck my dick – he liked that more than having the bottom suck his dick. I think I was what turned him on (though not enough to get hard enough to fuck the bottom). And in his defense he had to get up at 3am that morning – so he was dead tired. I know I can’t perform very well when I’m tired…

Anyway, we finally wound things up with the bottom. Before he left the bottom came out to see the other top and be seen by the top. Turns out the bottom had lived in the same city as the visitor currently lives so they had a bit in common.

Then I spent the rest of the evening eating and drinking with the visitor. He was a great guy. I got totally sloshed and the visitor had even more to drink than I did, but it was fun.

6 Minute Pump-N-Dump

24 July 2012 | No Comments

Load 2012-31

A few days ago I had a little time in the morning and there was a bottom down in Hell’s Kitchen looking for loads. He mentioned that he was into anonymous sex so I told him it would be hot to do a quickie pump-n-dump with the door ajar and him on all fours on the bed.

I get down there and it was an older building that had been fixed up. The door wasn’t ajar, but he had buzzed me in and we talked about an anonymous scene, so I tested the knob and the door was unlocked. I walked in and it was a really nicely done apartment. That was the living room, so I made my way to the bedroom where the blinds were drawn and there was a bottom on all fours head down, ass up.

The bed linens hadn’t been pushed back and they were light colored and quite nice. I got the sense that he didn’t do this very much and worried there would be a stain on the duvet. On top of that there were two names on the door buzzer. Worse would be if his boyfriend didn’t know about his extra-curricular behavior and asked why there was a stain on the duvet. Given how immaculate the apartment was, I wondered if the pursuit of perfection extended into their relationship and the boyfriend wanted monogamy… A stain on the duvet could turn into a huge knock down, drag out fight…

But I digress. I pulled his legs to the edge of the bed and start rimming him. I wasn’t going to take off my clothes ’cause I wanted this to be a real quickie. His ass cheeks were smooth and meaty – sorta a bit soft. His hole was great and really clean so I got into really sucking on it.

I stood up, pushed in. There was no problem getting my PA in, and no complaints from him. His hole felt really great – sorta silky and smooth. His ass was sorta soft and pillowy. It all felt really good, and I felt my orgasm building pretty quickly. Problem was the orgasm came, but nothing came out (that I could tell). So I kept fucking him. Pretty quickly I had the feeling again, but again, no cum. UGH… I was starting to wonder… Then the feeling came again and this time I felt a HUGE load shoot out of my dick.

I should mention that while I was fucking him I noticed he had put on a blindfold. Maybe he had done this before…

As soon as I pulled out, I pushed his ass cheeks apart and buried my face in there and sucked up some of the cum I just deposited. It tasted sweet. He then swung around and sucked my dick clean. Since I hadn’t taken off my clothes I just stuffed my dick back in my jeans, zipped up and left.

As I left I estimated the whole thing took 6 minutes – including being buzzed into the apartment, etc. That’s packing a lot into 6 minutes – rimming, fucking, breeding, feltching and ATM.

Good Bottom + Enough Tops = Good Gangbang

5 April 2012 | 6 Comments

Load 2012-7

So after the gangbang with too many bottoms and too few tops, the 2nd gangbang in Phoenix went much better. The bottom was a guy who contacted me off Breeding Zone (my forum site). He’s Asubmissivebottom on Breeding Zone, and on BBRT. He’s neg – last tested in November, but has been taking poz loads for a while now (perhaps he’s immune or resistant). Either way, he wanted to get gangbanged and didn’t care about whether the tops were poz or neg (which, if you’re a bareback bottom is how you should approach things – it’s not like you can stay neg taking anonymous loads from complete strangers).

There was supposed to be another bottom, but he canceled and his replacement turned out to be someone behind a hacked profile who had no intention of showing up. About 30 guys said they’d attend which meant I expected 10 to show up. Including me, there were 9 tops – so my 1/3rd ratio turned out to be roughly accurate…

When Asubmissivebottom showed up I could tell he was going to be a good gangbang bottom. There’s a look in gangbang bottoms eyes – a hunger and an acceptance of their role. I’ve also found the best gangbang bottoms are often on the attractive side of average – and that was true of Asubmissivebottom.

I hadn’t cum in days and just needed to blow my load. Since I was going to be in host mode as soon as guys showed up and we had about a half hour to ourselves, I put the bottom to work pretty quickly. He sucked my dick for a little bit and then I got him on the bed face down and fucked him. It didn’t take very long to cum. A nice big thick load was a good way for him to start the evening. 🙂

About 10 minutes after the official start time the tops started showing up. Asubmissivebottom put on a leather sleeping mask sort of blindfold and never did see any of the tops (other than me). For the next 80 minutes he was fucked pretty much constantly. He took 6 loads up his ass. Unfortunately two of the tops came in his mouth. One top, an “older gentleman” didn’t manage to cum.

Submissive bottom after getting gangbanged

One of the bottoms at the other gangbang had requested music so I put on what I consider young, “high hair”, dance music – it seemed to fit that gangbang ’cause the bottoms were 20-something. But this gangbang had a more serious, intense vibe to it (the way I like it). It was just quiet with guys focusing on fucking….

There were a few tops who stood out… One was this skinny little teen (?) who was really shy and timid, but determined to give group sex a shot. He said it was his first time doing anything like that. He was so nervous it was sort of funny and cute. Given his raging teen hormones he had no problem getting hard and giving the bottom a load (in his ass). I wouldn’t call the kid a great top, but he’s working on it and experimenting…

Another top asked if the bottom what poz after he dumped his load. I said the guy was neg but has been taking poz loads for a while now. He just shook his head and said, “well, he’s poz now…” and left. I should have asked him whether he had a high viral load. He said it with so much certainty… When I told the bottom about the comment a few days later, he said “yeah, that’s not the first top who was convinced he pozzed me.” The bottom did say he got tested a couple days later and he was neg. But I seriously doubt the test would show infection that quickly – so I guess we’ll have to wait a few weeks to see if there’s more to report (so to speak).

The “older gentleman” who didn’t cum had apparently fucked the bottom before at some sex party. That time he did cum. Older guys are sometimes problematic in situations like this. I’ve had the exact same problem at another gangbang where an older top slowly fucks the bottom for ages and still doesn’t cum. It’s not a lot of fun for the bottom, and he doesn’t get a load. I think I’ll be more selective in the future. Upper-50s will be the limit with exceptions for certain guys…

At one point towards the end I fucked the bottom’s cummy hole, but since I had cum earlier I wasn’t totally hard. I did felch him and it tasted incredible… After guys left I took some photos, but his hole was so tight you couldn’t tell he’d just been gang banged. His ass had locked all the cum (that wasn’t felched) deep inside him…

So all in all, a good gangbang. But I get the sense that in Phoenix you can’t get enough tops to show up at a gangbang to support multiple bottoms. And if your one bottom flakes you’re shit out of luck… So Phoenix isn’t the best place to organize gangbangs…


Check out the story of the gangbang from the bottom’s perspective




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